List of Top Professional Courses in India After 12th

India is one of the most competitive markets. One of the attributes that make India so competitive is the fact that the population is huge. In such a case, you tend to find competition in all fields, and you also need to choose your field very carefully. A lot of people opt for professional courses because of the added advantage offered by these courses. They help you get into the field you like, and the education provided in these courses is also apt according to the profession you are targeting.

Importance of Professional Courses

In this competitive world, you seriously need to improve yourself. If you are looking for the expertise world it is the best way to choose the proper things by getting a professional course. It is very important to improve your performance in your career. You can get more advanced and better skills by acquiring professional courses.These days numerous people go for professional courses. It surely offers you the best confidence with the basic information. Apart from this, it is a real fact that these courses offer real benefits. This is why it is highly recommended to search for professional courses.

A professional course surely upgrades your skills and knowledge. You just need to get continuous information with the professional course. Apart from this it also proves the benefits in other respects. It enables the candidates to identify their strengths as well as overall weaknesses. These courses are going to get adjustable day by day according to the need and requirement. These days’ students can easily get the real benefits of professional courses.

Advantages of Professional Courses

As you know professional courses are the best course through which you can get multiple benefits.

Keeps you in proper knowledge

When you get a professional course usually get new and upgraded ideas. But it also keeps you in the updated and upgraded form regarding everything. All these things that are going into your interest offer you more advantages. This modern world constantly covered you with challenges. When you come you into the market but you have the proper solutions with the help of professional courses. So make sure that you have to make yourself so strong that can easily concern the real things. It surely halos to keep you into the constant form.

Set yourself different from others 

In today’s competitive world every employee is looking for the best job to do. You seriously need to develop distinct qualities in yourself. You surely get new things to get the best outcomes. With the help of professional knowledge you can set yourself different from others. It is very crucial to adapt the perfect one way to do the work that is different from other persons.

Offers knowledge to contribute more 

You can get knowledge with constant learning. It surely offers you more ability to contribute more to your organization. So basically professional courses offer you real kind of advantages.

Increases your creativity

Creativity is something that surely offers you new kinds of upgrades. But it needs continuous feeding to learn different ways and get acknowledged with the things that surely increase your creativity.

Expertise approach regarding customer demands

Professional courses surely teach you the best way to get a lot of Customers. With the help of this, you can easily meet with new clients that offer more effective and work professionally. With the help of this, you can increase the trust of the consumers.

If you are also trying to decide on the professional course you can get after the 12th, you are on the right page. In this article, we have listed the top professional courses in India after the 12th. Check them out in the section below.

Top Professional Courses in India after 12th

Below are some of the best courses available in India. We have also listed the description of these professional courses to get an idea of what your work domain would be. So check out the details now.

1. Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a course that is open for the students from Science & Commerce domain. The course has exam modules, and student can appear in one or several exam modules at once. If you like to work in the insurance sector in the pricing and risk domain, you should opt for the Actuarial Science course. The course teaches you about the risk models, statistics and economics. There is an Indian association that you need to register with to appear for the exams in actuarial science, and it is a popular choice among students.

2. Aviation Course

There are also many professional courses available for you if you would like to become a pilot. You can opt for the courses directly with the airlines or get into a flying school to become a pilot. Other aviation courses can help you become an aeronautic engineer or be in the flight maintenance team. The option is open for science students, and it is certainly a promising option. You can also opt for B.Sc. and other similar courses in the aviation sector.

3. B.Com

If you are a commerce student, you might want to opt for a field in a similar domain; then, you can also go for a Bachelor of Commerce. This course will teach you about accounts, business studies, economics and finance. It is considered a professional course, and you can work in the accounting and finance department of the companies after you complete your B.Com. Many universities offer admission in B.Com, but most of them offer admission based on a merit basis. You should note that B.Com is only open for commerce and science students.

4. B.Pharm

The next option in the list of professional course is B.Pharm. The course belongs to the pharmaceutical industry, and hence if you wish to be in this domain, you can opt for B.Pharm. The course is a sure shot way to enter the pharmaceutical domain. You have a few options after B.Pharma, which includes working as a druggist, researcher or manufacturing head, quality control executive, or academics. The B.Pharm course is top-rated among biology students, and you can give it a try too. Admission in B.Pharm is offered mainly on entrance test, but you may also be able to secure admission on a merit basis.

5. B.Sc.

Another professional course that is open only for students from the science domain. Yes, we are talking about Bachelor of Science, and the course is offered in dozens of domains. B.Sc. is one of the most popular choices for science students who do not wish to go for MBBS or Engineering courses. Most universities offer admission in B.Sc. based on a merit basis, and it is relatively easy to get admission here. The fee of the courses is relatively low, and you can choose your career path too since the B.Sc. course is very versatile.

6. B.Tech

You might already know about B.Tech and B.E. and these courses are for the students who wish to be an engineer. This professional course is only open for science students, and admission is offered based on the entrance test. There are multiple specializations in B.Tech like computer science, information technology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, electronics and communication engineering and electrical engineering. You can choose the field based on your interest. It is always better to choose an elite college for B.Tech or B.E. so that you can get a good placement after the course is complete.

7. BA

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts, and this option is open for students from Arts or humanities background. Just like B.Sc., there are multiple specializations in B.A., and you can choose the course according to your interest. As a commerce or science student, you can still opt for a B.A. course as most universities offer admission on a merit basis.Delhi University is quite a popular option for B.A. Apart from this, there are many career options available for you after your B.A., and you can choose something that interests you.


The next course that we want to talk about is an integrated BA LLB Course. The course has a duration of 5 years, and it is open for students from arts, commerce and science background. BA LLB is a professional course that is restricted to the law domain, and hence if you are interested in becoming a lawyer or advocate, you should opt for BA LLB. Admission in BA LLB is offered based on the entrance test. BA LLB is quite a promising option, and the scope of the course is also enormous. There is a lot of career option that you will get after BA LLB.

9. BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration, also known as BBA, is a three year course for commerce students. This course is also open for science students, and the course teaches you about business administration. Admissions in BBA is offered based on the entrance test. The course is for the students who wish to be on the management side of the business or who wish to manage their family business. During the course, you get to learn about the finance, marketing and operational aspect of the business. You can also opt for higher education after BBA, and MBA remains quite a popular choice.

10. BCA

If you are interested in computer science and if you are not from a science background then, there is yet another professional course that can help you to be in the computer science domain. The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Applications, and it teaches you about software development, network architecture and similar stuff. The total duration of this course is three years, and you can choose this course to be in I.T. industry. BCA has become quite a popular choice since it allows you to be in a high paying, high opportunity industry.

11. C.A.

Chartered Accountant is also a professional course, and it is also known to be a very challenging course. There are multiple job options available after you complete the C.A. course. You need to appear for the C.A. exams in pre-defined groups. You must clear all exams in a group to clear group, which makes it very difficult. Many audit and account firm employs C.A., and hence you can go for it. The pay that you get after completing the chartered accountancy is also quite impressive. This is one course that you must choose if you have a lot of dedication.

12. C.S.

Like C.A., there is another professional course that has gained a lot of popularity recently. Yes, we are talking about C.S., also known as Company Secretary. The company secretary course offers an excellent career development path for commerce students. C.S. is registered with ICSI in India, and there are four modules in the C.S. course. These modules include Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, Professional Programme and the last part is training module. After you complete all the modules, you become a company secretariat, and you can then work with corporates as a C.S. or have your consultancy services.

13. Drama & Film Production

Until now, we have majorly talked about the courses for commerce and science students. However, we understand that there are a lot of students who are interested in art and drama. For such students, there are courses in drama and film production. Many institutes in India offer admission to such students based on merit and their portfolio. This is the way how you can be a part of the glamorous film and T.V. industry. You can opt from many courses available in Drama & Film Production.You can be from any field to get into these courses, and the usual duration is between two to three years.

14. Defense Sector

Defence is not exactly a professional course but a domain in itself. After the 12th, you can appear in the NDA exam, and you can be a part of the defence sector. After you crack the NDA exam, you will be admitted to National Defense Academy, and the institute will then educate you. You will be given the option to choose a specialization, and you will then be allocated to the army, naval services or air force. The defence sector is one of the most respectable jobs in India, and you can choose this sector to serve your country.

15. Hotel Management

Another professional course on our list is hotel management. This course is offered in a three year and a four-year format. You can get into the Institute of Hotel Management for pursuing your career in hotel management. Here, you get to choose the field that you would like to specialize in. You can opt for hotel management irrespective of your field in class 12th. Overall, it is a lucrative option, allowing you to be in the travel & hospitality industry. With increasing globalization, you can also work with international chains and earn a big paycheck every month.

16. Journalism & Mass Communication

We understand that there are a lot of students interested in journalism or mass communication. Multiple courses are offered in this industry too. The most popular course remains to be a bachelor or a diploma in journalism and mass communication. The diploma has a duration of 1 year, and the bachelor has a duration of 3 years. This course is also open for all the fields, and you can certainly get into it as per your interest. You can further decide your discipline in journalism and mass communication depending on what interests you the most.

17. Medical Courses

One of the noble profession across the world is that in the medical domain. You can also pursue a professional course that would enable you to become a doctor. The top choices here are BDS and MBBS. The duration of medical courses would vary depending on what you choose, but MBBS is five years long. Apart from this, you can also opt for other professional courses offered in the medical domain. One thing to note here is that these courses are only open for students in a medical stream in 10+2. Admission to these courses is only granted based on the entrance test.

18. Merchant Navy

The last option that we have on our list is that of the merchant navy. The merchant navy courses are also top-rated because of the high pay package associated with the merchant navy course. You can opt for a bachelor level or a diploma level course. The only downside of the merchant navy is that you will be away from home for months during the deployment. But, on the bright side, you get paid a lot, and you get to travel the world as well.

Final Verdict

These are all the professional courses available in India. You can choose the one according to your interest. Do not forget to research the domain, scope and career options in that particular course. If you still need more information about these courses, you can reach out to us, and we will try to help you in the best possible way.

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