List of Top Agriculture Courses After 12th

For many years, the primary job sector for India has always been agriculture. Agriculture has helped India in setting a benchmark in the world’s economy. Big thanks lie in the hands of export of major crops, spices, coffee to worldwide nations.  Agriculture is a process related to science that makes use of different methods for cultivating animals and plants that can be used for various purposes for enhancing the life of a human.

Top agriculture courses to pursue after XII

The students, who are ready to be a part of the agriculture sector, just have to pursue the best course of agriculture, to be eligible, and to perform agriculture jobs in the future. The students with a science stream with a minimum of 50% marks can enroll in these courses. More than 500 colleges are offering agriculture courses after the 12th, so let’s have a better understanding of the courses and make an ideal choice for a strong career.

1. Bachelor of Science in agriculture

The Bachelor of Science in agriculture course is a 4 year undergraduate program. You just need to have 50% marks in class XII to enroll in this course. It includes various subjects in its syllabus which includes plant biochemistry, agronomy, the study of crops and pests, engineering in water management, and a lot more. Once you have completed this course, you can secure your job in the government or private sector. Many colleges and universities are offering this course, and all the eligible students can secure their position in this B.Sc. in agriculture course.

2. B.Sc. Honors in agriculture

The bachelor in science Honors in agriculture is a four year course. The applicants can secure their position with good percentage marks in class XII. You can get jobs in both the private and public sector as an assistant manager of the plantation, agriculture officer, business development executive, agriculturists, etc. The admission to this course also depends on the entrance exam.

3. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

This course of Bachelor of Science in Horticulture is for three years. It helps everyone to get a good job in the government or private sector. The students should be an XII pass in subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics. Once you have completed this course, you can be offered jobs in a relevant field with an attractive salary package. You just need to have 45% marks in class XII, and admission will be done through the entrance exam and counseling sessions. Once you have completed the course, you can earn 2 to 6 lakhs easily from your job.

4. Bachelor of Science in forestry

The Bachelor of Science in forestry course is of 4 years. This program is divided into 8 different semesters. The applicants have to be XII passed from a recognized board. The fees of this course range from 5,000 Rs to 3 Lakhs. As per these criteria, the candidate has to bring at least 50% marks in the entrance exam organized by the college where you are enrolling.

5. Bachelor of Science in agronomy

The Bachelor of Science in agronomy course is for 4 years. It is divided into 8 semesters, one semester each after every 6 months. All you need to have is a class XII mark sheet with a science stream. The fees of this course vary from 20,000 to 2 lakhs. A lot of colleges in India are offering this course. The admission is given based on the entrance exam and counseling session.

6. Bachelor of technology in horticulture

The Bachelor of technology in horticulture and Bachelor of Science in horticulture are two different courses. To know the difference between the two, read about Bachelor of Science in horticulture in the above-mentioned list. The Bachelor of technology in horticulture or B.Tech Horticulture is a 4 year program. The candidate must have passed class XII with good grades and can get admission only after passing the counseling procedure.

Some colleges also offer direct admissions. The fees for these courses start from 67,000 Rs and can go up to 1, 00,000. By enrolling in this course, you can improve productivity, expand exports, can get easy employment, and can offer nutritional security to a lot of people, thereby improving the economic conditions of entrepreneurs and farmers. The entrance exam in these courses can include JEE Main, IIT-JEE, and GATE, etc.

7. Bachelors of Science in Fisheries

The Bachelors of Science in Fisheries is a popular agriculture course which comes with duration of 4 years. It has 8 semesters in these four years. The student should have scored 50% marks in class XII for easy admission. The fees of this course start from 10,000 and can go till 3, 00,000 in private colleges. Once you have earned a degree in Bachelors of Science in Fisheries, you can be a store manager, fisheries development officer, Aquaculture Technician, consultant of fish farming, etc.

The subjects which are taught in this program are Biotechnology, Aquaculture principles, Finfish taxonomy, Bioinformatics in fisheries, extension education, finfish breeding, etc. The average salary you can make is 4 LPA

8. Diploma courses

Various diploma courses are also available for class XII students that want to make their career in the agriculture sector. Some of the top diploma agriculture courses include:

This course can be completed after 2-3 years. The students have to secure 50% marks in admission and you need to be either 10 or 12 passed. The fees of different courses vary from 5,000 Rs to 2 Lakhs. This course focuses on important topics like biology, technology, agriculture, etc.

9. Agriculture Certificate course

Like a diploma course, the Certificate course is also a short-term course that can be pursued by the students after completing class XII. The topmost certification courses include the following:

  • Certification program in organic farming
  • Certification course in dairy & Agricultural
  • Certification program in food production
  • Certification program in Horticulture
  • Certification course in food production

Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

10. Certificate program in Food Production

This is a 1-year Certificate course which deals with technology & agriculture science in the field of food production. The candidate should have a certificate of higher education with a maximum of five subjects. Make sure you had English also. The admission is based on entrance exams, and different colleges follow different criteria for offering admission. The fees of this course vary from 30,000 to 50,000.

The students can make their career as a manager of food production, production manager, hospitality manager, craftsman of food production, etc.

11. Food and beverage service certificate course

The Food and beverage certificate course is a short-term course of 6 months. The students must have scored 55% marks, for enrolling in this course. You can admission to the best college if you crack their entrance test. Some of the colleges also offer direct admissions. The annual amount charged by the colleges of this certificate course ranges from 15k to 50k.

Once you have completed this course, you can grab a job as a head cook, chef, food service manager, beverage manager, waitresses or waiter, etc.

12. Bachelor of technology in agriculture engineering

This branch of engineering deals with the agriculture practices of students in food production or food processing. It considers agriculture as the backbone of India’s economy. The scope of this course is always high in demand due to the development of processing techniques and agro machinery. It helps in enhancing the yielding rates with a good margin. This course can offer good job opportunities to graduates in machinery manufacturing, food processing, and even the industries of crop research.

The students can go for courses of higher education which includes Masters ins Science of masters in technology while keeping the agriculture as the main subject.  You can pursue this course if you have gained 50% marks in the science stream, either with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. It is a 4 years course. The students must have also appeared for a university-level or national-level engineering exam to get admission to a reputed college easily.

The fees of this course start from 50,000 Rs and can go beyond up to 2 LPA. The subjects offered in this course are tractor control and systems, the technology of crop production, the structure of water and soil conservation Watershed Hydrology and a lot more. One can make an average salary from 5 LPA to LPA after getting a job through Bachelor of technology in agriculture engineering.


Agriculture is a diversified field of study. It has opened up a large number of job opportunities that complete graduate courses at any level. More than 60% of Indian people work in the agriculture sector. It is the major employment sector and helps in generating revenue at a large scale. Various students can be a part of these courses and can opt for different fields like organic and conventional farming, research, food processing, botany, etc.

Choose the most ideal agriculture course based on your interest, skills, and experience, and get ready to earn a profitable amount every month.

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