Science Colleges

In India, a lot of students prefer science over commerce or humanities. The field has further many divisions, and you can find a lot of courses in Science. You can pursue a specialization in physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, nuclear chemistry, and the list is endless. The main thing here is that you have Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology or Computer Science as your core subjects in 10+2, then you have the door open for various science courses in India....

The science courses are available at various levels, enabling you to work in the research field, academics or a regular job. Many government departments also employ science graduates. Now, we also understand that you would have a specific difficulty in choosing the right college for yourself. Everyone wants to study in the best college in India as it improves the placement aspects of the student. On this page, we have listed the top science colleges in India that can help you make a bright career in your field.

You can choose your subjects according to your core competency and your interest. Depending on that, you can also opt for higher education or a job in the field. The starting salary can be anywhere between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh, but it will increase as your career progresses. Check out the top science colleges in India now.

Science Colleges

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