List of Top Teacher Training courses after 12th

Teaching is a popular profession all over the world. It receives respect and gratitude from other people too. Education is an important part that helps in overall development. The most common eligibility to enroll in a teaching course is passing class XII, and the candidate must have scored 50% marks from a renowned board. Sometimes the process of admission is merit-based or given through entrance exams organized by different universities or colleges.

The teaching courses are available at various levels, which a 10+2 candidate can do, a graduate can enroll, and a post-graduate can do. Even a person who wants to get a diploma or certificate in the teaching training course can also join. If you are the one who is interested in becoming a teacher, then get ready to pursue these teacher courses after XII.

An XII passed candidate can enroll in three types of teaching courses. This includes:

  • Undergraduate teaching course
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

Let’s understand these three types of teaching course in brief

What is an undergraduate teacher training course?

This undergraduate teacher training course is highly in demand. Most of the students are interested to get a full-time degree in this field. These courses can be pursued by taking admission to a good college. Usually, the duration of these undergraduate courses is 3-4 years. You can admission through a merit list or can enroll through an entrance exam. These bachelor courses offer enough knowledge and proper learning facilities to each & every child through rigorous learning programs

What is an diploma teacher training course?

The Diploma Teacher Training Course varies from one another. The eligibility criteria and knowledge factor also differentiate. A diploma in this course of teacher training offers the student with professional knowledge about teaching as a profession. It offers a brief knowledge about a particular subject which they have taken as their specialization. The diploma course is a short-term course, the fees of this course are also less, which makes it both cost-effective and time-saving.

The diploma courses are the ones which are preferred by the students that want to grab in any employment soon after completing their studies, rather opting for a brief education pattern which can take a lot of time. Presently in India, the diploma teaching training courses allows the students to grab a package of 2, 00,000 in the beginning. This gets increased with the experience and expertise of the candidate.

What is an certificate teacher training course?

These Certificate teaching training programs are offered by the certification and training institutions. Some colleges also offer offline certification. The topics taught in these certificate courses are based on the certification type selected by the student.

List of Teacher Training courses after 12th

Course Duration Eligibility
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education 4 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education 4 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of education 4 Years After Class 12th
Diploma in Elementary Education 2 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Physical Education 3 Years After Class 12th
Diploma in Physical Education 2 Years After Class 12th
Pre Primary Teacher Training course 6 Months After Class 12th
Management and administration 3 Years After Class 12th
Montessori Teacher Training 6 Months to 1 Year After Class 12th
National teacher training 1 Year After Class 12th
Special Education course 4 Years After Class 12th

Top teacher training courses that you can pursue after XII

1. The integrated course of BA + B.Ed

B.Ed. is known as a bachelor of education. It is an undergraduate degree that makes a candidate eligible for taking teaching as their profession. Although B.Ed falls in the category of the postgraduate program but the government has introduced several integrated programs. It is because of the teacher shortage that has been faced in recent times. This Integrated course of BA + B.Ed is a course started by the government which is a combination of bachelor of education and Bachelor of Arts degree. Based on your choice and interest, you can choose your subject and can enroll in the integrated course.

This course is of 3 years, and the program is divided into 4 academic years. You just have to be XII passed in any stream. English is a compulsory subject and a minimum of 50% marks should be scored by you in 12th. Soon after completing this course, you can give the CTET exam, which is a central teacher eligibility test that can help you in becoming a teacher in central government schools. You can also appear for the TET exam, which is a state exam and can be a teacher in schools run by the state government.

These courses are best available for all those that want to expand their knowledge through pedagogical expertise and teaching. This course can help the students in pursuing a good career in teaching and related fields.

2. The integrated course of B.Sc. and B.Ed.:

Earlier after completing B.Sc., the students had to through the B.Ed. course individually but with the introduction of an integrated course of B.Sc. and B.Ed course, things have turned great. This course is a combination of B.Ed. degree and B.Sc. Based on your interest; you can choose the subject and can go for this integrated course.

This course is also for 4 years. The student who wants to join this course, they have to be an XII pass in the science stream with 50% marks.  On completion of this teacher training course, you can also apply for CTET and TET exams to be a government teacher.

3. Bachelor of education

Bachelor of education is also known as B.El.Ed. It is a beginner teacher training course. This program is designed for training students and then making them capable enough for joining any school as a primary teacher. This course involves both theory and practice in this course. The duration of the course is 4 years. The theory part takes 3 years to complete, while the last 1 year is given to practical.  To enroll in this course, you have to be XII passed, in any stream with 50% marks in some subjects. These subjects differentiate from one college to another. Sometimes minimum passing marks also depend on the institute to institute.

4. Diploma in elementary education

A diploma in elementary education is also popular as D.El.Ed. It is an elementary certificate course for teacher training. It is the best course to go for if you don’t want to pursue B.EI.Ed Program. This course aims to train students and makes them capable enough to take up a job in an elementary school as an elementary teacher. This course is for 2 years. No matter from which stream you have completed your class XII, you should have scored at least 50% marks and you can get easy admission.

5. Bachelor of physical education

This Bachelor of physical education course is also known as B.P.Ed. It is also called as BPE course. It is a bachelor course that lays stress on physical education. The duration of the course is 3 years. If you are XII passed in any stream, you can join this course. Make sure you have scored 50% marks in the 12th class. Soon after completing this course, you can work as a physical education instructor or teacher in any school or institute.

6. Diploma in physical education

A diploma in physical education can also be called DPE. It is a bachelor certificate program that revolves around education. It is a 2 years course. You have to be XII passed with a minimum of 50% marks. Soon after completing this course, you can work as a physical education instructor or teacher in any school or institute.

7. Pre and primary teacher training course

The Pre and primary teacher training course aims at training candidates that want to become teachers with the best available teaching method. With this course, the candidate can be regarded with several professional opportunities. This program helps in guiding the candidates towards understanding child psychology and turn more responsible related to the physical and mental well-being of kids.

8. Management and administration

This program is best for all those candidates that want to be associated with the education department. It can help you in enriching your management and administrative skills, as to how you can run a school or institute in the best manner. It offers good skills and knowledge to the students, how as a teacher also they can handle difficult situations.

9. Montessori teacher training

The students who are willing to take up teaching as their profession can opt for Montessori teacher training. It is a comprehensive course of teacher training. After completion of the course, the candidates are given a certificate that can help them in grabbing jobs at Montessori schools.

10. National teacher training

The National teacher training is a one-year diploma course. Any student who has passed XII in any stream with 50% aggregate marks can join this course. A lot of institutes offer an opportunity to enroll in NTT course. The fees of this course start from 5000 INR and can go up to 25000. Once you have graduated from this diploma course, you can get various job opportunities.

This includes you can be a nursery in charge, nursery teacher, coordinator in the nursery department. Once you have completed the course, you can pursue the further course or can take up the jobs mentioned above. The average salary that you can make after the NTT course ranges between 2 LPA to 3 LPA.

11. Special education course

The special education courses of teacher training are available to train, educate and guide a person for teaching differently-able students. The differently-able means that the students who are suffering from mental retardation, hearing, or visual impairment. These special education courses focus on these 3 impairments and you as a student can take anyone as their subject. The well-known programs include:

  • Ed in special education
  • BA B.Ed. in Special education
  • Ed. in Special education
  • Or, Diploma in special education of early childhood


Teaching should not be restricted as a profession; it should be made a passion as well. If you are not passionate enough about receiving and imparting education, then you might fail as a good teacher. It is important to know that, if you have a teaching degree, you can apply to work in top educational institutes like ICSE, CBSE, etc. You can also give government teaching exams to become a government teacher.

Once you have completed your course, you can get a good job as a teacher, where you will have to teach students. You can expect a salary of Rs 30,000 every month. Additionally, apart from a degree, you need to be good in English speaking skills, communication, and verbal skills to make it a plus point for yourself.

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