List of Top Aviation Courses After 12th

On hearing about aviation, the first thing that comes to mind is the golden opportunity to fly aeroplanes.  There are also many departments in aviation where you can think of working. As you know, aviation is a fascinating and fast-growing field that offer lucrative salary packages and worldwide exposure. Plus, it helps aspirants to achieve more success within a short period. So, there are numerous aviation courses available at the Undergraduate and Post-graduate level that you should consider after completion of 12th. By choosing the right programme after the 12th, you get to work at amazing locations as per your interest and preference. However, it is necessary to pick the right college who assured about their quality of education and varieties of courses. Here, we have listed some top aviation courses that you should consider while applying for them.

Top Courses to Consider After Class 12th

Below are some of the well-known courses that you can consider after XII. These options can be exciting, but it is necessary to check each and every detail about the course before investing your time and money as well.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management ( BBA in BM)

The first course is BBA in BM. It is a 3-year degree programme offered by Indian institutes. Through this course, candidates are getting trained to handle on-fields issues. It is not a specific course for the aviation field but concepts which are taught in this course will be helpful in the aviation industry. By doing this course candidates will become airport manager, staff manager, safety officer and administrator of the airport. The course also provides administrative skills to the candidates. The major topics of this course are including Human Behaviour & Ethics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, and Management Accounting. These whole subjects are very oriented for the aviation industry.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation (BBA Aviation)

BBA Aviation is a most considering course by the students who have been eager to establish a career in the Aviation field. It is also a 3-year UG level degree programme that focuses on every aspect of the aviation industry. It deals with the study of Business, Airports, Airlines field. It provides in-depth knowledge of financial accounting, air transport, passenger forecasting, marketing, airport planning, airport management, operation of an airport, supervising aviation team and many others. It also provides managerial skills and communication skills to the students. With a BBA degree graduates will become Credit Control Manager, Recovery and Credit Manager, Test Manager, Branch Manager, Lecturer and Teacher, Assistant Manager, Aviation Industry Manager, Program Manager, Airport Operation Manager and Airline Contracting Manager.

3. Diploma in Airport Management

Our next option is Diploma courses. It is also an Undergraduate diploma level course. The duration of this course is 6 year which may extend up to 1 year as per rules and regulations of different colleges and institutions. It is an ideal choice for those who want a career in operations and management in the aviation industry. The students are taught subjects like Avionics System, Statistical Methods for Engineering, Engineering Cost Decisions, Organizational Behaviour and many others. Don’t be confused between Diploma in Aviation and Diploma in Airlines and Airport Management. Diploma in Aviation programme is related to the Aviation Management duties related to technical and non-technical skills. After completing this course you will be appointed as Cabin Crew, Airline Station Manager, Aircraft Dispatcher, Airline Traffic Controller, Airport Terminal Duty Manager, Airline Executive etc.

4. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course (AME)

It is a difficult path to join aviation because lots of responsibilities have come with the post. But it a rewarded career choice, plus provides reputation and respect in the society. An engineering field is the only one whereas practical experience is more considered rather than academic learning. To pursue an AME course, candidates need to studied subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This course is divided into two parts namely program A and program B. In Program A, candidates are taught 1-year academic learning and the other 1 year will dedicate to training. In the B programme, 2 years are dedicated to conceptual learning and the rest on the 2 years dedicated to on-field training. With this degree, aspirants can seek jobs in Airlines, Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies, Aircraft Operation Organizations, Civil Defence Forces, Aviation Training Centres, and Flying Clubs etc.

5. Diploma in Airfare & Ticketing Management

It is a civil aviation course that can be pursued right after completion of 12th. The course imparts knowledge of producing proper, documentation, air-ticketing and develops professionals who can join Front desk, Reception or Office Job in the aviation industry. The duration of this course is 6-months which can extend up to 1-year. The major topics of this course are Airline & Airport Codes, Fare Construction Rules and Policy, Ticketing Procedures and Policies, Air Travel Requirements, Travel Sales, Customer Service, Elementary & Location Geography, Travel Sales and Cancellation and Refund Policy. After completing this course, students can become Tour Operator, Airline Ticketing Staff/ Ground Staff and Travel Agent.

6. Bachelor of Science Aviation ( B.Sc Aviation)

This course B.Sc Aviation is specially designed for those who are from the science field and have an interest to explore the Aviation industry. This course promotes safety methods that can be used in the operation of the airport, maintenance and piloting of an aeroplane (Commercial Aircraft, Gliders, helicopters, Military Aircrafts and Jets). However, the course covers wide areas of topics like Flight Navigation, Aeronautic Charts and Maps, Magnetic Compass and Navigation, Flight Navigation, Planning and many others. Having this degree mean, you can work as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Pilot and Air Traffic Controller.

7. Bachelor of Science in Airline and Airport Management

It is an undergraduate degree programme, takes a 3-year duration to complete. Through this course aspirants are trained for air carries operation, aviation Maintenance, Air Traffic Control, Airlines Operation and many other operations. The course will also allow candidates to understand the working of the airline industry. The major topics of this course are Cargo Handling, Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Management, Cargo Handling, Airport functions of Airlines etc. Additionally, candidates who are interested in managing airline activities may go for this field. Also, there are various airline companies recruiting professionals every year such as Thomas Cook, Cox & Kings, Le Passage to India, Holiday India Private Limited, Kuoni India Destination Management and many others. On the completion of the course, candidates will work in various departments of aviation like Airline flight Attendant, Airport Operation, Airline Ticketing and Reservations, Airport Customer Service Representative, Cabin Crew Services, Lounge Service and Operations etc.

8. Aeronautical Engineering

It is a popular branch of engineering that encourages candidates with an interest in airplanes and their mechanism. It is a difficult gateway to enter the aviation industry. By seeming lots of career opportunities maximum aspirants of engineering field have pursued this course. Nowadays, the demand for Aeronautical engineer is getting high. If you are one of them who have a keen interest to play with aeronautic machines then you should consider this course. This degree will help you find jobs in the defence establishments, aviation industry and civil aviation departments. In India, only reputed colleges offered this course through national level entrance exam like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The candidates are taught subjects like Composite Materials and Structures, Aero Engineering Thermodynamics, Environmental Science and Engineering, Computer Programming and among others. After doing this course you will become an aeronautical engineer or seek jobs in the academic field.

9. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

It is also an Undergraduate diploma level civil aviation course. The duration of this course is 6 months; it may vary from institute to institute. There are various private institutes, government colleges and universities that offer this Diploma course. It is a combination of two aspects namely Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management. Through this course, candidates will learn how to design, develop, operation and maintenance of aircraft. Apart from this, it develops candidates various skills in Travel, Aviation and Management field. Some major topics include Travel Management, Fares and Ticketing, Self-Grooming, Personality Development, Interview Techniques, and Foreign language, Hospitality Management, Communications Skills and CRS Training. It is the best choice for those who are willing to establish a career in the hospitality industry along with aviation knowledge.

10. Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training

This diploma course is also known by various names such as Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training, Diploma in Ground Staff training or Diploma in Ground Staff Handling. The duration of this diploma is 6-months but it can vary from institute to instate, maybe extend up to 1-year. It is one of the most advantageous career options after the 12th This course will be a great exposure of aviation industry in the term of aviation transport department, airline management and operating of flights and controlling of flights and aeroplanes. Students after completing this course can join the Airline industry, Airports, Hospitality Industry, tour and travel agencies. Thus, it is a fascinating field.

Final Verdict:

The above-mentioned course list is one of the selected options that you should consider while you are applying for a Bachelor’s degree programme. No doubt, it is an astonishing sector whereas growth level of success will be fast as compared to another field. Candidates are advised to work on their communication skills, personality and learn different languages as much as they can. On the other hand, candidates can also check the admission procedure and fees structure of various institutes and colleges. The right institute/university/college will give you the right guidance and education to explore more of the specific field. Hope, the entire information will helpful to you in the term of choosing a course.

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