List of Top Fire and Safety Courses After 12th

Fire and Safety is a technical and adventures field that gained immense popularity these days. Many have a misconception that the fire and safety courses are related to the fire brigades fire-fighting departments. But in actuality, fire and safety courses are related to MNCs companies, Industries, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Construction Corporations and Electricity Boards. Moreover, a fire and safety course provides various disciplines to their candidates. That mean, it is a vast field in the term of jobs and opportunities. After completing the course, candidates are being placed on different companies at the reputed post. It is an emerging field that promises an excellent future to its aspirants. In India, several colleges and universities offered admissions in fire and safety course through merit-list or relevant entrance exam. Here, we have listed some popular courses that you should consider as per your interest and choice.

List of Fire and Safety Courses

Numerous fire and safety courses are being offered in government and private institutes/colleges/universities. There are three types of fire and safety courses that are offered in colleges and universities namely –

  1. Certificate Courses
  2. ITI Courses
  3. Diploma Courses
  4. Bachelor’s Degree Courses

All above-mentioned courses are pursued after completion of 12th. We are collecting some important aspects regarding some top-listed courses which are mentioned below:

1. B.Sc in Fire Safety and Hazard Management

Bachelor of Science in Fire Safety and Hazard Management is a 3-year undergraduate degree course where candidates are trained to get jobs in the safety department of various private and public companies. The course teaches candidates about how to use fire control techniques, how to manage a fire disaster and safety and hazard prevention methods and many other relatable things. It is an ideal option for those who have a keen interest in working with top-notch companies as a fire safety professional. The course provides in-depth knowledge of topics like Safety management, fire science, Organization, Administration and Management Responsibility, Controlling Environmental Pollution, Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development, etc. Safety-methods and on-field training is also a major concern of this course. Once you complete this course, you can work as Fire & safety supervisor, fire & safety officer, safety manager, fire manager, hazard control officer, hazard & fire safety consultant among others.

2. B.Sc Fire and Safety

B.Sc or Bachelor of Science in Fire and Safety is a 3-year UG level course. It is a well-known fire and safety course among candidates. The course consists of practical exposure and educational knowledge including semesters, assignments, regular classes, on-field training, internship etc. The main aim of this course is to trained candidates and converts them into skilled fire and safety professionals. To know more about the course, you can check its curriculum. Here we are mention some major topics that include fire-fighting equipment, fire preventions, communication systems, chemistry, physics, industrial safety and disaster management and many other subjects. It also helps in developing the candidate’s technical skills and ability. To apply for this course, firstly you need to pass 10+2 with the science stream. If there is any entrance exam then you should also clear it. At last, you should crack group discussion round and got a seat in respective college whereas you have applied. The best thing about this course is that it offers you a wide range of job opportunities along with lucrative salary packages. You can work as Safety Engineer, Station Master/Supervisor/In-Charge, Safety Supervisor, Safety Officer, Instructor, Fireman, Safety Consultant and Fire Officer.

3. B.Sc Fire and Industrial Safety

Bachelor of Science in Fire and Industrial Safety is a 3-year UG level infrastructure management course offered by numerous colleges in India. It is specially designed to prevent fire incidents and other incidents at various industries whether they are works on a large scale or small scale. Infect, Indian Government is also giving huge importance to the industrial areas and trying to provide safety awareness from time to time. It is an obvious responsibility of industry is a big task but if you manage safety properly with full awareness the chances of incidents may less. In this course, candidates are taught various subjects regarding industrial safety. Some topic includes Safety Management, Risk Assessment and Analysis, Electrical Safety, Safety Protocols and Practices, Safety Process, Disaster Management, Safety Equipment, Safety Audit, Safety Surveying, Safety laws and Standards and among other topics.

Candidates who are seeking admission in B.Sc fire and Industrial Safety should have passed their 12th with science stream. If there is an entrance exam, you should also crack it secure a seat in a popular college. Once you complete this course you will be getting hired by any of the Manufacturing Plants and Firms, Refineries, Aviation Firms, Heavy Engineering Firms, Chemical Factories, Industrial Warehouses, Ports and Shipping Agencies, Mining Agencies and work as a Safety Officer, Safety Manager, Safety Engineer, Safety Consultant, Safety Inspector, Fire Officer.

4. B.Tech Fire and Safety Engineering

It is a technical course for those who have a science background and wants to establish a career in the Fire and Safety sector. Bachelor of technology is a full-time 5-year Undergraduate level course which imparts knowledge of safety equipment which can be used to prevent fire or any of incidents which may occur. The main concern of this course is to maintain safety in the industry. That’s why it provides candidates with the ability to create an atmosphere of safety against fire. There is a large number of colleges and universities in India that offered this course through entrance exam like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Some colleges conduct own entrance exam or prepared students merit-list. The major topics of this course are Chemical Engineering I(Thermodynamics & Measuring Analytical Instruments), Electrical Technology & Safety in Electrical Systems, First Aid and Emergency Procedures, Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering and among others. This course brings lots of career opportunities to their candidates. They will work as Safety Supervisor, HSE Officer, Risk Management Consultant, Safety Auditor, Fire Officer, Safety Checker, Fire Protection Technician, Safety Instructor, and Station Fire Officer Etc.

5. ITI Fire Technology and Safety Management

It is a popular fire and safety course and consists of a 1-year duration, divided into 2 semesters. This course is specially designed to fulfil the requirement of Indian Industries and International Industries. The course involves inspection of different structure to ensure fulfilment with Indian Government laws and approved plans. This course also involves investigation of fire sites, prevention of fire and determines the cause of the fire and controls them, specifications and standards regarding fire safety. Candidates are taught subjects like Basic Physics, Chemistry of Combustion, Hydrant and Fittings, Extension Ladder, Breathing Apparatus set, Pump and Primers, Hose and Hose fittings. Apart from educational learning, it provides practical learning to their candidates like Rural Fire, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Personal Protective Equipment, prevention, public education and pre-incident planning, Building Construction, Salvage, Water Relay and many others. On successful completion of this course, candidates will be getting hired at any one of the post- Fire Fighters and Fire Inspector.

6. ITI Fireman Course

It is a 1-year long fire safety training course that involves topics like general knowledge of chemistry and physics, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting techniques, rescue operations, emergency medical assistance and inspection of accident scene etc. The main purpose of these courses is to provide professional training to aspirants and convert them into skilled and qualified firefighters. In simple words, it develops skilled aspirants who can work as qualified and well-trained firefighters. The course trained students in various such as Fire fighting equipment, Fire fighting techniques, Proper use of hydrants, Proper use of ladders, hydraulics, hoses etc, Rescue operations, Crowd management, First Aid and Emergency medical assistance, Inspecting accident/crime scene and assisting Police with the investigation.

This course is divided into two parts: practical subjects and theoretical subjects. In theoretical subjects candidates are taught Basic chemistry, Hydrants, Gases and Flammable Liquids, Fire Science, Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, Fire Service Operation, Firefighting equipment, Fire Service Administration. In practical subjects, aspirants are taught subjects like familiarization with the institute, Physical Training, Unarmed Drill, Rescue, First Aid, Maintenance, Familiarization with firefighting equipment etc. Once you complete this course you will be able to work as Fireman, Safety personnel & Security personnel.

7. Diploma in Fire and Safety Management Course

Fire and Safety Management diploma course takes a 1-year duration. The duration can vary from 1 to 2 years as per the rules and regulation of the college or institute. It is a simple way that helps candidates to get better job opportunities in their field as a health and safety manager, fire and safety officer, in charge manager etc. Before pursuing this course, candidates must have fulfilled the eligibility criteria. There is no entrance examination for candidates to get admission in a Diploma course. Certain universities offered this course in India such as the Institute of Fire and Safety Management (NIFS), New Delhi, Indian Institute of Fire Engineering (IIFE), Nagpur, Institute of Fire and Safety Management (NIFS), Andra Pradesh, National Institute of Professional Education (NIPE), Delhi etc. The main aim of this course to train the candidates in the prevention of fire and safety methods so they can tackle the real-life situation in a better way. Some major of this course are Construction Safety, Fundamental of Fire Engineering Science, Safety People in the event of a fire, Environmental Safety, Fire Control Technology, Fire Risk Assessment, Industrial Safety etc. After completing this course, you will become Safety Supervisor, Instructor, Safety Officer, Safety consultant, Fireman, Fire Officer, Safety In-charge, Fire Safety Trainer, Health and Safety Instructor, Safety Instructor etc.

Final Words:

For the last few years, the Fire and Safety sector is rapidly increasing. It brings a wide range of career opportunities to their candidates in the term of salary packages, position and increment. For being successful in this field, candidates are highly advised to focus on technical work and on-field training.

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