MD Community Medicine (Doctor of Medicine in Community Medicine) Course

Introduction: MD Community Medicine is a research-based programme that focused on the health needs of a particular region or community. The course consists 3-year duration that is divided into 6 semesters. It is one of the major branches of medical science that imparts knowledge of nutritional problems and healthcare requirements of a particular topological area. Here MD CM or MD Community Medicine full form is Doctorate of Medicine in Community Medicine. The course aims to developed professionals to promote healthy eating habits in the specific area or region. Candidates will learn various topics such as human metabolism functions, Nutrition, Genetics, Medical sociology, epidemiology for specific diseases, and others.

Quick Overview - Doctor of Medicine in Community Medicine

Particulars Details
Course Name MD Community Medicine
Full Form Doctor of Medicine in Community Medicine
Course Type Postgraduate
Duration 3 Years
Eligibility Criteria M.B.B.S

Admission for MD Community Medicine Course is done through entrance exams such as NEET PG etc. On the completion of the community, medicine course candidates will become Public Health Manager, Physician, Internal Medicine Consultant, and Research Officer, etc.

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