List of Top Animation Courses After 12th

Who doesn’t love to play games, whether it is on a smartphone or PC, games are games? Completing the levels and keep on getting better at a game seems like the fascinating factor. However, it might be way more astonishing when it comes to developing games. Yes, the development of the game, animations, cartoons, videos and such other stuff is a lot more fascinating than just watching it.

Anyone with a good knowledge of PC and a passion to learn can pursue animation courses and get better with time. There are plenty of courses options available in India and pursuing any of the animation course can help you make a prominent career. Based on the current situation, most animation developers in India are getting above 12 lakh per annum salary packages. The demand is still high and pursuing such a highly demanding course might prove beneficial in several manners.

There is a range of courses options that you can choose from but it might be tough to find the adequate one. If you have completed your higher secondary education, then it might seem like a straight journey to animation. It doesn’t matter that you have completed class 10+2 from Arts or Science stream, there is an excellent number of courses options available for every individual.

Top 8 Animation Courses In India

The plethora of courses can lead to a career in animation and it might be simpler for someone to go with a dedicated program. Among all the bachelor or diploma program, it is always better to consider going for a dedicated course which provides a deep knowledge. Here, we made a list of the top 10 courses which provide in-depth knowledge in animation, design, development, UI and UX also. Let’s get started with the list –

  1. BA in Animation and CG Arts
  2. B.Sc. Animation
  3. BA in Animation & Multimedia
  4. B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia
  5. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)
  6. BA in Animation and Graphic Design
  7. BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation
  8. B.Sc. in Animation and VFX

The above-mentioned courses are easy to prefer for an individual. It will be easy to make a career through any of the given course. Keep in mind that course is not that much important as the reputed instate is. If you get admission to a top college and score excellent aggregate, chances of placement enhance by many times. So, it would be the right choice to figure out the optimal college.

1. BA in Animation and CG Arts

A course that focuses on the wide picture and provides in-depth knowledge in animation, video editing, and other VFX related topic is BA in Animation and CG Arts. It is an undergraduate course of three years and it is a full-time semester-based course. Students will aim at animation films, the internet, feature films, news media, graphics designing, production design, interior designing, and more. Even, one of the key reason for this course is to develop game’s graphics and making maps. The scope of an animator is available in a wide number of fields and if you have completed BA in Animation and CG arts, then the excellent career choice might seem overwhelming.

2. B.Sc. Animation

While working in a company and making graphics for games or software seems like a prominent career choice with excellent PayScale. But, if you want to work in the medical field but don’t want to lose your grip on passionate subjects like animation, then B.Sc. in Animation is the optimal course. It is an under-graduation course program divided into six semesters throughout the three years of the course. The curriculum includes medical subjects like biology and also focus on teaching animation, photos/videos editing tools, CGI, VFX and more. This course aims to prepare students who can design animations for medical science.

3. BA in Animation & Multimedia

BA in Animation and Multimedia is a similar program to BA in Animation and CG Arts, but the difference lies in the curriculum part. In this course, students are learning about animation but they are also focusing on multimedia topics like film making, editing videos and the core concepts. The knowledge offered in this subject is through academic subjects but students also go for the practical round after the first semester. It is a three-year course and the semester system is similar to other options we have mentioned. In this course, you can find excellent career option in filmmaking, video making, editing, other multi-media jobs except for the film shooting part. You learn about colour science and its importance in videos and movies also.

4. B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia

B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia is a domain course in filmmaking and video editing courses. This course aims to provide knowledge of developing graphical animation in simple photo editing tools, students learn to use different programs, after-effect and editing videos. It is also an undergraduate course and you can pursue it from many top institutions in India without any problem. The admission is based on the eligibility factor. Students with science stream in class 10+2 are eligible for this course. However, the minimum aggregates required for most colleges in India is 50%  or above.

5. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Animation)

Bachelor of Visual Arts in Animation is a three-year program and it deals with the study of developing visuals and animations. When it comes to animate something, you might think about creating a graphical design using professional tools, but there is a deep knowledge about colour choice, how things look attractive psychologically and what’s the best solution to create what you desire. So, the aim is to learn about the basics of animation, what colour gets more attention and how you can get better with time. This course is divided into the semester and each semester has a curriculum to build basic concept in the upcoming three years of the complete course.

6. BA in Animation and Graphic Design

BA in Animation and Graphics design is a program for students willing to design web mainly. This one is a three-year program and optimal for computer science students. You learn about working of computer programs, how to develop graphics, how to keep thing minimalistic but attractive and more. The animation part and graphics part is practical knowledge but you will be learning about the basic rules from the academic studies. There are a wide number of colleges offering this course and choosing it will be the best choice for excellent placement.

7. BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation

Digital filmmaking is high in demand and the primary reason behind this factor is a requirement in various fields. Most companies and influencers need filmmakers and animation designer to work on their project to promote products. Coming with product design, making new animation for the launch events and many other needs are the major reason behind the need for an animator. Choosing BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation can provide you with the core knowledge. This is also three years undergraduate program and it is available in distance education programs also.

8. B.Sc. in Animation and VFX

VFX is fun and designing an effect is probably not that impressive. As you can find that B.Sc. in Animation and VFX is a course that aims at developing skills in creating VFX. However, it is not the job of tools only. Coming up with excellent VFX require imagination, knowledge of surrounding, and much more. The curriculum in B.Sc. in Animation and VFX provides you knowledge in wide fields and make you a perfect candidate for the filmmaking industry.

Alternative Options

In case, you don’t want to go for a mainstream three-years undergraduate program but want to work as an animator, then pursuing any certificate program can provide a range of benefits. There are a wide number of diploma courses that you can choose from and some of the suggestions from us are –

  • Diploma in 2D Animation
  • Diploma in Animation, Post Production work, and Video Editing
  • Diploma in Digital Animation
  • Diploma in VFX
  • Diploma in CG Animation
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking
  • Diploma in Animation and VFX

Each course mentioned in this list is for students, who have good knowledge of computer animation tools. If you want a certificate to get a decent job, then these courses will provide you with all the required benefits for sure.

Even though the diploma program is a certificate course, the student with excellent knowledge in animation can find a job in top recruiting companies with ease. It is all about skills instead of your aggregates. However, the quality of work is the primary consideration by animation companies.

Note – Each course lead to a different path based on what kind of animation you are learning. The use of tools, the learning method and other aspects also vary based on what course you haven’t selected. So, learn about each course, find the right college, and learn about their admission process to pursue the right course with ease.

Career options after Animation Course

Students get a wide number of career options after pursuing Bachelor or Diploma course in Animation. The popular job options after pursuing any of the above-mentioned course are –

  • Scriptwriter
  • Junior Technical Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Concept Artists
  • Production Designer
  • 3-D Animator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • And so on.

Jobs roles of an animator are usually versatile and these are some of the common job fields that an animator can choose after pursuing the course.

Bottom Line

No doubt that animation courses are high in demand due to the need for the versatile graphical designer in IT companies. If you want to become an animation developer for a gaming or software company, then you should go for top-tier and competitive courses. For example, going with B.Tech in computer engineering seems like an easy option where you learn about computer programming languages, designing and other aspects.

Choosing dedicated subjects can boost your performance with graphical topics and it can make you an excellent animation developer. With time and skills, the experience factor will enhance and it will provide you with a substantial number of advantages. Make sure that you choose the course that suit your current qualification and knowledge state. We hope that you have an excellent career as an animation developer.

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