List of Top Air Hostess Courses After 12th

It is pretty essential to decide your career path even before you complete your class 12th. This enables you to prepare for the course that you would need to enrol in, and it also helps you arrange the resources required. Since you are on this page, we assume that you wish to be an air hostess after the 12th. It is undoubtedly an excellent decision, and before we begin talking about this career path, we would like to wish you all the success in the world, and we hope that your dream comes true.

We want you to focus in the right direction, and we want you to opt for the suitable courses that will help you become an air hostess. In this articles, we have covered all those details for you, along with the eligibility criteria and other similar things. You can scroll through the various sections of the page and get the information you are looking for. Let us begin now.

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming an Air Hostess

This is one of the most important section of the article. You need to ensure that you are eligible for becoming an air hostess even before you start planning for it. So take a note of the below points, please.

You need to be fluent in English and Hindi. It is an add-on for you to know any other local or foreign language too.

The preferred age group for admission is between 17 years and 26 years. Most institutes do not take married women in the courses, but again, this may vary from one institute to another.

You need to have a minimum height of 155 cms, and you need to have a presentable physical appearance and good behavioural conduct.

You should not have any history of a significant medical condition, mental illness or spinal issues. Moreover, your eyesight should be 6/9.

There are some skills required as well, and below are some of them.

Pleasant Voice with Friendly Attitude

Good Communication Skills

Convincing Power and Dispute Resolution Skills

Staying Calm in case of emergency and showing the presence of mind.

Ability to work in shifts, especially during red-eye flights.

Teamwork and coordination

Positive Attitude

Lifestyle as an Air Hostess

You might also be interested in knowing about your lifestyle as an air hostess. This will prepare you for what is coming, and it will also help you understand if you can take the burden.

The lifestyle of an air hostess appears to be all glamorous, but it comes with its challenges. The air hostess gets to stay in 5-star hotels, and they get to travel to all destinations, but there are own challenges associated with it.

You do not have a regular 9 to 5 job, but instead, you have flexible timings. For example, you may have a shift beginning at 2 am every day for a week, and it will be other odd time for the next week.

You would need to learn the first aid techniques, and you would have to ensure that you are adhering to the emergency protocols when there is an issue.

Your family would get a discounted ticket, and the ticket price would be a lot less than the price of a regular ticket.

Career as an Air Hostess

Moving ahead and talking about the career as an air hostess, You should note that it requires a lot of hard work. You need to be passionate about what you are doing. You will have to let go of your feelings on the blue days, and you would still have to serve the passengers as the day calls for. You get a good amount of pay which majorly includes a lot of variables. If you are travelling internationally, you also get a chance to travel to all the exotic locations in the world. The fact is that the average duration of your career as an air hostess would be close to 8 to 12 years. After that, you would have to shift to ground staff, or you would have to shift to the management or training institutes.

The starting salary for the air hostess would be close to Rs 35,000, but within a few years, you can easily earn close to Rs 1.5 lakh every month. But, of course, this includes a lot of incentives and other things. So your basic pay is usually low, but you get good pay for the flying hours and other variable components.

Top Air Hostess Courses after 12th

In this section, we will talk about the courses that you can pursue to become an air hostess. Go through the details below and choose the course that interests you.

1. B.Sc – Air hostess training

Bachelor of Science in Airhostess Training is a three year course, and multiple specialisations are available in the course. You need to have cleared class 12th with the science stream, and you should also have 45% in class 12th. Apart from this, the course trains you about every aspect of the career, and it also helps you learn about all other things that you would need as an air hostess. If you would like a degree that could also benefit you in future, then you must get yourself enrolled in air hostess. Usually, admission to this course is based on merit.

2. Diploma in Air Hostess Training

There is a diploma offered in air hostess training, and the duration of the course is 12 months. So you can enrol into this course right after the 12th, and your stream in the 12th doesn’t matter. The selection in this course is based on merit, followed by an interview that tests your general knowledge, intelligence and attitude. Here, you are taught about the aviation industry, grooming, travel, customer service and hospitality. This is one of the most in-demand courses for candidates who are willing to be air hostess. The course helps you in developing the right skillset.

3. Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management

As an air hostess, you are also responsible for carrying out some mandatory checks. If you would like to take up bigger responsibilities in aviation, then you can also opt for Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality Management. Here, you are taught to work with in-flight instruments, and you are also trained in the business management aspect of the career. You would not deny that air hostess needs to be very hospitable, and hence learning hospitality would enable you to serve the passengers even better. You can also diverge into management if you are doing pursuing this course from a recognised institute.

4. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management

Diploma in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management is quite similar to the Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality. The only difference here is that the subjects related to travel management get added. This course also has a duration of 12 months. In addition to this, we are sure that you understand that your career span as an air hostess would be close to 12 years. After that, having a degree in travel management would help you work as a ground staff or as training staff. Therefore, this course offers value-added services if you look at it from the future aspect.

5. Diploma in Global Aviation and Hospitality Management

Some of the candidates want to be air hostess with international airlines. For that, it is essential to know about global aviation standards. If you are looking for something similar, you can opt for a Diploma in Global Aviation & Hospitality management. The total duration of this course is two years, and you need to be between the age of 17 and 24 to be eligible for this course. You would also have to appear in the AHAET exam to get admission to the course.  The training is extensive under this program, and you also get placement opportunities with international airlines.

6. Certificate Course in Air Hostess/Flight Purser

Many students wish to get a short term course that can help them in getting a job. For such students, the certification course in Air Hostess offers the correct value to students. This certification program has a duration of 8 months and the only educational requirement to get into this course is that you should have passed class 12th. Furthermore, many airlines also offer this course directly, and they also extend job offers to the candidates who have taken up this course from their institutes. Therefore, this course is certainly worth a try directly from the airline training schools.

7. Certificate Course in Aviation Management

This certification course is similar to a diploma in aviation management, but some subjects are further reduced. The course has a duration of 8 months, and it teaches you about the aviation industry. The course would also teach you the skills that you would need to work as ground staff in the later stages. Knowing all the working system is undoubtedly an excellent thing to help you adapt to the new work environment. This course also opens up many opportunities for you, and hence you can consider a certification course in aviation management.

8. Certificate Course in Aviation and Hospitality Services

One of the shortest certification course available in India is Certificate Course in Aviation & Hospitality Services. The course also teaches you about computer systems and interpersonal skills. Even if you do not get a job in the aviation sector, you can get a job in the hospitality sector after completing this course.  Many institutes offer this certification course, and you can explore them if you are willing to get into the aviation & hospitality sector. You can also get employment in aviation academies after you complete the course in aviation & hospitality management.

9. Certificate Course in Hospitality Travel and Customer Service

The next course on our list is a certificate course in hospitality travel & customer service. This course is 12 months long, and apart from aviation and hospitality, the course also teaches you about travel management and customer service. There is a special requirement for graduates from this domain in the charter flights as the small crew needs to manage everything for the passengers. So, suppose you wish to work for private firms that offer private aircraft or charter flights to the customers. In that case, it is worth trying this certification course in hospitality, travel & customer service.

10. Certificate Course in International Airlines and Travel Management

The last course on our list is a certification program that prepares you for working with international airlines. The course is customer centric, and it teaches you many important things that you would need to learn before you can get into international airlines. The usual duration of this course is 4 to 6 months. You can also combine the diploma and B.Sc. programs with the certification programs. It is also possible for you to pursue this certification once you have entered the aviation sector. These short term certification programs would enable you to learn and grow in your career.

Final Verdict

You have been through all the information that we have shared, and we are sure that you would have understood what it takes for you to become an air hostess. Since we have shared the details of the courses, you can choose the one which interests you the most. If you seek advice from us, then our recommendation would be to opt for a B.Sc. course, or you can also enrol under various programs delivered via airlines. Almost every airline in India has a dedicated training institute to prepare you to be an air hostess. The advantage of taking up the courses from these airlines is that it will help you get a job with the same airlines.

The training cost of such programs may be on the higher side, but nothing compares to the ease of getting a job offer in hand right after the training is complete. This approach also reduces your training period after you join the organisation. With this, we would conclude the article, and if you still need more information about the air hostess courses, you can leave a comment for us, and we will get back to you.

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