List of Top Non-Medical Courses After 12th

One of the most confusing phases of the career is right after you complete 12th. In the absence of proper guidance, it becomes next to impossible to choose the right course. Another problem faced by the students is that they do not know what all courses they can choose. Most of the non-medical students think about engineer as the career option after the 12th. Now, this is something that we do not support, and we are a strong advocate of choosing the career that the student loves. In such a case, we took a step forward, and we compiled a list of top courses and career options available to non-medical students after they have completed 12th.

Top Courses after 12th Non-Medical

This section lists the career options and the top courses that you can choose if you have non-medical in class 12th. We have shared a short description of these non-medical courses too. You can go through the details, and we are pretty sure that you will get the information you are looking for.

1. Actuarial Science Courses

Actuarial science is a course that interests most non-medical and commerce students. The course is about the calculation of risk and other relevant metrics in any domain. Mainly BFSI and Aviation sector hire actuarial science graduates, which opens up the sector for a large job market. If you are good with number crunching and would like to be a part of the BFSI sector, you can go ahead with the Actuarial Science course. After the course, you can opt for courses like FRM, which can help you grow in the financial risk management domain. The course has separate modules, and you need to clear them individually to get the certifications.

2. Architecture Courses

Another popular option among non-medical students is the architecture course. The most common course here is B.Arch, and the total duration is four to five years. The course will prepare you to be an architect. You can certainly choose your domain in architecture, but this is how it starts. The admission in B.Arch is based on an entrance test. The main eligibility criteria are that you need to have at least 50% in non-medical in class 12th. Overall, it is an attractive option, and many students opt for architecture course after 12th. You can even explore diploma options.

3. Bachelor of Arts

Even though you are from the non-medical domain, we understand that sometimes, the student makes the wrong choice. It is only later that they realize the choice of the stream in class 12th. If you are also not happy with choosing non-medical in the 12th, then you can go ahead and opt for a B.A. course. There are so many options available in terms of subjects in B.A., and you can choose whatever interests you. The total duration of this course is three years, and on the downside, you need to score very well in 12th to get admission in B.A. This is because admission in B.A. is mostly granted on merit.

4. Bachelor of Science

The next course that we want to talk about B.Sc. Like the B.A. course, there are innumerable options in terms of the specialization in Bachelor of Science. The duration of B.Sc. is also three years, and you can undoubtedly opt for the subject that you love. You have an option to work in the particular domain of choice after B.Sc., or you can be in the academic sector too. The admission in B.Sc. is also offered on merit, and hence you need to score well in 12th.

5. Commerce Courses

For the non-medical students interested in Arts subject, there is a B.A. course, and we have already talked about it. If you are interested in commerce, then you can go ahead and opt for courses like B.Com. The B.Com is also a three-year course, and you can admission based on merit or admission test. B.Com has been a popular choice among non-medical students if they wish to switch domain. You can explore this option for non-medical, and it is open for science students. You should note that non-medical is a commerce course, and hence you will be changing domain if you choose this option.

6. Commercial Pilot

If you want something adventurous, then you can also become a commercial pilot. The average duration of the pilot training course is 1.5 year to 2 years. The fee is slightly steep, but it is usually worth the effort. Many airlines also offer commercial pilot training to non-medical students, and the advantage of these courses is that the airline trains you on the aircraft they use. You will be starting your career as a cadet, and then you will be moving your way up to become a second officer, first officer, first officer, and eventually, you will be a captain.

7. Computer Science Courses

There are many computer science courses as well that non-medical students can choose. Engineering in Computer Science or I.T. is one of them. The second option is BCA. If you go for Engineering, the duration will be four years, and the admission will be based on an entrance test. If you go for BCA, the duration will be three years, and the admission may still be based on the entrance test. These two courses can prepare you to enter the I.T. industry right after graduation. The scope of this I.T. industry in India has always been relatively high, so you can certainly choose a computer science course if you are interested in this domain.

8. Data Science/Big Data Courses

A new field that has been evolving is that if data science or big data. The graduates from these courses are so much in demand that you will find many colleges having a dedicated course for data science or big data. If you are interested in the domain, you should go ahead and opt for a Bachelor program in any of these fields. Some elite institutes like ISB offer a data science program, and the placements are also excellent. The duration of the course depends on the institute.

9. Defense Sector

Not many people would talk about the defence sector, but this remains the most popular choice for non-medical students. To get into the defence sector, you need to appear in the NDA exam conducted by UPSC. For entering the naval wing or the airforce, you must have Physics and Maths in 10+2. You will be trained at one of the elite institutes of the country, and you will be serving the country. If you wish to join Indian Defense Sector, then you should consider appearing for NDA.

10. Engineering

Maximum non-medical students opt for engineering right after class 12th. The admission in engineering is given based on the entrance test, and the total duration of the course is four years. You have a lot of specializations in engineering, and you choose them during the admission process. The common option includes computer science, I.T., Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Aeronautical, Marine, Manufacturing and many more. It is only beneficial to opt for engineering if you can get an elite college like IIT, Manipal University, BITS or something similar.

11. Fine Arts / Film Making Courses

If you wish to be in the creative field, you can still do that even after choosing non-medical in the 12th. The best way to get into the field is by choosing fine art or drama related course. You can also opt for something like a bachelor in animation that will teach you about the VFX and modern day filmmaking. You will be able to use non-medical in that domain, and hence there wouldn’t be a real domain shift for you. The duration of these courses would depend on the institute and the course that you choose after the 12th.

12. Hotel Management

Among the non-medical students, hotel management is also a popular option. The course duration varies depending on the institute. It can be anywhere between three to four years. You will be working in the hospitality industry after hotel management, and it is undoubtedly a dream for many students. You can also choose your specialization subjects during hotel management, and you have the freedom to choose as per your interest. If you wish to shift domain after non-medical, then we recommend considering hotel management as well.

13. Law

Surprisingly, many non-medical students opt for the law after the 12th, which is why we have added this course to our list. If you wish to opt for law, then you can choose the BA LLB program. The total duration of BA LLB is five years, and admission in this course is offered purely based on the admission test. You can choose your career path after BA LLB, but you should only get into this domain if you have good memory retention. You will have to remember many articles, acts and judgements to stay relevant in the field.

14. Management Course

Some management courses are available after the 12th, and fortunately, they are open for non-medical students. One of the most famous examples is BBA. Talking about BBA, it is a three year program that offers you learning in the business management domain. Again, understand that if you choose BBA, you will be changing your domain, and you should do that only if you are not interested in non-medical anymore. The scope of BBA is good, and admission in this course is offered based on the entrance test conducted via various universities.

15. Merchant Navy

The next option that is open to non-medical students is the merchant navy. You can opt for a career in the merchant navy, and many full-time bachelor courses are available to you for starting the career. Marine engineering remains to be the most popular option. The duration of the course is four years, but it also involves spending time on the ship. It is probably one profession that has the maximum pay in India. Another advantage of being in the merchant navy is that you get to travel a lot. So, with all these advantages you can certainly consider this career option.

16. Network, Hardware/Electronic Courses

The Internet has connected the world, and it has made the world even smaller. Now, you may want to be in the telecommunication field, and there are many courses for that. We have already talked about electronic and telecommunication engineering, but you will also find B.Sc. and diploma courses to teach you about network and hardware. You can opt for some courses from organizations like CISCO, and these certification courses will add a lot of value for you when you will be looking for a job. Depending on your interest, we recommend non-medical students opt for the course in this domain.

17. Nuclear Technology Courses

Being a nuclear scientist is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things. You have an option to choose nuclear technology in B.Tech, but we don’t want you to go that way. The better way for you is to appear in the NPCIL exam after your diploma, and if you are selected, you will be admitted by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. The training is offered by NPCIL, and it is one-year training. The training is divided into four modules. You will get theory as well as on the job training. After the year’s training, you get posted as per your marks during the training.

Final Verdict

This was all about the top courses, and career path for the students have opted for non-medical in 12th. We are sure that going through this article would have opened up your view to many new options which were probably not on your mind. Also, we didn’t want to restrict the list to purely non-medical courses, and that is why you would also find some of the commerce and arts-related courses on the list. If you still have any questions about the options available to non-medical students after the 12th, then do leave a comment. Also, let us know if you think there is any other course that we should talk about, and we will add it to the list for other students.

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