Science Courses After 10th

Class 10th is one of the crucial education stages where you have studied many subjects. Sometimes choosing a specific stream that best suits your career expectations, interests and capabilities can be difficult. It can affect your future so choosing the right career options is one of the tough decisions.

After 10th you will get different options like Science, Engineering, Commerce and Arts. It completely depends on you which one you choose. After businesses and the marketing field, the Science field has shone brighter and come out with new career options. You can consider pursuing diploma or certification courses in the Science stream right after completion of 10th.

The Science stream includes major subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biotechnology, and Computer Science. It not only offers varieties of courses but also provide job employment worldwide. Science is one of the most respectable and demanding streams as it provides golden opportunities to its students. This field is based on the application of scientific concepts and scientific theories.

Generally, the duration of diploma or science courses after 12th is two-three years. However, the duration depends upon the curriculum and college criteria in which the students need to be enrolled. In this article, you will get a clear view of the science courses that you can consider after completing your 10th from any recognized school or institution.

Advantages of Choosing Science After 10th

It would help if you were confused about which stream to choose after class 10. It is a vital decision which you should carefully take. However, considering everything, it is good to take science after class 10.  Below you will learn about some advantages of choosing science after class 10.

  • By choosing this stream, you will get comprehensive options after completing class 12. If you have the dream or passion to become a Doctor, it is mandatory to take science after class 10.
  • You can also become an engineer after studying science. No one can become an engineer without studying science right from the initial level.
  • If you want to make a better career with scientific studies or continue your research work, it is essential to pursue science in the 10+2 level. You can become a thriving research scholar by studying science.
  • You can also make a better life and a healthy future after completing your studies in the science stream. If you study science, you can get the scope to study in some elite institutes like IIT, AIMS, and several other ones. It will increase your career graph to a great extent.
  • Some of the science subjects like Physics, and Chemistry will give you the actual knowledge of environment. You can learn about the exact changes taking place in and around your place. With a clear concept, you can track the precise background or reason behind this.
  • Science is all about innovation. If you have proper knowledge of the subject, you can enhance your innovation and scientific thinking. Every day new changes are made all around us. If you are from a science background you can keep a constant track of the developments.
  • The scientific invention will allow you to make all the latest scientific experiments. You can create successful scientific inventions only with proper knowledge. Thus it is essential to have a clear concept of science after class 10.
  • When the world is passing through a pandemic, only the scientist works hard and invents a vaccine. If you are from a science background, and have a strong passion for the subject, you can indulge yourself in the work of making vaccines. It will be a matter of prestige and honor.
  • Mathematics is one of the best science subjects. It has contributed a lot to the heavenly bodies, which have made the space mission success. So, if you are from a science background, you can easily understand it.

List of ITI Courses after 10th Science

ITI is a popular career option where students will get proper training and education regarding the technical field. ITI stand for Industrial Training Institute, owned and developed by the government who are responsible for providing industrial training to their aspirants. It is a huge initiative where students have to spend their 2-years. The main purpose of ITI is to provide vocational training to students across the country. Those who have confusion between diploma courses and ITI courses will have to know that it is not equivalent to a diploma course. The following courses are best as a career option after 10th in the science stream.

Course Duration Eligibility
ITI Surveyor 2 years After Class 10th
Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance 2 years After Class 10th
Electronic Mechanic 2 years After Class 10th
Mechanic Medical Electronics 2 years After Class 10th
Radiology Technician 2 years After Class 10th
Draughtsman (Civil) Engineering 2 years After Class 10th
Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner 1 Year After Class 10th
Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics 1 Year After Class 10th
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Job Opportunities

Student's opt. for the ITI course can easily seek jobs in manufacturing, renovating firms, construction, and health industry and so on.

List of Diploma Course after 10th Science

Usually, students move forward for diploma courses after 10th or senior secondary studies. These courses mostly require a 3-year duration study. They are considered best after 10th in terms of employment and future growth. The student completing the diploma course can opt to pursue B.Tech or seek jobs in their respective field.

Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Computer Science 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Production Engineering 3 Years After Class 10th

The main object of the diploma course is to help aspirants to get trained in practical oriented aspects. Moreover, these courses prepare candidates to fulfil the technological needs of the government, and business world. Through this course, you will get work experience in the technical field. Hence, the diploma course is a fantastic combination of technical and vocational knowledge.

The job oriented and high professional courses also provide skills that are required for the student to manage technical issues. According to education experts, science diploma courses offering better placement and job opportunities, thus they are very beneficial.

The number of applications in computer courses and engineering diploma course after 10th has been increasing from last few years. Candidates willing to pursue a career in diploma course will check the below-mentioned courses list:

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Diploma in Computer Science
  3. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics
  4. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  5. Diploma in Production Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Computer Science concerns the topics related to the basic fundamental topics of Technology and Computer Science. Through this course, candidates get experience working for the manufacturing sector, MNCs and financial organizations.

Candidates who are willing to work for IT firms must pursue Diploma in Computer Science. In this programme, candidates are equipped with the fundamentals of IT and Computer Science.

This course is best suited for those who are wishes of working as an Engineer or Programmer in the field of Computer Science. Students must possess some skill-sets before pursuing this course. They majorly involve management skills, leadership qualities, Logical skills, etc.

After doing this programme, candidates can do jobs and can go for higher degree studies in the respective field. You can become a System Analyst, Technical Writer, Programmer, Operations Executive and Software Engineer.

The best part about this course is that it offers numerous job roles with different career options in areas like Manufacturing Companies, Telecommunication Companies, Institutions, Aerospace, Defence Sector, Retail Companies, Agricultural, Healthcare Companies, etc.

Diploma in Computer Science Top Institutes

  • Siddhi Vinayak Engineering and Management College
  • Eshan Group of Institution
  • Usha Martin University
  • S. University
  • Annex College of Management Studies, etc.

Top Job Roles:

  • Technical Writer
  • Programmer
  • Operation Executive
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst

Top Recruiters

  • MNCs
  • TCS
  • S. University
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ranbaxy, etc.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The duration of this course is 3-year and consist study of designing the process, construction of roads, dams, bridges, building and their maintenance. The main objective of this course is to tell the student about construction management through theory and practical knowledge.

The course also involves various specializations like transportation engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, etc. It is one of the leading and ancient sub-domains of engineering. It is responsible for providing an understanding of construction design.

With this course, candidates will get to learn about how to construct a naturally built environment. The naturally built environment involves traffic control, waterworks, transmission lines, canals, bridges, river navigation, waterworks, power plants, railroads, etc. Moreover, they will learn to work with the group to achieve a common goal.

 Aspirant is required to attain some skills for being a civil engineer. Some of them include Technical Skills, Creativity Skills, Organizational Skills, Technical Skills, Project Management, Problem-Solving Skills, Leadership skills, etc.

Top College for Diploma in Civil Engineering

Top Job Roles

  • Senior Civil Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer

Top Recruiters

  • HDFC Bank
  • Directi
  • Genpact
  • Kony
  • TCS
  • Myntra
  • Samsung
  • Aditya Birla
  • Cognizant, etc.

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics

This 3-year long diploma level course can be pursued right after completion of 10th. Electrical Engineering is another important branch of engineering that generally deals with the application a study of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Due to the immense commercialization of the electrical power supply and electric telegraphy, this field has become even popular and recognizable.

Now, it includes a variety of subjects such as electronics, control systems, signal processing, power, telecommunications among others. Infect this field offer number of job opportunities in the electrical engineering industry and educational sector. With this course, you will be a competent as well technologist that can participate in the creation of new and vital technologies.

Top Institutes/ Colleges for Diploma in Electrical and Electronics after 10th

  • Government Polytechnic, South Goa
  • AANM and VVRSR Polytechnic, Krishna
  • Desh Bhagat University, Fatehgarh Sahib
  • Konark Institute Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar

Top Job Roles

  • Lecturer/ Professor
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Technical Assistant
  • Project Assistant Civil
  • Artist/Research Assistant/Editor
  • Design Assistant
  • Assistant Manager CHP

Top Recruiters

  • Genet Engineering Private Ltd, Kochi
  • Air India Engineering Service Limited ( AIESL)
  • Technomentis Education Services, Noida
  • Mentor Graphics, Bangalore
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited ( BHEL)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a 3-year diploma level course which is all about the study of Mechanical parts and devices. The course provides in-depth knowledge of industrial equipment machinery kinetics, Robotics and Fluid Mechanics.

The programme is designed in such a way that the candidates can manage different technical issues in Mechanics. By doing this course, candidates will be able to handle, design, repair, engines, watercraft, aircraft and vehicle engines.

There are lots of industries related to mechanical engineering where candidates can seek jobs after completing this course. Some of them include the Manufacturing industry, Aviation, Vehicle Industry, etc. It is one of the most demanding fields where you can earn more than your expectations. Thus, this field requires adequate knowledge, skills and hands-on experience.

Top College for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 10th

Top Job Roles

  • Engineer
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Teachership/ Consultant
  • Mechanical Consultant
  • Mechanical Engineer

Top Recruiters

  • Bajaj
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • BHEL Hindustan Unilever
  • Ashok Leyland
  • NTPC,etc.

Diploma in Production Engineering

Diploma in Production Engineering is also a sub-domain of engineering. The course provides theoretical as well as practical field knowledge. Also, it prepared candidates for working directly in the industry. On successful completion of this course, candidates can seek jobs in both the private and public sectors.

Top Institutes – Amity University, MIT Pune

Top Job Roles

  • Production Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Water Resource Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Production Engineer Technicians

Top Recruiters

  • Anant Access
  • RDS Projects Ltd
  • Balaji Railroad Systems, ltd, etc.
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Science Courses After 10th

1. Is It A Good Idea To Pursue A Diploma Course In Science Field After Completing 10th?

For sure, pursuing a diploma course in the science field is a good idea if you have just completed your 10th. There are various courses available, and you can pick one as per your interest. Not just that, after completing a diploma course, you get a certificate, which can be used to land a decent job, and if you pursue higher level studies in the science field, then also diploma courses can be beneficial since you’d already have the knowledge about a particular topic/subject or major.

2. What Is The Job Opportunity Factor After Completing The Science Diploma Courses?

It isn't necessary that you’ll get hired by the private or even government sector only if you complete graduation. There are literally hundreds of job opportunities after completing diploma courses, especially in the science field. There are some courses also available to make you self-sufficient, and you can start your own business or startup if you want.

3. When Is It A Good Thing To Consider Completing 11th and 12th?

If you are very specific about your career path, or you have already planned your academic journey, then it is good to complete your 11th and 12th studies. However, by completing diploma courses, you can open doors to many job opportunities early on in life. But still, you should thoroughly consider both options before taking any irreversible step.