List of Top Nutrition Courses After 12th

A dietician is a person that deals in dietetics. Many people around the world focus more on their diet and health nowadays. A dietician takes care of people’s regular diet, which is full of nutrition and calories to keep their clients healthy and fit. Many students want to join this field, for practice as a dietician; you need a professional license & recognition from a recognized body.

India, the IDA (Indian dietetic association) is an authoritative body that is responsible for licensing and offering membership to practicing dieticians. Dietetics and nutrition is one field of medical science that helps to keep people fit. Various courses are available in the field which students can join soon after passing class XII. These courses are responsible for covering series of subjects which includes nutrients, required by the human body and human physiology.

Biochemistry and food technology are two essential parts of the dietician courses. These courses allow individuals for creating a rich diet plan and help them in taking a proper diet for keeping them healthy and fit. A lot of opportunities are available in this field, and you can also have your dietician clinic guide others.

What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in dietician courses?

  • Various certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and degree courses are available for dietician courses.
  • The candidates can apply for certificate, degree, and undergraduate diploma courses soon after passing class XII exams.
  • Admission in these three year diploma programs is offered by the top government colleges, based on entrance exams organized at the state level.
  • You can enroll in short-term diploma or certificate courses soon after passing the 10+2 exams.
  • To take admission in the B.Sc. course, the student must have Biology, chemistry, and physics till class XII.
  • Some colleges offer Bachelor in science in dietetics and nutrition based on marks scored in entrance exams, however other colleges take admission of the students based on marks scored by the candidates in class XII.

Top nutrition courses to choose after XII

1. Bachelor in science in home science (Honors)

 It is an undergraduate program of three years. Here a student can specialize in becoming a food nutritionist & dietician in the 2nd or 3rd year.

2. Bachelor in science in home science (General)

It is also an undergraduate course where there is no specialization. This course offers the best knowledge in the science field that deals with health and nutrition for bringing the regular life in synchronization with the changing surroundings. This is one course that involves a complete study of health, nutrition, family, hygiene, food, etc. It helps in maintaining the living standard as these parameters are an important thing to consider.

To enroll in this course, a candidate must have good skills of communication, positive approach and attitude & enough knowledge about diet, lifestyle and health.

3. B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics is a three-year undergraduate course that can be pursued after class XII. It is the best alternative course for all those candidates who are unable to take place in the MBBS section. This course equips the students well with good knowledge of medical terms & terminologies. It helps in formulating a nutrition chart as per the medical conditions of patients.

You can expect a salary of 2-5 LPA after this course. You can become a corporate trainer, a dietician, and even a food service manager after completing this course.

4. Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition

The diploma courses are short-term courses of 1 year or less. Dietetics and Nutrition is one field where a lot of medical science is used, keeping in mind the fitness factors of individuals. You can find various programs which are offered at the graduation or post-graduation level. This program is associated to cover different subjects like nutrients and physiology. The essential part of this course is also biochemistry. This course can help students in creating a good diet plan and assist people in staying fit. This course opens up different employment opportunities for the students and offers a wide scope to work in a private clinic too.

This course is for three years, allows admission to XII pass students. You can expect a 2 to 5 LPA salary and can work as a professional trainer or in private clinics.

5. Diploma as a diet assistant

This is one course which deals with the nutritional value of various types of food and their influence on human. Additionally, the students who study this course, even learn about the diseases which get transmitted through food and techniques related to preservation. This Diploma as a diet assistant course is customized in a way for molding the aspiring nutritionist that can play a good role in recovering patients.

This course is a short-term course of 1 year. Once you have passed class XII, you can join this course. The salary offered to the experts is 3-5 LPA. On completing the course, you can work as a community dietitian or as a clinical dietitian.

6. Diploma in health education and nutrition

The Diploma in health education and nutrition is a holistic package, it offers opportunities to various candidates for gaining knowledge about public health and nutrition. It offers the students to develop major skills in health-related information or communicating about nutrition to the community. This course helps in developing a wide knowledge base in the field of public health and nutrition. It promotes awareness about the principles and concepts in communication and its application in health education or nutrition.

This course is for 4 years and available for all 10+2 students. You can work as a health educator after completing this course and can make a good salary of  2-5 LPA.

7. Advanced diploma in nutrition and diet

The Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition is one program which students can prefer anywhere in the world. It is a comprehensive program that is divided into various manageable modules, that helps in grasping each concept quickly from fundamentals or basic to most advanced topics of this course. It is a guaranteed pathway to great success. Being an advanced course, it is a short-term one-year course. The students have passed class XII and even undergraduates can join this course.

You can work as a nutritional therapist, scientist of food product development, and even as a specialist in food labeling through this course and can earn a 2-5 LPA.

8. Bachelor in Science in dietetics and clinical nutrition

The Bachelor in Science in dietetics and clinical nutrition course is a three-year program. It involves the study of diet-related and nutrition reviews, case studies, clinical research, and various other nutritional aspects. Its clinical nutrition and dietetics are related to the therapeutic use of nutrition, basically in the medical field, by being a part of a health care program. It offers effective plans of nutrition that are aimed at preventing and treating diseases, boosting the immune system, and body nourishment.

This course is for 3 years, after completing this you can turn into a Therapeutic Dietitian, consultant, or researcher. You can expect 3-20 LPA, which is the highest in this field. The best part, soon after passing class 12th, you can join this Bachelor in science in dietetics and clinical nutrition program.

9. Classroom teaching course

The VLCC Institute of Nutrition and beauty is a popular classroom teaching course of 1-year. It covers both theory and practical aspects. It offers in-depth knowledge about various subjects which includes Therapeutic Nutrition, community, Dietetics, Physiology, anatomy, food science, and nutrition science. This program also covers topics like yoga & massages, acupressure, Ayurveda, and facilitates the adoption of food selection voluntarily along with customized modification of oriented lifestyle for a holistic approach in health and fitness.

10. Diploma in Nutrition and Food Technology

This course is of diploma level. It is related to the science field and great emphasis is laid on nutrition, food, diet, preservation, management, and production. This course is not a full-time program. One can pursue a part-time course. Once you have completed this course, you can get a job in any private clinic. This course is best for all those students that keep an interest in food nutrition and wants to make diet plans for helping others.

B.Sc. in applied nutrition

It is a bachelor-level dietetics and nutrition course. Nutrition is a vast subject of physiological and metabolic feedback of the human body related to diet. The subjects which are taught in this course are management of foodservice, biochemistry, resource management, food science, human nutrition, food analysis, sanitation, and hygiene, etc. This course is career-oriented which offers great job opportunities to the students soon after the course completion.

Final verdict

The positions of nutrition are different, and out of them, the best are community nutritionists, consultant nutritionists, management nutritionists, and clinical nutritionists. They go for other options of a career which includes services of food nutrition in hospitals, offers nutrition counseling in the agency of public health, the fitness club, and clinical management of food service department. It is a good career option to go for. The professionals who are engaged in this field are associated with the affluent society section.

There is no end to the earnings of a nutritionist. A nutritionist that works as a trainee in any of the private hospitals can earn up to 15,000 every month and after gaining some experience, his salary can go beyond 40,000. The experts that work in the field of research, units of food manufacturing and teaching, make good payroll and other privileges or perks. However, the dietician and consultant nutritionist in private clinics make good money based on their reputation and abilities.

Additionally, a private nutrition specialist and dietitian earn good money in developed and metro cities. The hospitals also hire specialists in this field. Various corporate sectors also hire nutritionists for advertising active and healthy employees.

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