Aviation Courses After 10th

There is a huge popularity for aviation courses in India and it is increasing every single day. A lot of aviation companies can be seen in India and hence there are a lot of openings for aviation professionals. A course in Aviation means you have several options to pick from like airport management, cabin crew training, ground staff training, aviation hospitality, commercial pilot license, and many other streams. In simple words, there are courses related to different needs of the aviation industry and you need to pick one that matches your interests.

Most of the aviation courses need the 12th standard for enrolment, but there are a few short-term courses that you can enroll in even after your 10th standard. These are career-oriented courses, where you will be able to get the basic knowledge in the field that you wish to work in and start your career at the lower cadre. A wide range of courses is covered even many short-term courses which can help in making a good career start. It all depends on what college you are going to select and which college you are going to pick for the course.

For those who are choosing a career in aviation, you will be able to travel across the world. One of the most important requirements for enrolling into any course after the 10th standard or 12th standard is having good communication skills. You should be perfect in English as you will have to interact with people from different parts of the world and English is a universal language that is spoken in almost every country in the world. When looking for front office or ground-level jobs, you should have good knowledge about computer applications as well. That gives you more opportunities to earn a good job in the aviation industry.

In the beginning, you will earn very little but this is a field where there are several job opportunities. You can easily get promoted to a better role with good experience and hence you need to start your career immediately if you don’t wish to continue your education further. If you wish to take up further courses in aviation, then you should go for post diplomas courses or engineering courses. After completion of the diploma course, you will get direct admission to the 2nd year of the engineering course. There are many certification courses as well for aviation. They are usually for six months to one year only, shorter than the diploma courses.

List of Aviation Courses After 10th

Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Aviation 6 Months to 1 Year After Class 10th
Diploma in Airline Ticketing 2 Months to 4 Months After Class 10th
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training 6 Months to 12 Months After Class 10th
Diploma in Commercial Pilot License 18 Months After Class 10th
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality 1 Year to 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 3 Years After Class 10th

So for those who wish to get started with a career-oriented education or wish to start a career in aviation, here are a few courses that you need to check out. Just check out the best colleges that offer the below courses and enroll yourself. You will have more details about the course on the official website of the college and hence check out the college websites as well.

1. Diploma in Aviation

The first course that you can check out is the Diploma in Aviation. This is a diploma course for six months or one year. The duration of the course will depend on the institute and several institutes in India offer you this course. You will have to complete the 10th standard with 55 percent marks. The fee for the course is between Rs 60,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per year. The fee structure of the course will also depend on the institute. Private colleges have a higher fee when compared to public colleges. There will be a total of 16 different subjects that you will be taught as part of the diploma in Aviation course. You will be able to get job opportunities in operations and management in the aviation industry. The salary structure will be between Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000. Many top companies hire candidates who have completed the diploma course in aviation.

2. Diploma in Airline Ticketing

Another course for those who have completed 10th standard and looking for a good course in aviation is Diploma in Airline ticketing. This is for six months only. You will be able to start your career very soon after you complete the 10th standard. You will have four months of course or classroom training and two months of on-job training for this diploma course. As part of the course, you will learn about issuing tickets or confirmation that a candidate has a confirmed ticket in a particular flight. You will have several job opportunities after the completion of this diploma course in airline ticketing. The roles can be airlines staff, transport officer, information assistant, tour operator, and other job roles. If you wish to continue your studies, then you can opt for a post-graduation diploma in airline ticketing.

3. Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training

There is a huge demand for cabin crew and ground staff as the number of airports is increasing every single day. If you love managing airport activities and also provide cabin services, then this is a good course. There are many courses available for ground staff and cabin crew training and a diploma course can be started after the 10th standard. You need to secure at least 40 percent to 50 percent marks in the 10th standard and make sure your communication skills are good. It is a course for three years. Your age should not be above 25 years and your height should be at least 157 cm and 170 for female and male candidates respectively. You will get placements in many different companies after the course or you can also choose to further study after completion of the course. Some of the top colleges that offer this course are Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore. You can pick the best college and start your training.

4. Diploma in Commercial Pilot License

Another diploma-level aviation course that you can take up after completion of the 10th standard is the Diploma in Commercial pilot license. You can act like a pilot for an aircraft and as a co-pilot where multi pilots are required. It is an 18-month course and upon successful completion, you will be able to find jobs in many different aviation companies in India. You should have secured 50 percent marks in the 10th standard with physics and mathematics as one of the main subjects. You will learn about air navigation, Aeroplane mass and balance, performance, radio navigation, flight monitoring and planning, aviation meteorology, instrumentation, air regulation, and many other things. You will become a commercial pilot after the successful completion of the course. The course fee is between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000 depending on the college or institute that you are picking.

5. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

Here is another very popular course in aviation after 10th standard is Diploma in Aviation Hospitality. Depending on the institute that you are choosing, the course duration is going to be between one year to two years and the exams will be conducted in semester style. It is the same with the fee structure as well. If you are going with a government college, then the fee structure is less and it is high for a private college. You should have secured 60 percent marks from a recognized board in your 10th standard. You will learn subjects related to aviation and management as part of this course. The admission process is both entrance-based and merit-based as well. So, scoring good marks in your 10th standard can help you get admission to a better institute. The fee is going to be somewhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 3,00,000. After successful completion of the course, you will be able to start earning between Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 30,00,000. Not just in aviation and airports, but after completion of the course, you can secure jobs in top hotels as well.

6. Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

A diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a diploma course or a certification course. As per the course, you will learn completely about aircraft and all its components. Any issues with aircraft will be handled by you if you complete the course successfully. You handle repairs, troubleshooting, and maintenance of aircraft and their engines. The aircraft should always be kept in working condition to make sure that all the passengers are protected. You should have completed the 10th standard from a recognized board with at least 50 percent marks. You should have any issues with eyes and no color blindness as well. The duration of the course is three years and each year has two semesters. That means, there is a total of six semesters for this course. You will receive job opportunities in many different sectors like flying clubs, aircraft manufacturing companies, civil defense forces, private airlines, government airlines, aircraft part manufacturing firms, and many others. The salary would be between four and five lakhs at the beginning of the course. The salary keeps changing from organization to organization and hence your score should be good to get a good job and start your job as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

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