Vocational Courses After 10th

The concept of vocational courses is unique in the sense because they can give you practical experience. The demand for these types of courses is gradually increasing among the candidates. Most people, after completing their 10th exam, look for jobs. In this case, you can try some courses that can give you the scope of a better job. The importance of vocational courses is that it allows the candidate to get better employment with proper knowledge and practical experiences. They get the best type of jobs that can help to sharpen their knowledge and skills. You can try it for a better result.

What is the scope of vocational courses?

It will be good to know about the scope of vocational courses. You will get various subjects in which you can do vocational courses. It may be from science, commerce, and paramedical courses. If you have a particular preference for any of the subjects, you can carry out the course. The course is designed in such a manner to give the candidates good experience and knowledge. This will help in performing in their respective employment sectors. You will also get an excellent job on completion of the course.

Best vocational courses after 10th

In this part, you will come across some of the best vocational courses after the 10th. These courses are framed in a special manner. You will love to try these courses. The courses are job oriented ones. You can get a suitable position on completion of the course. Besides this, you will get better exposure in the respective field. It is another great thing about the course. Thus, without wasting any more time, let us move into the part, to know about the vocational courses that you can avail after 10th.

Medical lab technology course

It is a paramedical course, you can pursue after completing class 10 from a recognized board. It is a course that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases. It will also teach you about the various clinical tests. You will learn about the testing process of multiple fluids and body tissues.

Multi-purpose health worker female

It is another course you can pursue after completing class 10. This course will teach you useful information about the various awareness programs held in states and districts. You will get a secured Government job on completion of the course.

Ophthalmic technician

You can also select your career as an ophthalmic technician. In this work, you have to assist the ophthalmologist in treating the patient. It is good if you have prior knowledge about the subject. It will help in better handling of the patients. The job of an ophthalmic technician is exciting at the same time. You have to deal with several patients and diseases. It will give you a clear idea about the subject. All these courses are two years courses. You have to attend many practical classes during this time. These courses are termed paramedical courses.

Accounting and taxation

Once you complete your class 10, you can opt for some short-term vocational courses on accounting and taxation. This will open the scope to deal and work with many tax advocates and professionals. You can learn a lot of things. It would help if you had a good idea about mathematics.

Office Assistantship

It is another part of the job you can pursue after completing class 10. You can try some office assistantship jobs. This course will teach you the exact way to deal with managing offices, bookkeeping, and similar other things. The position has a high demand. Many candidates prefer to take it as their profession.

Insurance and marketing

It is another sector in which you can work after completing the vocational course. The field of insurance and marketing is lucrative and exciting. You can get the chance to work as executive in these sectors. The companies pay a good salary to the candidates and aspiring people. Apart from this, you will also get a good exposure in many companies. It has a bright future and market at the same time.

Construction Engineering

If you want to pursue a better career after class 10 in engineering, you can try with the course of construction engineering. It is a fantastic job grand job opening. As a construction engineer, you may have to assist the leading engineer in various construction works and planning. It is a great way to do good in your career.

DTP and Printing engineering

You must have seen that there is a reasonable prospect in the field of DTP and printing engineering. You will be taught about the various skills and tactics involved in these works. You will come across many software and tools that assist in the smooth functioning of the printing works. This short-term vocational course will open new job avenues.

Pre-school Teaching Training or PTT

If you want to start your work as a teacher you can proceed with the teacher training course. The vocational course on PTT is just the appropriate one for aspirants. By completing this course, you can get a suitable job in any primary school in your area. This course comes under the heading of home science.

Tourism and travel techniques

You must have seen that most travel and tourism companies look for travel executives. These are the people or the professional who must have vocational degrees. If you complete this course, you can get the chance to work in many travel companies. This job will give you comprehensive options and opportunities to work as a travel executive. You will get better interaction facilities.

Computer graphics and animation courses

On the other hand, you can try some computer graphics and vocational courses after class 10. These vocational courses on a computer are a great one, and it opens vast job opportunities before the candidate. You can get a chance to work in many software companies that deal with graphic works. If you have the passion for working as a graphic designer or animated professional, you must pursue this course.

So, you must now understand that vocational courses can opt from all backgrounds. There are no such specific criteria or eligibility. All you have to do is to complete your class 10 level. It would help if you need scored the minimum percentage of marks to get a chance to study these courses.

A complete overview on vocational courses after 10th

Anyone who has the passion for doing something good in their life can pursue vocational courses after class 10. Almost all the vocational courses have two years duration. During this course, you will be given multiple practical sessions in the respective subjects. These sessions will make the subject much more accessible and better. You can also get a number of vocational courses from any branch. If you wish, you can also opt for vocational courses at the engineering level. These types of courses are job-oriented and better. It is found that most organizations look for these types of courses. They also try to hire candidates from the vocational background. This will make their job easier.

The minimum duration of the course is one year. In some cases, it may extend to two-year program. The other name of vocational training is technical training. You may come across plenty of specialized training schools in almost all the states. The University Grants Commission introduced the vocational courses for students who need job right from a tender age.

Mode of admission to the vocational courses

You have to follow a series of steps to complete the admission process in vocational courses. It depends upon the institute how they would admit the students. Most time, students are admitted based on their performance in class 10. In some case, the entrance examination is conducted by various boards and institutes. You have to qualify for the test to get admission to the vocational course. IPU, CET or MHT are the main entrance examinations conducted for admitting the students.      You have to qualify for the tests.

However, you have to score minimum mark of 60% in class 10. There is some relaxation for the SC and ST candidates. They can get admission to the vocational course if they score a minimum mark of 40%. This is the minimum marks they need to achieve.

Career prospects of the vocational course

After completing the course, you can get a scope of job in the respective industry. If you have completed your vocational course, you can get direct admission to the industry. You may not have to undergo any training period or session. This is the specialty of the course. Some of the most popular sector in which you can quickly get a job is IT, tourism, travel, food, and hotel. However, if you want, you can also set up your business or start-up.

If everything goes fine, you will be the gainer and the winner of your business. The certificate you will get upon completion of the course will help you get a loan for commencing a business. So, the course has ample scopes and opportunities.

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