1 Year Diploma Courses After 12th: Science, Arts, Commerce

Once the students have passed class XII, they started getting stressed as to what to do next. This turns out as the most confusing time for every student’s life. But nowadays there are a lot of options to make a perfect choice from. For example, if you were art side in XII class, you can pursue further studies in tourism, journalism, media, management, fashion, humanities, or art.

The students having physics, chemistry, or biology in XII, can go for further studies and can take up courses in science research, pharmacy, medical, and other art groups. The students with Mathematics in XII class can go for further studies in pharmacy, technology, engineering, architecture, and in other art groups.

List of

Diploma Courses After 12th: Science, Arts, Commerce

Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in fashion designing 1 year After Class 12th
Diploma in yoga 1 year After Class 12th
Diploma in Banking and Finance 1 year After Class 12th
Diploma in Nursing 1 to 3 Years After Class 12th
Diploma in Physiotherapy 1 to 2 Years After Class 12th
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 1 to 2 Years After Class 12th
Diploma 3D Animation 6 Months – 1 Year After Class 12th
Diploma in Interior Design 1 to 2 years After Class 12th
Diploma in the field of multimedia 1 to 3 Years After Class 12th

Moreover, the students can pursue further studies in library science, textile, fashion, law, management, etc. However, these days the diploma courses are highly in demand. Most of the students are pursuing this course because one can pursue it for the short-term, as they are usually of 1-year duration and helps in enhancing skills & knowledge. Check out the popular diploma courses for commerce, arts, and science stream below:

Diploma courses for commerce stream after Class XII

1. Diploma in fashion designing

If you are one who has a keen interest in accessories, clothes, has a great sense of styling and designing or fashion sense, then you can pursue this course. With the best help of this course, you will be able to learn about the designing of accessories and garments, know about fashion design history, learn about the language of the fashion industry, learn about patterns and methods of stitching, and much more.

Once you have completed this course, you can get a job assisting senior designers or work in a team in any garment designing company. Based on your creativity, skills, and interest, you can become a great fashion designer in a top garment designing or manufacturing company. Typically the work is related to designing or creating clothes for children, women and men, footwear and accessories, costumes for the film and television industry, etc. It is a 1-year course that can be pursued after class XII.

2. Diploma in the field of yoga

There are many people that love to motivate and train people related to fitness and health. They are either deeply in yoga or like to learn more about yoga. If you are also having an interest in fitness and health, and have a background in yoga, then you can go for a Diploma in yoga. In this course, you will be taught about yoga therapies and practices, postures, yoga history, contemporary and traditional yoga, etc.

After completing the course, you can work full-time or part-time in healthcare centers, colleges, or schools. You can also open a yoga center where you can teach people about breathing exercises, yoga positions and help people in meditation practices. Many people now hire a private yoga instructor which attracts a good salary package.

3. Diploma in the banking field

If you had good Mathematics or accounts in class XII, then you should definitely try in the banking field. This field has a wide scope, and doing a diploma in the banking field can open more career opportunities for you. In this course, you can be taught about the global markets and financial institutions, bank forms and structure, banking laws, foreign exchange, foreign trade, and credits. You can also learn about how to manage bank and customer relationships.

On completing this course, you can be hired for a job in a bank. You can work in various departments which include retail banking, personal banking, investment banking, wealth management, commercial banking, electronic banking, deposit operations, etc. Based on your role, you will have to interact with the customers on regular basis, guide them with different bank products, supervise bank processes and even manage the duties of staff.

List of diploma courses for science stream students after XII

1. Diploma in the field of nursing

If you are the one who keeps an interest in comforting and helping sick people, has an empathetic and calm nature, then you must pursue the diploma course in nursing. It is true there is a lot of shortage of trained and skilled nurses in India. Thus, the opportunity to get a job in this field is plenty. Here, in this course, you can be taught about nursing basics, bioscience, environmental hygiene, ward management, and administration, etc. Once you have completed this diploma course, you can work in nursing homes, hospitals and can even work in companies, schools, and in the houses of elite and rich people.

The nurses work with doctors in a team for monitoring patients, their conditions and execute a daily plan for offering proper treatment to them. One can work as a surgical care nurse in the operation theatre and helps surgeons. There is a lot of demand for private nurses nowadays. Based on your skills and education, you can make an attractive salary in this field. This diploma course is also for 1 year.

2. Diploma course in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a wide field and is in a lot of demand lately. A Physiotherapist is responsible for helping sick people to get them back to normal, works in rotational shifts, has an empathetic, strong, and responsible personality, and a lot more. In this course, you can study physiology and general anatomy, psychology, neurology, pathology, exercise therapy, and other topics. The students with science can better understand these subjects.

After the course completion, you can work in old age homes, nursing homes, sports centers, health-care centers, NGOs, etc. You can get training opportunities as well. In hospitals, the profile of patients is also diverse. The patients from departments like gynecology, surgery, cardiology, surgery, orthopedic, etc need physiotherapists for reducing their hospital stay and help in recovering quickly. Physiotherapists are in a lot of demand globally. It is a course of a short duration of 1 year or 2 years.

3. Diploma in medical laboratory technology

If you keep an interest in biological science and medicine especially disease diagnosis, and meticulous enough, hard-working, patient, research-oriented and have good communication skills, then this course is just for you. This diploma course covers medical lab technology basics, physiology, general anatomy, pathology, hematology, clinical biochemistry, etc. As a medical lab technologist, you will be responsible for carrying out the tests & investigation in laboratories for diagnosing several diseases. You as an MLT can help doctors in starting the treatment of patients. They test blood samples, body tissues, stool, urine, blood, etc. They work in labs, clinics, and hospitals. After pursuing a diploma course in medical lab technology, you can work as a tutor, lab manager, lab technician, etc. One can consider training before joining a job. The work domain of a medical lab technologist includes testing of drug efficacy, microbiology, immunology, blood banking, etc.

 Diploma 1 year courses after class XII in arts stream

1. 3D animation diploma

Nowadays, animation-related jobs are highly in demand. Many people hire animators from India, thus the requirement for animation experts is increasing every month. This job scope is increasing as students can explore a successful career in fields like designing, film making, comics, gaming, advertising, etc. If you are having visualization skills and an eye for selecting appropriate colors, have good drawing, a keenly observant, then don’t wait for anything else, join the 3D animation diploma today.

In this course, you will be taught about designing basics, color theory, storyboarding, animation basics, compositing, 3D animation, etc. As an animator, you can work in different advertising firms, creative studios, software industries, engineering companies, and also Video Game companies. There is a great source of specialization, which includes lighting, special effects, etc. Soon after this course, you can work as a graphic designer, animator, art director, 3D Modeler, etc.

2. Interior designing diploma

 You can go for an Interior designing diploma if you have the interest to create space designs, like offices or houses, which make them look outstanding.  If you can experiment with designs and style, love drawing and sketching, and good communication skills, then you should go for this diploma course. Through this program, you can work with painters, architects, and other professionals.

You will get the opportunity to meet new people, celebrities and rich people in your job field. In this course, you will learn about lighting, design, construction, graphics, and art, etc. Generally, the job of an interior designer involves designing spaces and properties as per the needs of clients within a defined budget and timelines. This job involves a lot of hard work and research. The place of working can include medical facilities, real estate developers, architectural firms, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. After gaining some expertise & goodwill in the market, you can set up your private office as an interior designer. You can also consider teaching jobs in government institutes and private places.

3. Diploma in the field of multimedia

If you keep an interest in technology, computers, and media firms like animation, video, journalism, etc, and have skills in visualization and knowledge of color selection, then it will be the best idea to go for a diploma course in multimedia. You can learn about using Photoshop, illustrator, flash, Dreamweaver, etc through this course. Additionally, the website design basics, digital editing, graphic designing, and animation are taught.

As multimedia artists, you will be responsible for using technology for creating designs, animations, graphics, etc. It is recommended to choose a specialization in this course. Once you have completed this course, you can get a job in the field of web designing, computer games designing, image editor, graphic designer, etc. This course is also of 1-year duration.

Final verdict

The diploma courses are the best option to go for if in case you don’t have much time to get further education and want to join a job or a career as soon as you have passed class XII. The diploma courses are also of the short duration of usually one year and can be pursued easily by anyone from streams like art, science or commerce.

Various diploma courses are available after 10+2 and it serves various purposes for different students. It can help in bridging the gap between various academic study phases or for offering additional qualifications and professional training. Choose your type of diploma course from the above-mentioned list and go ahead in making a successful career.

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