List of Top Sports Courses After 12th

A sport is such as a field in which a career can be made only by being physically fit. If you are physically and mentally capable then you should try luck in this field. Many such institutes in India are enrolled to provide specialist sports courses. The option of the right course along with a better institute can show you the right direction. Students who are already sportsperson or athlete can join the training courses. The sports field is so wide where you can grow your career fast. Along with this, many career opportunities will also be available to you. If you are interested to become an athlete or you are a sports lover and want to represent your country at an international level then you can pursue UG, PG or Diploma level courses in the sports field.

A career in Sports

Sports not only help in keeping fit, but if it becomes a profession they have their benefits.After doing any course in sports, you can join following any job profile as per your preference & interest.

  • Referee

The job of a referee is a bit tougher than other job roles, as it requires a thorough knowledge of the game and its rules.His job is to tell the game and sports according to the rules and regulations which have been established by the respective governing body under the State and National Sports Organizations. Moreover, they have to perform various tasks like enforcing fulfilment.

  • Sportsperson

Being a sportsperson is another best option for better future growth. A sportsperson is a representative sport on the behalf of his countryat the national or international level. Whether he is a player of the football team, cricket team, basketball, or hockey or play individually, he will be known as a sportsperson. He or she should be physically, emotionally and mentally fit to achieve his/her goals respectively. To make the best out of the best, you’ll require proper dedication, inspiration and guidance from your seniors.

  • Sports Business Manager/ Sports Agents

Sports business manager plays an important role to handle contracts, funds, sales and endorsements for the entire team. In simple words, a sports manager keeps his eye on an athletic program’s competition. This may involve providing a resource for athlete education, athletic training, ensuring coach and team agreement, and others. You can be a part of sports as an agent or business manager after completion of an MBA or BBA in sports management. Based on your experience and knowledge, you will be offered a salary of around 30k to 80k per month.

  • Fitness Coach

Opting diploma or degree course in sports give you a chance to become a fitness coach of any sports team. As you know, fitness is must important for the entire team, thus thy require fitness coach. Once you complete your diploma in fitness after MBBS, you can easily be a part of the fitness team. For this job profile, you can easily get around 70,000 per month.

  • Lecturer in College/School/ Sports Institute

Having a degree in Sports also allows you to join any educational institute as a sports lecturer. Courses in Sports is rapidly increasing, so the demand for teachers is expected to be high. For this job role, you can get 20,000 to 40,000 per month.

In this article, we are explaining selective courses which can be pursued after completion of 12th.  Let’s have a look at it:

List of  Top Sports Courses After 12th

Course Duration Eligibility
B.Sc in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Sciences 3 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Physical Education 1 to 2 Years After Class 10th
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports Science 2 to 3 Years After Class 10th
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management 3 Years After Class 10th
B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management 3 Years After Class 10th
Bachelor of Sports Management 3 Years After Class 10th
Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management 3 to 4 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Sports Coaching 2 Years After Class 10th

Top Sports Courses to Consider After Class 12th

Candidates who are willing to establish a career in the sports field need to complete at least the 10th and 12th standard along with good fitness records. After so many options, we are collecting some important course that can surely help you. Before pursuing any course, candidates are advised to check their eligibility criteria and fitness standards as per the institution’s prospectus. Without wasting any time take a quick look at some selective choices.

1. B.Sc in Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Sciences

In this list, our first option is B.Sc in Physical Education. It is one of the popular sports UG level programmes offered by top-notch institutes like LPU, DAV Amritsar etc. It is a 3-year degree course that mainly focuses on psychomotor learning in a game-based setting. The course highlights studying muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, body composition, endurance, and other subjects. The main aim of this course is to trained candidates for the scientific methods employed in the examination of exercise & Physical activity. It is offered by numerous institutes through relevant entrance exam or merit list prepared by institutes. The best part about this course is it involves wholesome activities along with conceptual learning. Professionals are getting hired by any of the following sports institute i.e. Physical Education and Sports Science, National Institute of Physical Education, Jamshedpur National Cricket Academy etc.

2. Bachelor of Physical Education

The second prominent option is B.P.Ed or Bachelor of Physical Education. It focuses on the aspects that are related to the human body. It is an advanced degree programme that mainly focuses on the usage of advanced techniques which can be used to maintain the fitness of the human body. Just like other UG level programme, it also takes 3 to 4 year of duration but some institutes offer for 1 or 2 years. It can be pursued as part-time or full-time through correspondence learning. Candidates must have possessed Adaptability, athletic ability, Determination, courage and good Patience level. Other than that, they need to attain physical subjects in their qualifying exam. NCC students are highly advised to pursue this course. The students are taught various subjects like Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology in Physical Education, Management in Physical Education, Applied Computer Education and Statistics in Physical Education, Contemporary issues in physical education, fitness and wellness/ Sports Nutrition and Weight Management. Apart from theoretical education, it involves practical subjects like Judo, Badminton, and Football etc.

3. Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports Science

On hearing the B.Sc, everyone thinks that only candidates who have a science background can only pursue it. BSc (Hons.) in Sports Science is something different and interesting course. This course is specially designed for those who have the interest to learn the scientific principles behind athletic and sports activities. It generally takes a 2 to 3-year duration to complete. The duration may vary from institute to institute. The curriculum involves numerous subjects like Biomechanics, Biochemistry and Physiology. By doing this course, candidates will become professional fitness instructor at sports institutes, schools and colleges. Moreover, they can work as consultants and researchers. Having a B.Sc degree in Sports science will be a great opportunity for candidates who are familiar with this stream in-depth. They can work as coach education, sports and exercise consultancy etc.

4. Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management

It is a well-known and the oldest course among sports courses. Most students pursue this course as compared to other sports course it the first gateway to enter this field. Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management takes a 3-year duration, divided into 6 semesters. This course offers a wide range of exposure to the different dimensions of sport as a business. The main purpose of this course is to trained candidates for planning, execution and supervision of sports-related aspects whether they are conducted on national or international ground. It is a mixture of both theoretical and practical education. The theory part includes classroom lectures, case studies and guest lecturers regarding the sports field. The practical part involves project work, seminar and many other sports activities. The candidates are taught subjects like Foundations of Amateur and Prof. Sports, Public Speaking on Assigned Topic, Contemporary Issues in Sports etc. By doing this course, candidates will become Management Trainee, Sales Manager, Sports Instructor, Sports Department Manager and many others.

5. B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management

It is a multi-tasking degree course highlights studying athletics in collegiate, business, professional and recreational contexts. The best about this course is it is an advanced degree programme that involves a wide range of subjects and concepts in the term of Sports along with science and management study. Some candidates are from the science field have also interest in the sports field and have a business mind. These candidates are perfectly made for this course. It will allow you to choose a specialization in areas like marketing, coaching, and finance and project management. The duration of this course is 3 years which may extend up to 5 years. It is designed to show new models of facilities which can be used to change sports scenario, leisure and recreation of sports. Through this course, candidates are getting trained with professional skills. It provides technology, education, environment, ideas and innovation regarding the sports field and fitness industry. The great exposure to the field will surely provide you with lucrative job opportunities with well-growth.

6. Bachelor of Sports Management

BSM or Bachelor of Sports Management is a well-known course of the country. This 3-year Undergraduate degree course pursued by candidates who wish to establish a career in the sports administration and management field. It mainly highlights the aspects of sports administration and sports management. Apart from this, it provides specialization on areas like finances, sports events and other important avenues of sports, handling public relations and event management. This degree ensures skill development and training and administration in sports management. The major topics of this course are Organization and Management in Sports, Business Communication, Contemporary Issues in Sports, ports Facilities Planning, and Management, Sports Training and Conditioning and among others. After completing this course aspirant might be work as a Sales Manager, Sports Department Manager, Management Trainee, Sports Nutritionist, and many more.

7. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Sports Management

Our next major choices is BBA in Sports Management. Usually, BBA and BA courses are dedicated to organisations management course, planning, supervision of firms and company. But management skill is used in every field whether it is a sports field, science field, banking or teaching line. The sports industry is managed by applying principles of management and business. So, BBA in Sports Management is designed to fulfil the requirements of the sports industry. The duration of this course is 3-years which may extend up to 4 years as per rules and regulations of institutes. It is a career-oriented option in the field of sports management. Generally, the candidates can only know about the main work of sports field like playing games but other than that managing of sports events, how to create a publicity of institutes will be learned under this course. Some popular institutes like the International Institute of Sports Management, the National Academy of Sports Management, Weblord Institute of Sports Management offered this course along with training and academic learning.

8. Diploma in Sports Coaching

This diploma course can be pursued after completion of 12th. The duration of this course is 2-years. It is an ideal choice for those who want to take sports coaching within a short period. The course imparts education of training and instruction which can be applied to athletes who are participating in sports. In this programme, candidates will be trained to perform the various task of trained athletes for national and international championships. At the same time, candidates should be gain sports skills, physical fitness and enhance their potential regarding fitness techniques and tricks. The major topics of this course are Coaching Science, Physiology, Sports Science and many others. There are numerous benefits to pursue this course. Within a short period, you will be trained with numerous tricks and methods of sports. After completion of this course, candidates can seek jobs in their respective field. They will become gym trainer, instructor, personal trainer, sport- head, etc. This one course improves your communication skills; provide advanced training skills and techniques in the sports field. The job opportunities for the candidates are available in Private Sports Clubs, Hotels, Fitness Centres, Leisure Facilities, Sports Council, Schools, health institutes, Charitable Sports trusts and local authorities, College and Universities and Sports Councils and many others.

Final Words:

The below-mentioned courses are selective sports course that you should consider while applying for an undergraduate degree programme. To become a good sports athlete, sports tutor or coach candidates should be physically fit. Moreover, he or she must possess good physical records in their qualifying exam. So candidates are advised to work on their physical stability.

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