List of Top Science Courses After 12th

In the digital era, the number of career paths becomes plethora and they are hard to count. After completion of class 10 +2 studies in India, students have the option to choose between plenty of courses like they can pursue engineering, nursing, and more. Each category has its sub-category. It is easy to claim that all the streams aren’t comparable and the scope varies based on the type of course you choose.

If you choose engineering after completing your 10+2 in science stream with subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, then engineering is the popular choice. However, there are many other types of courses that are worth taking into consideration. In case the student had a biology subject instead of mathematics, the type of stream will be completely different. It may get confusing to students who want to choose a safe course with enough scope.

Why Study Science?

Science is among the oldest and also most significant academic fields, and it encompasses a vast range of subjects. Moreover, it is a foundational component of the acronym STEM, which stands for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

How to encourage STEM disciplines is a heated topic in many countries throughout the world. This is especially true in the sciences, which can lead to a plethora of excellent degree alternatives for students who pursue them.

Reasons to study science

Here are some of the reasons as to why one should study science

  • First and foremost, science contributes to our knowledge of the world surrounding us. From the way trees reproduce to the elements that make up an atom, whatever we know about the cosmos has come about as a consequence of scientific investigation and experimentation.
  • Throughout history, scientific advancements have played a significant role in human progress. Learners of Science have had a significant impact on our modern world, from our understanding of gravity to the development of cutting-edge medications.
  • When it comes to A-Level studies, choosing only 3 or 4 is typically difficult. This is especially true for students who feel split between the arts & sciences. Picking one or two scientific A-Levels, on the other hand, will allow you to successfully maintain both doors wide open for the future degree. Consider the following example: studying English Literature, Biology, & Chemistry at A-Level qualifies you to apply for top-tier university degrees in everything from English Lit to a variety of science programs to medicine or dentistry.
  • Many recruiters prefer scientific graduates, and you are more likely to find well-paying employment in science, engineering, or medicine than you are in the arts or humanities. For those who are not interested in pursuing a career in the field of science, and there’s nothing preventing them from pursuing one in an extremely tough industry, provided they have the requisite ambition and sufficient job experience.
  • A number of vital abilities are taught to students in science, but one that is applicable across many disciplines is the ability to analyze a huge array of data in a clear manner. The decline in mayfly populations in your local ecology may not have captured your attention, but the aim is to draw inferences from the evidence that is critical, and it will allow you to be accurate and expressive in your communication.

Based on the current situation when coronavirus has promoted to online classes and less practical knowledge, choosing the right course is way more difficult. So, we are here mentioning all the popular courses list for students from the science stream (Medical and Non-Medical both). Without wasting any more time, let’s get started –

Top Science Courses for Biology Students

While choosing the course after passing class 10+2, students will get a wide range of options. The popular options that you can take into consideration in the medical field are –

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc. AH)
  • Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
  • Physiotherapy (BPT) or Occupational Therapy (BOT)
  • B.Sc. Home Science/Forensic Science

Each course is unique in its manner and lead to a unique career path. During the selection period, you can consider aggregates, your skills and interests in a particular subject to find a dedicated course. If you like to work in marine, then marine engineering is an excellent option. You can opt for BE or B.Tech for further studies.

1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Bachelor of Dental Surgery which is also well known as BDS is an undergraduate program of three years. The course is divided into six semesters and each semester is of six months. While pursuing this course, students will go through theoretical knowledge in the first two semesters and after that, there will be a blend of theoretical and practical studies. The best part is, students, get the option to study further by choosing the master program for post-graduation. There is an intense number of private and government-based education faculties that can offer quality studies.

2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Students willing to be doctor, compounder, nurse, etc can find that Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is the most prominent course option. It is an under graduation course of 5.5 years where students will be focused on academic learning in the first 4.5 years. After completing an academic qualification and obtaining the degree, students can look forward to a mandatory internship program of 1 year. This course opens a wide number of career options like being a doctor in the hospital or having an own clinic.

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy

In the field of pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is a graduate program of four years. In short, this course is also known B-Pharm. Most colleges in India offer a semester system but you can find annual examination based institutions also. Students are required to have subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th to pursue this course.

4. Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

BVSC AH stands for Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry and it is an undergraduate program of five and half year. This course is the domain of medical discipline and students deal with medical diagnostics, diseases, effective treatment and other aspects related to animals. The minimum aggregates required to pursue this course are 50% and above. It is quite easy to choose the course with the excellent scope of getting better earning and salary packages in the upcoming future.

5. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

For students looking after a three-year bachelor degree can opt for the BMLT course. BMLT full form is Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology and it is a professional degree program. This course focus on offering studies about medical lab facilities, discipline, laboratory operation and so on. This course is also divided into six semesters and students can choose a particular field in this course also. There are post-graduation programs available in the same which allow you to have a successful career for sure.

6. Occupational Therapy (BOT) Or Physiotherapy (BPT)

BOT or BPT are almost similar courses that stand for Bachelor of Occupational therapy or Bachelor of Physiotherapy. This course is divided into nine semesters and the whole course span is 4 ½ years. This field is the domain of the medicine department and students learn about the basics in the early years. The internship is mandatory before practising. Students focus on practising prevention as well as curing methods of diseases. Rehabilitation is also the necessary part taught during this course.

7. B.Sc. Home Science/Forensic Science

If you are willing to B.Sc. then B.Sc. Home Science/Forensic Science might seem like a prominent course for an excellent career. This course is widely preferred by most students and it is considered the most competitive option. The course is divided into six semesters throughout the three years of the program. Students learn about scientific applications and investigation at the crime site. Analytical skills are primarily taught during the program and students can opt for a master program in the same field after completing this course.

Top Science Courses for Mathematics Students

Students who had subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in class 10+2 can find many prominent courses to pursue. No doubt that each course will lead to a different career path. There are eventually more courses in the engineering field and it would be the best option to compare the courses based on the scope and learn about your interests to get started. The popular career options are –

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Marine Engineers

These courses can be pursued in different ways. You can choose B. Tech / B. E. / Diploma program for each type of course mentioned above. Let’s explore each course in detail to ensure which one will be the best option for an excellent career.

1. Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical or Electronics engineering is a popular stream. It is a four-year course program and it is divided into eight semesters. Students deal with the study of electrons, electromagnets, circuit board, electronic appliances etc. More than that, this course is all about theoretical and practical knowledge of working appliances. While pursuing this course, students will learn about core concepts that work when appliances run. There are a wide number of job options available due to the increase in demand in recent years.

2. Software Engineering

Software Engineering can be pursued through B. Tech program or B. E. Program. Students with good knowledge of computer programming languages, professional tools and excellent skills in the computer can pursue this course. It is also a four-year course program and it is divided into eight semesters. Students learn about C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, and other programming languages. If you are pursuing this course and want to make a prominent career option, then you can look forward to the master’s program for Devo Engineering.

3. Mechanical Engineers

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is a four-year undergraduate program for students who have completed their class 10+2. This course is divided into eight semesters and students learn about the mechanical segment. Students deal with research, development, designing, building, testing, analysing and using mechanical devices. Even learning of thermal devices is taken into consideration to create adequate tools for the need. This field is all about machinery and deals with the working of engines mainly.

4. Computer Engineers

Computer engineering is quite a similar program to software engineering but this is a wide field and it is also divided into four years or eight semesters. B.Tech in Computer Engineering is a prominent course for an excellent career option. Students learn about computer programming languages, networking, working of applications and more in deep. Students can pursue this course through the engineering program, diploma and certificate also. In the past five years, the demand for computer engineering is decreasing in India due to the sudden rise in computer engineer. Most students pursued this course due to the hype in demand.

5. Chemical Engineers

Tech or BE in Chemical Engineering is a course of four years and it is meant for students who love to study about matter. Chemistry is an intensive field that deals with matter, its properties, its structure and core concepts. It is easy to claim that this is an excellent field to make a career in. This course is divided into eight semesters and students can look forward to pursuing a master program which is of 2 years or four semesters. No doubt that most students consider going for the integrated program to learn more about such courses.

6. Civil Engineers

B.Tech in Civil Engineering will be an excellent course for those, who are interested in architecture. If you love to imagine creating buildings, large infrastructure, or new designs which can help the world in term of efficiency then civil engineering is the best course for you. It is a four-year program where you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge. Civil engineering deals with the study of designing, constructing, maintaining, and improving architecture. From creating buildings to dams, there are a large number of career option in the domain of civil engineering.

7. Aerospace Engineers

B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering is the study of aerodynamics and if you want to make a career in aviation then this is the perfect course for you. Why? In this course, students will learn about the working of aircraft, a method to fly, learning the science behind a flying aeroplane and more. The theoretical part might seem boring but the practical part of this course can run adrenaline in your body. This course is also divided into eight semesters and have further studies option in the master program that you can choose in upcoming future.

8. Marine Engineers

Do you wish to work on marine and become a reputed person on the deck? Well, if your answer is yes then marine engineering is the perfect career option in many ways. This course is all about working with marines, learning about their design, working, maintenance and repairing. This course is offered by most of the colleges in India and it might seem like an excellent course due to the decrease in competition. The demand is still high for marine engineers and it can assure that you will have an excellent career.

Note –All the above-mentioned course require students to pass an entrance exam test after completing class 10+2 to get admission to a top college. Most of the reputed colleges also require students to have above 50% aggregates in class 10+2 and they must have completed their higher secondary studies from a recognized board.

Bottom Line

The science field is wide and has intense options to choose from. Among all the given options, going with a popular field might be tempting but considering the scope factor is primary. You can choose a field that isn’t mainstream but can provide a prominent career option in future. Planning three to five years is necessary as these courses can take a particular time to complete. When the courses complete, you will be given the option to choose the stream and job profile you want to work for. In the initial stage of getting a job, the salary might be less satisfactory but the experience is way more important than anything else. We hope that this guide about science course option after class 12 will come in handy to find the desired stream.

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