Commerce Courses After 10th

Commerce is a subject that deals with business and marketing activities. It is a subject that is associated with trading and other activities. If you have a passion for this subject, you can start studying this subject from class 10. At the present time, you will get ample options after completing the initial level of study. Commerce is a vast subject that includes various other courses. You will have complete information while going through the subject. Most of the marketing jobs look for candidates who are from a commerce background. This will help in knowing the job in a better manner.

Why should one choose commerce after class 10?

It is a vital question that may arise in your mind. You can choose commerce after class 10 because it has unlimited job options. It includes subjects that can give you a better idea about the current mode of working. Commerce consists of some professional subjects that can help you to do better in the future. Subjects like Business studies, economics, and accountancy can help in getting lucrative jobs. They are much better in many ways. Completing studies after 10 with commerce subjects will assist you in choosing other subjects like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Financial Analyst and many other ones.

Apart from this, it also includes subjects from other areas. This is good as it will allow the students to select other trades and jobs in marketing, finance, and sales. It can also let you to step into the world of media management, which is the most lucrative one in modern time. It is found that commerce includes a combination of subjects from different fields and groups. It can take you to a different world of jobs. It is an exciting subject. If you wish to do something different, you can select this subject.

List of commerce courses after 10

In this part, you will learn about the list of the commerce subjects after 10. Almost all the subjects are exciting and job-oriented. They can take you to the vat professional world of success and achievements. It will be good to know about the subjects as through this, you will get a clear conception. A brief introduction to the commerce subjects is essential. Let us now move into the primary part of our discussion. or Bachelor of Commerce is one of the common subjects that you may know to all. It is the subject that you can study after completing your initial level of education. After passing the course, you can start your career in banking, retail, and foreign trade. Many universities and colleges offer this course to students. You can take admission in any Government and private colleges to study the course. It is a three-year course. The subjects on are exciting and promising. You can also start your specialization in any matter after completing your degree. It will be a great decision if you start your higher education with


It is another subject that you need to select after the 10th. It is the primary language to interact with any people. No matter which job you are doing or attempting to do, you must have a clear conception of English, as it will help you in the easy communication process. In addition to this, you may have to write essays, letters, or notices during your work. To do this, you must have good writing ideas. It is only possible when you are aware of the English language or subject. So, It would help if you always gave special effort on English language.


Most things in commerce include mathematical calculations. It will include topics like algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, and other issues. These are the main subjects included in Mathematics. To do well in commerce, you need to have a good and proper idea of mathematics. It is always advised to follow mathematic topics and try to solve them during the early days.


Well, if you are studying commerce, accounting is a common and mandatory subject. It is a branch of mathematics that deals with financial information about business entities and managers. While studying this subject, you will get accurate information about various financials and their mode of working. You will gain good knowledge about other accounting subjects and topics. This is an essential thing.

Business studies

It is a subject that you can apply in your whole life. It will make you aware of subjects like marketing, finance, business world, and accounting behavior. You will require them in every part of your professional life. Starting from this stage to MBA or in your professional life, you will need the help and assistance of this subject. The principle area of study in this subject includes marketing, structure and functioning, human resource management and many others.


It is another subject that will teach you how simple life can be from economic aspects. This subject will make you aware of specific terms like supply, chain, growth, poverty, development, and similar other ones. The issue of economics is classified under two heads. One is microeconomics and the other is macroeconomics. Micro-economics is a subject in which the unit of analysis is a single subject like a house or a firm. Conversely, macroeconomics is a subject where the subject of research is an economy as a whole. It is the primary difference that exists between the two.


Most commerce subjects also include statistics in their list. It is a subject that will help you to explore the market. This subject will enable you to analyze the past performance in the business. It is an essential commerce subject. Statistics will allow you to describe the market and analyze the present economic situation. It is only possible when you have a clear conception of the subject.  So, it would help if you learned the subject at the initial level. It will help you to perform well in other subjects.

Information Practices

IP or Information Practices is another subject that is concerned with the study of information systems designed for creating, storing, or processing information. In this initial level, you will get useful information about the subject. It is also a primary subject in commerce.

Thus, these are vital subjects in commerce. You have to pursue them after completing your class 10. Students who have just completed their 10 must start planning about the subjects to be chosen after this part. It is the most crucial area. It is an essential part of a student’s life when they need to select the perfect subjects. It is the subjects that can give you better scopes in the future. So, you need to be cautious and informative before making a choice.

What are the other courses you can pursue after class 10?

Well, after completing your 10th standard, you can try some job oriented courses. It will give you broad scopes and opportunities. Commerce is a subject linked inextricably with finance and business. If you want to do anything in your career, you need to have a proper conception of commerce and business. Let us now move to some short-term courses you can pursue after class 10. It will help you to do good in the future.

Certificate course in Tally

You may find that many institutes offer various short-term courses on Tally. It is a two years full-time course. To get admission to this course, you must complete your intermediate level. No such admission tests are taken. Students are admitted based on their performance. After completing this course, you can start working as a bookkeeper, accountant, investment banker, and many other jobs. The approximate cost of the study may vary between INR 8, 500 to INR 30,000. This will depend on the type of college or institute you are taking the admission.

If you want to do better, it is fine if you take admission in some reputed institutes. It will help in quickly getting the job. It is also found that many Government institutes also organize tally courses for aspiring candidates. You must take valid information about the center in which you are willing to take the admission. It will be much better for you.

Certificate courses on computer

Many times, people do not have a good idea about computers although they have a good degree. This may create a hindrance in getting a proper job. This is why it is suggested to do a short-term computer course after class 10. The courses come with ample durations. You can select it as per your requirements. Proper computer knowledge will assist you in better performance.

Certificate course on accounting

You can also take a chance to pursue some short-term accounting courses conducted by various institutes and colleges. These courses are job-oriented, and you can get good exposure on completion of the course. The course fees are nominal, and anyone can afford them. Most people try to pursue these courses to do better in the future and get job quickly. However, it is vital to check the validity and affiliations of the course.

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