List of Top Diploma Courses After 12th

If you are looking for a course that can provide you with knowledge of a domain, you can opt for Diploma courses after the 12th. The advantage of these diploma courses is that they are not as long as a bachelor degree, and they certainly give you the required knowledge and skills to work in a particular domain. Furthermore, the diploma courses are available for students from all the streams, and you can choose something according to your interest.

Diploma Courses offers you the required expertise. Another advantage of Diploma Courses is that you can get into a full-time bachelor program if you would like to learn about the domain.Furthermore, diploma Courses are usually having a lesser fee when compared to the bachelor programs. Hence, they often turn out to be a good option for someone trying to enter the industry as soon as possible.

We are sure that you would be confused with what course to choose after 12th and if you are mainly looking for a diploma course, then we will help you. In the next section, we have listed the top diploma courses you can pursue after the 12th.

Top Courses to Consider After Class XII

In this section, we have covered some of the options for Diploma Courses. We have covered courses for all the streams so you can choose something according to your interest. In addition to this, we have also listed a short description of the Diploma Courses so that you can understand what the whole course is all about. So, let us go ahead and check out the details now.

1. Diploma in Nutrition & Diet

After the pandemic, people have started focusing a lot on their health. As a result, the nutrition and diet industry is growing at an exponential pace. If you would like to get into this field, we recommend you go for a Diploma in Nutrition & Diet. The course has a duration of 2 years, and it is also open for all the streams. After the course, you can get a job with hospitals, diet clinics, schools, fitness clubs and even FMCG companies. If you have good communication skills, you can even work as a freelancer and gain your client base by working as a personal dietician. A diploma in Nutrition & Diet is one of the best course at the moment.

2. Diploma in Writing & Journalism

No matter which stream you are from, if you are interested in the creative side of the world, you can opt for a Diploma in Writing & journalism. The course is for one year, and you will learn about the working of publishing houses. After the course, you can work with publishing houses or in the domain of journalism. You can also work as a content writer, and you will get work as a freelancer. The field is best for the students who are interested in the creative field. The course opens up a lot of opportunities for you.

3. Diploma in Banking & Finance

Are you interested in the BFSI industry? Well, you can pursue a diploma in banking and finance. This is a one year course, and it is designed to teach you about the banking, finance and insurance industry. You also get to learn about the functioning of the financial institutes, and you get to learn about the global markets. After completing this course in Banking & Finance, you can opt for a job in the same industry. Many retail and commercial banks offer a job to the graduates, and the jobs are also incentive-driven. This way, you can make a good salary every month.

4. Diploma in Physiotherapy

The next option that you have is to opt for a Diploma in Physiotherapy. This course is related to the medical field, and hence you need to have completed 12th with the medical stream. The duration of this diploma course is 12 months, and after the completion, you can find a job with hospitals, pain management centres, and clinics. Your primary job would be to provide physiotherapy to the patients and help them recover from their illness or injury. The scope of physiotherapy is enormous, and you can certainly choose this domain if you like to help the patients.

5. Diploma in Digital Marketing

If you are interested in marketing, you can opt for a Diploma in Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing. This is a vertical within the marketing domain, and the course will help you understand the best practices in the marketing and advertising industry. You should have good imagination and communication skills if you are willing to opt for this course. Apart from this, the course is open for students from all fields, and the total duration of the Diploma in Digital Marketing is three months. You can get job opportunities with marketing agencies and social media marketing companies. In addition to this, you can also enhance your family business with the help of this course.

6. Diploma in Nursing

If you are willing to work as a nurse or an attendant, you can also opt for a diploma in nursing. This course offers many opportunities to you, and you will be dedicating your profession to a noble cause. The total duration of this diploma course is one year, and you need to have medical in 12th to pursue Diploma in Nursing. The demand for nurses in India is always higher than the supply, so you can easily find a job too. Apart from this, you can work in this field and provide home care facility as well.

7. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

We have another option for the students from the science stream. Yes, we are talking about Diploma in Medical Lab Technology. The duration of this course is one year and if you are not aware of this field, let us tell you that a diploma in medical lab technology would prepare you to work in the medical labs. You can work as a technician, and you will be responsible for carrying out blood tests or other similar tests for the patients. You can even collaborate with brands and set up your lab to provide diagnostic services to the patients.

8. Diploma in Retail Management

With the increasing FDI in India, a lot of new brands also entered the country. One basic thing they need to run their outlets is the workforce. You can be a part of this group and get an opportunity with global and desi brands by opting for a diploma in retail management. The course has a duration of one year, and during this one year, you learn about merchandising, store design, customer service, space management and other aspects of the retail chains. The course offers many opportunities to the students, and we recommend you explore the options while making a choice.

9. Diploma in Engineering

B.Tech or BE can prove to be an expensive course. Moreover, these courses have a duration of 4 years. How about a diploma in engineering that you can finish off in just three years? The diploma in engineering is offered in all the fields similar to B.Tech. You can opt for chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, civil engineering and even biotechnology when you opt for a diploma in engineering. You should note that this course is only open for students from the science domain, and you need to score at least 50% to get admission to the diploma course. The job profiles after a diploma in engineering are similar to the ones for B.Tech. There would be a certain difference in salary initially, but with experience, you can cover that up.

10. Diploma in Fashion Designing

Another course that is open for all the fields is Diploma in Fashion Designing. The course has a total duration of 1 year, just like a proper fashion designing course. This diploma program teaches you about the fashion industry, fabric, designing and manufacturing process. Thus, you get an overall experience of the fashion designing industry. With a little experience, you can even start your boutique. Apart from this, you can get an employment opportunity with fashion brands in the clothing and accessory business. One similar course to fashion designing is that of Jewellery designing, and the diploma is offered in that too.

11. Diploma in Industrial Safety

You can also opt for a diploma in industrial safety if you are fascinated with the production lines. A diploma in industrial safety has a duration of 6 months to 1 year, and the course teaches you everything about industrial safety. Some subjects are fire safety, industrial hazard, construction site safety, working around robots and first aid. After completing a diploma in industrial safety, you can get a job with industrial consultancies, industries, NGOs and similar organizations that work towards making the working conditions safe for the people. Therefore, a diploma in Industrial Safety is one course that is always in high demand.

12. Diploma in Radiological Technology

We have already talked about the diploma in medical labs, but there is one similar course that you can opt for. Here, we are talking about the diploma in radiological technology. The course is for the students of the science field, and here, you will be working with X-Ray, CT scan and MRI equipment. You will be working with internal body imaging, and you will have a significant role in helping the patients get rid of their sufferings. After this one-year diploma course, you can quickly get a job with diagnostic centres.

13. Diploma in Hotel Management

If you would like to be a part of the hospitality industry, you can opt for a diploma in hotel management. This course is available in many colleges in India, and it is also open for students from all fields. The duration varies according to the institute, but the minimum is one year, and the maximum is three years. The course teaches you about hotel management, including kitchen management, financial management, customer service and front desk management. Therefore, there are ample opportunities after you complete a diploma in hotel management, and you can also earn well in this sector.

14. Diploma in Computer Engineering

We wanted to cover the field of computers at this point. If you are also fascinated with computer applications and hardware, then you can certainly opt for Diploma in Computer Engineering. The course has a duration of three years, and it is for the students of the science stream only. After the course, you can work in the IT industry, and you can be a part of that elite developer group. India has a massive software development market, and it is constantly growing. You can make use of it, and you can also earn well. For the science students willing to be in the IT industry, a diploma in computer engineering is the course to opt for.

15. Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management is similar to BBA, but the duration of this course may vary based on the institute. You will find institutes offering a one-year course, and you will also find institutes offering a three-year diploma in business management. This diploma course is open for students from all fields. You get to learn about the principle of business management, and you also get to learn about risk management, marketing, finance, operations and workforce management. If you plan to work in a family business even then, a diploma in business management will offer great value for you.

16. Diploma in Event Management

The last option is a diploma in event management, and it is one of the courses that has found a higher acceptance in the recent few years.  This course is also open for students from all fields, and it teaches you about financial management, logistics, legal aspects, event planning, budget allocation, advertising and public relations. The duration of the diploma in event management is one year, and it is open for students from all fields. Event management has found its place in grand Indian weddings as well, and hence it is now a lot easier to get a job in the domain.

Final verdict

This was all about the Diploma Courses in India that you could pursue after class 12th. Always ensure that you are checking the affiliations of the institute, and you are checking the course content too. Admission for diploma courses is usually granted on a merit basis, and hence it becomes essential to score well in 12th. If you still need any information, then please leave a comment. Thank You.

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