List of Top Photography courses after 12th

Photography is a fascinating profession where you can catch the world in the middle of your focal point. Nowadays, it is the dream of many students to think of a career in photography after the 12th. Photography is a vast field and it is divided into various parts such as Wildlife Photography, fashion photography, Sports photography, fine-arts photography and many others. Choosing a particular type as a career is the most challenging task. It also remains in the mind of many students, is photography a career-oriented field? Does it have future growth? Worry not! If you pick the right option then you can be successful in the photography field. Keeping in mind your concern, we have prepared a list of many photography courses which will give you the right direction. Let’s discuss them.

Best Photography Courses After Class 12th

No matter which course you consider, but you should take the right information about it. Before pursuing any course, eligibility criteria, colleges and subjects can be seen from all angles. So, candidates are advised to go through the information first. Without wasting any time have a look at our first course:

1. BA Photography

Most of the students with arts stream prefer photography but this profession depends on your ability and talent. It is a 3-year Undergraduate degree programme offered by top-notch institutes in India. It is a full-time degree course and after completing this course candidates can work as a professional photographer according to their specialisations. Candidates, who are seeking admission in BA Photography, must have to pass 10+2 in any stream with the required aggregate. In this programme, candidates are taught the subject Visual Literacy, Fundamental Photography, Visual Art, Culture and Society, Fundamentals of lighting, Aesthetics of Advertising photography, Fine- Art Photography, Visual Communication, Digital filmmaking etc.

It also required necessary skills-set such as Creative skills, business skills, hardware and software skills and others.  When it comes to admission procedure, it is based on the merit list. The course is offered by numerous institutes such as Jaipur National University, Jaipur; National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and many others. On doing this course you can see different job profile such as Graphic Designer, Camera Operator, Photography Professor and Fashion Photographer.

2. BA Visual Arts and Photography

It is another good option for pursuing a career as a photographer. It is a 3-year UG level programme offered by several institutions across the country. It is best suited for those who want to become a photographer and additionally wants to pursue higher studies in the Arts stream. However, the course includes the study of both arts and photography. The course imparts knowledge of advanced creation in the term of material which can be presented visually included Film-Making, Raw Pictures, Sculpture and Painting. Admission to BA Visual Arts & Photography is based on merit-list or entrance exam. Certain institutes conduct own entrance test or photography test to check candidates how capable they are. By doing this course, you can seek jobs in different sectors like Educational Institutes, Art Studios, Museums and Galleries, Interior Design Departments, Film Industry at following position Visual Designer, Animator, Graphic Designer, Aerial Photographer, Cartoonist, Museum Artist, Film-maker, among others.

3. BFA Photography

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography is an Undergraduate degree course. The duration of this course is 3-year which is divided into six semesters. The course highlights studying elements of image production and the use of accessories like a huge range of professional camera and lighting equipment effectively. The course provides photographic skills, various tricks and techniques, Post-photography editing and among others skills and knowledge. Its course curriculum involves different kinds of photography, history of photography and basic & advanced photography etc. The course includes major topics like Sports Photography, Digital Printing, Advanced Post Production, Art Design, Innovation Image Development, Portfolio Making, Conceptual Photography, Innovation Image Development etc. It is specially designed to provide ultimate knowledge regarding photography through industrial exposure and conceptual learning. After completing this course, candidates will get various job opportunities from different field like National Geographic, Food Panda, India Times,, and Snapdeal, etc. They can become Product Photographer, Photographer, Digital Imaging Specialist, Portrait Photographer, Photojournalist, Fashion Photographer, Sports Photographer, Event Photographer, etc.

4. B.Sc Photography and Video Visual Production

In India, the science stream is dedicated to the science stream but those who have a keen interest in Photography can pursue B.Sc in Photography and Video Visual Production. The course teaches photography skills and technicalities related to the photography field. Various top-notch institutes in India offer B.Sc in Photography namely; The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata; Osmania University, Hyderabad; Delhi College of Photography, Delhi; Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad; National Institute of Photography, Mumbai. The course covers different broad areas like knowing your camera, basics of photography etc that helps you to understand how to operate the camera, how lenses works and techniques and much more. The major topics of B.Sc in Photography and Video Visual Production are – History of Photography, Media Technology, Color Theory, Product Photography, Studio Lighting etc. After doing this course, you will choose to work as Fashion Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, Sports Photographer, Photojournalist, Still Photographer or you can pursue higher studies in your respective field.

5. B.Sc in Photography and Cinematography

Very few institutes in India offered B.Sc in Photography and Cinematography. The popular institutes are CMR University, Banglore and the Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata. It is a 3-year Undergraduate course that widely covers topics of both Photography and Cinematography. The course provides in-depth knowledge of filmmaking through basic concepts of development and script writing to create editing, dramatics and cinematography. The programme ensures that aspirants will become Industry professionals. Once the candidates complete this course, they will be able to work as an editor, director, cinematographer, photographer, production designer, screenwriter, or in any area of specialization as per their preference and interest. After completing this course, candidates can work in the TV Industry, Web Series, Feature Films and Corporate Films as an Editor, Post Production, Production Designer, Producer, Director, Screen Writer and Cinematographer.

6. Postgraduate Diploma in Photography

Candidates with any discipline can pursue Diploma in Photography. Students who seek admission in Diploma Photography courses must have passed their 12th and bachelor’s degree in their respective field along with 1-year experience in photography. The criteria may differ from institute to institute. Admissions to diploma courses are accepted based on personal interviews or portfolios of photographs taken by students. On the other hand, some institutes conduct entrance exams such as the Andhra University Entrance Exam, Delhi School of Photography, Film Entrance Exam and Creative Hut Institute. The course involves conceptual education and practical training related to photography. It involves subjects like – Commercial Photography, Portraiture: Environmental/Location, Documentary Research and Project, Introduction to Image Making, Street Photography, Writing for Photography and many more topics. Once candidates doing this course, they will become Travel Photographer, Wildlife Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Cinematographer, Videographer, Fashion Photographer, Product Photographer, Photojournalist etc.

7. Diploma in Fashion Photography

Are you have a knack to understand photoshoot especially Fashion photo shoots? If yes, then you can pursue a specialized diploma course in Fashion Photography. The duration of this course is 6 months which may extend up to 1 year. For the past few years, a fashion photography career is everyone’s dream and it has immense popularity among youth. It is designed in such a manner to provide essential skills set and education to have a promising career in the world. It introduced candidates to the latest trends and techniques of fashion photography. During the course period, students will get an opportunity to attend workshops, entitled with a makeup artist, designers, fashion models, make-up artists, designer etc. The popular subjects of this course are Effects of Lightning with Specific Purpose, Introduction to Studio Lights & Effects, Aperture and Shutter Speed Relations, Photo Review with Experts/ Mentors, Processing of White & Black Films, Creative Lighting, Studying Editing Software, Glamour Lighting and among others. The best thing about this course is, after completing it, candidates can prefer freelancing jobs instead of regular jobs. Apart from freelancing, they can seek jobs in Advertising Agencies, Fashion Houses, and Modelling Agencies, Magazine Houses or others.

8. Diploma in Professional Photography

Some private institutes in India offered Professional courses. It is a 1-year long diploma course and enhances the photography skills of candidates. The course provides technical knowledge, hands-on practice and study tours regarding the photography industry. Furthermore, it involves theory, practical work, practices, fieldwork, coffee table work, communication skills, assessment, leadership quality, group works, job assistance, on-field experience and internships. To become a professional photographer, you need not invest in individual photography course; just outdoor jobs and presence in creative classes will help you in great exposure. The professional diploma course provides a study of various subjects such as nature and wildlife photography, lighting language and Aesthetics, Photojournalism, Digital Image Editing, Industry Internship, English and Work Place Skills, Videography and video editing and many others.

9. Diploma in Digital Cinematography

Diploma in Digital Cinematography is a 1-year undergraduate degree course. The duration may vary from institute to institute. To apply for the course, candidates must have passed 12th from a recognized board. There is no minimum mark required to apply for the course. Candidates can pursue diploma course either full-time or part-time through distance learning. The main object of this course is to provide an understanding of film-making. Some popular institutes like CRAFT Film School, New Delhi; Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida; Rayat Bahra University; FA School of Media & Films, Mumbai; MV Media Institute, Lucknow offered diploma courses in Cinematography. Through this course aspirants will learn various skills and techniques for planning, making and coordinating film. Apart from advanced techniques, they will learn basic techniques like the size of a shot, handling of the camera, camera angle, lighting techniques, sound effects, editing and transitions, etc. Candidates are taught different modules – Negative and Positive Perforation, Cores and Camera Spool, Film Dimension and Packaging, Processing and printing, Films for Motion Pictures, Motion Picture Cameras, and Batteries for Motion Picture Camera, Shooting Format, Types of film Cameras and many others. On completion, of course, you can become a Camera Production Assistant, Motion Control Operator, Camera Operator and Camera Assistant.

10. Certificate in fashion Photography

Numerous institutes in India offers a certificate course in fashion photography. Generally, it takes a 6-month duration but it may extend up to 1 year. This certificate course is similar to another photography course where you can learn basic skills (Shoot, Develop, print photos and editing) of photography through education learning and on-field training. During the course period, candidates will learn numerous concepts like how to create perfect shots in varied angles. The major concepts of this course are concepts of the camera, types of lenses, types of camera, focal length and much more. Furthermore, candidates are introduced with varied photographic genres mostly to click fashion models (Both Male and Female). This course provides conceptual knowledge and practical exposure to a digital image, studio lighting, colour, composition, hand-on training and others. It is specially designed for those who have a keen interest in fashion photography and want to gain more knowledge of camera’s, fashion trends, angles and focal lens which can be used in professional shoots. By doing this course, candidates will work as a professional photographer or seek a job in Film Industry, Fashion Industry, Hollywood, Studios or work as a freelancer.

11. Certificate in Advertising and Commercial Photography

It is a 1-year certificate photography course pursued after completion of 12th. It is best suited for those works as professional in job areas as according to their specialization and choice. The course deals with the aspect of photography skills especially products related and advertising of them. Certain Indian institutes offer this course. Candidates, who are seeking admission in this course, must possess good knowledge of the commercial and advertising field.

Advantages of photography courses

Do you want to become a professional photographer? You may be wondering if you want to join the best photographic institution. These days it is a perfect investment plan to join an appreciated and reputed Photography School. It allows you to make your portfolio with their client work. Apart from this, you can easily improve chances to highlight your resume Into the Other companies.

To make yourself strong in the field of photography is very crucial to clear your vision regarding what you want into your life and how you want to get success into your life. Photography needs to get a lot of talent and preserve once into their life. It also includes technical knowledge to use gadgets as well as other tools like camera tools as well as angles. If you have the particular knowledge regarding the tools and camera only then you can get admission into the recognized from best one school.

What are the advantages to getting?

To get upgraded photography skills 

You need to get photography schools. It helps the proper and sensor regarding the top Studio equipment’s and offers new cameras that provide state-of-the-art facilities also.So basically you can easily get an opportunity to enlarge yourself with the camera effects just getting the training of professional cameras with the help of best one Photography School.

Make a habit of shooting

It is obvious that with the help of reputated photography schools you can get better regarding top Studio equipment that offers you a new edge.

Give better reach to different types of Photography

An accredited and reputed photography institute provides courses on the aspect of photography. You just need to choose the perfect one Institute of Photography School.

  • Get professional portfolio
  • Professional feedback
  • Learn about the directions

Final Words:

The Photography field takes immense popularity in a very short period. Lots of opportunities are offered to professional’s photographer worldwide. The common thing about courses is, they all focused on hands-on practice; so candidates are advised to explore more and should work under the guidance of any of the professional photographer for their well future growth.

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