List of Top Courses After 12th Science PCM

A lot of students opt for science in class 12th. We get many queries from those students who would like to know about the career options after the 12th. We decided to help the group of students finding it difficult to decide what course they should opt for after the 12th. In this article, we have mainly talked about the students who have PCM as their main subject. The fourth subject in the 12th would be English. Now, you may have your fifth subject as computer science, home science, biology, economics or any other subject.

What are the benefits of opting for science with PCM?

Most students have the same dilemma whether choosing PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) or PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). And such dilemma often comes only after 10th when you have to decide whether to go in medical, engineering or business field.

Every field has its benefit and future scope, it depends on you whichever you want to choose. Well, 11th or 12th with PCM is a good career path for those who want to become an engineer in any specialization. The scope of PCM does not end here, apart from this there are many other options that you can consider. Let’s talk about them:

  1. Engineering

The primary benefit of pursuing science with PCM is to achieve a bigger goal of becoming an engineer. It is one of the sought career options after the 12th. However, an aspirant can register himself in Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology.  Both B.E and B.Tech offer basic courses that students can choose from. These courses include Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, and Computer Science Engineering. Apart from this regular course, they are various specializations have been offered to candidates as per their preference.

  1. Architecture

Students opting for science with PCM can also study B. Arch or Architecture. After engineering, it is one of the best career options. The course is designed for aspirants who are willing to know about the architectural field. The course teaches about a lot of planning, designing and formation of wonderful infrastructure. Architects can fulfil the requirements of their clients related to houses, buildings or apartments.

Through this course, a student can work in sustainable architecture, urban design, industrial design, etc. If you have failed to clear engineering entrance then architecture can be a good option to build the future.

  1. Bachelor of Science

Apart from engineering and science courses, an applicant can pursue the core subjects of science such as mathematics, chemistry and physics. Students from the B.Sc department mostly pick this career path. Through this course, you can prepare for various fields like data science, healthcare, aerospace, etc.

  1. Aviation

Students studying science with PCM can also think about the aviation industry. The field is a mixture of technology, knowledge and travelling. The field is perfect for those who want to explore the entire world. After doing this course, you can become a commercial pilot. The course prepare improves personality and communication skills as well.

Most of the courses listed below are designed for the students who have completed 12th with PCM. Check out the details below.

Top Courses After 12th Science PCM

Below are some of the best courses you can go for if you took PCM in class 12th. Please go through the names of the course, and we have also listed some information regarding the courses listed below.

1. Aeronautical Engineering

The first course on the list is an aeronautical engineer. If you have always been fascinated with air plans and flying machines, then this is the course for you. It is nothing but B.Tech or BE in aeronautical engineering. The total duration of the course is four years, and you can enter the aviation industry after the course. Many companies like Dassault, Boeing and Airbus hires aeronautical engineers in India so that you can exploit that chance. The admission in the course is based on entrance test like JEE. You should note that you must score 60% in PCM if you want to pursue aeronautical engineering.

2. BA. LLB

BA LLB is the next course on the list, and you should note that this course is not in the science domain. This course is open for all streams, and hence, students from science can also apply in BA LLB. The course is only for you if you have an interest in law. The admission in BA LLB is also via an entrance test, and the total duration of the course is five years. During the course, you are taught about the constitution, acts, and laws, but you are also taught about prior judgements. You get a chance to participate in a lot of interactive sessions that help you build your personality.

3. B.Sc in Data Science

Data Science has become quite a popular option in today’s world. Many companies offer a job to data scientists, and the pay package can also be very high. Considering this as an advantage, a lot of students opt for B.Sc. in Data Science too. The duration of the course is three years, and admission is usually granted on a merit basis. During the course, you learn about data manipulation, data presentation, data filtration and other similar data operations that help you derive information from the data. Many universities are offering the course, and you need to be very good in mathematics if you would like to opt for B.Sc. in Data Science.

4. B.Sc in IT

The Information Technology industry had always been very lucrative for students. If you would like to be a part of this industry, you can also do B.Sc. in Information Technology. The total duration of the course is three years, and the course is only open for science students. You can easily get admission in B.Sc. in IT on a merit basis. You learn about the various aspects of information technology, and you also acquire skills that you need to work in the domain. Many universities provide placement services to the students after B.Sc., and we also recommend you to opt for a similar institute that offers placement services.

5. B.Sc. in Economics

The next course that we want to talk about is open to science and commerce students. Assuming that you had 5th subject as economics in the 12th and you have an interest in economics, you can opt for B.Sc. in Economics or opt for a course like BBE. The admission on BBE is offered based on economics, and the admission on B.Sc. in economics is offered on a merit basis. The total duration of both these courses is three years, and you can undoubtedly get a good job after graduation in economics. Note that you would not be in the science domain if you are a bachelor in economics.

6. B.Tech / B.E. (Computer Science/IT)

B.Tech & BE remains to be quite a popular choice for science students. In this pointer, we are mainly talking about engineering in computer science or IT. You might already be aware that the total duration of the course is four years, and the admission is based on JEE results. During your four years in B.Tech computer science, you will be taught about hardware infrastructure, software development, debugging, testing, operating systems and network designs. The probability of getting a job after a B.Tech in computer science is generally high. Still, you need to ensure that you are getting admission to a good institute that offers placement services.

7. B.Tech / B.E. (Electronics/Electrical)

We have talked about B.Tech in computer science or IT. The other two specializations that we want to talk about are electronics & telecommunication and electrical engineering. Both the specialization deals with the hardware components. In electronics, you would be learning about electronic devices like the transistor, MOSFET, PCBs, microcontroller, microprocessor and so on. In electrical engineering, you will be learning about heavy electrical components like a transformer, transmission lines, high load capacitors, and similar things. So, if you are interested in electronics, then it makes sense to go for Electronics or Electrical while you are going for B.Tech.

8. B.Tech / BE (Mechanical/Civil)

Now we understand that that you might be interested in building infrastructure or in machinery. If you are, then you can also opt for Mechanical or Civil engineering. If you opt for mechanical engineering, you would be studying the machines, whereas you learn about construction and architecture if you take civil engineering. Both these courses are top-rated in India, and many companies hire engineers who have graduated in these fields. Just like other B.Tech or BE specializations, you need to appear in an entrance test like JEE.

9. Bachelor in Statistics

If you love to play around with numbers, we are sure that you will love this course at number 9. We are talking about Bachelor in Statistics, and this course is open for science students with PCM. You can opt for this course if you are fond of data, and side by side, you can learn about the data manipulation tools like R, Python and SAS. This can prove to be an excellent career option for you, and with so many advanced tools, the horizon of the course is also vast. The total duration of this course is three years.

10. Bachelor of Architecture

Many Science PCM students are also interested in architecture. Some of the students even have engineering drawing as the fifth subject in their 12th. If you are among the batch interested in architecture, then there is a dedicated course for you. You can opt for a Bachelor of Architecture, and the course will teach you all about designing buildings and other infrastructure marvels. Today, most institutes have moved from the traditional paper design to using the auto-cad as the main designing tool. The duration of this course is also four years, and you need to have PCM to opt for this course.

11. Bachelor of Journalism

The next option that we will talk about is open for Science, Commerce and Arts students. As a science PCM student, if you are interested in journalism or mass communication, you can opt for a Bachelor of Journalism. This allows you to be in the mass communication and journalism course. There isn’t any requirement of PCM here, but you need to have excellent English. Most of the institutes offer admission based on a merit basis, and hence a good score in 12th is critical to opt for Bachelor of Journalism.

12. BBA

Some science students would like to go into the management domain instead of staying in the science domain. Such students can opt for a Bachelor of Business Administration and get a management job. The duration of BBA is three years, and the admission is usually based on an entrance test. You should note that BBA is also open for commerce students, and if you choose BBA, you are technically changing your domain from science to business management. Depending on your interest, you can opt for BBA and choose your line of work.

13. BCA

Many students who wish to be software developer avoid B.Tech or BE. There is a choice for such students, and this includes BCA. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application, and the total duration of the course is three years. Admission to BCA is offered on both merit and entrance exam basis. The admission process depends on the university. This course is open for commerce students, but being from the PCM background can help you, especially if you have computer science as your fifth subject in the 12th standard.

14. BioTechnology

This addition in our list is based on the assumption that you also have biology apart from PCM. Bachelor in biotechnology is equivalent to engineering, and you can opt for this course if you would like to work in genetic engineering. The scope of this domain is improving with every passing day, and it has become a good option for the people in India. The course has found acceptance in agriculture, research, human toxicology, medication and medical device industry. The duration of this course is also four years, and you get admission based on the JEE results.

15. Commercial Pilot

Another important career option that you have after science PCM is becoming a commercial pilot. If you would like to become a commercial pilot, then there are some diploma and bachelor courses for that as well. The duration depends on the flying school, but the usual duration is one to three years. You can opt for the course in India or from abroad, but you would have to appear for the DGCA theory paper and the flying test to get alicense.

16. Ethical Hacking Courses

With increased dependency on the internet and the need to be connected 24X7, there is an increase in cyber breaches. Almost every company invests heavily in managing these cyber vulnerabilities, and they have dedicated ethical hack teams to deal with this risk. If you are interested in becoming a hacker, then you can do it legally. You can help the organizations find the vulnerabilities in their system, and you can get paid for it. Some institutes offer diploma and bachelor course in ethical hack for you. It is undoubtedly an excellent decision to go for these courses depending on your interest. The duration remains to be between 6 months to 3 years.

17. MBBS

The last option on our list is MBBS. We have added this course assuming that the fifth subject in 12th you have opted for is biology. Again, you go for MBBS or BDS if you would like to be a doctor. The duration of MBBS is five years, and you get admission based on NEET only. Some private colleges have some management quota seats, but they can be costly to get. You need to have PCB for pursuing MBBS but having PCMB helps as well. So, if you would like to be a doctor, then MBBS is the course for you.

Final Verdict

This was all about the top courses for students in 11th or 12th class with science PCM. We have focused on the science courses, but we have also covered some of the management courses and some of the arts-related courses so that you can keep the options open for yourself. So, explore all the options and understand your interests before you make a final decision. If you still have any query about these courses, you can leave a comment for us, and we will respond.

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