List of Top Pharmacy Courses After 12th

Many students opt for the medical stream in class 12th. Their main subjects in the medical stream are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A majority of students wish to be a doctor after completing their 12th, and the right way to do this is by enrolling in a course like MBBS or BDS. Now, many students do not wish to go for such time-intensive courses. Pharmacy is one such option, and it the third most popular option after MBBS and BDS. The graduates of Pharmacy courses not only get a good job but they can also get a good salary.

In India, many colleges are offering Pharmacy Courses, and there are a lot of options available. Most of the pharmacy programs would teach the students about the correct usage of the drug, side effects of the medicine and managing the dosage too. So if you are interested in a pharmacy course, then you at the right place. In this article, we have shared information about the top pharmacy courses that you can pursue after the 12th. So go ahead and check out the information so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria for Pharmacy Courses

Many students want to join the B Pharma program.So basically they have to fulfill the eligibility criteria that are given:

To get admission into the pharmacy courses students must have passed their Higher Secondary class that is 12th with the subject’s physics, chemistry, biology as well as mathematics. If the students don’t have the DMC of 12 not able to when they admission into B Pharma.

Those students who get a secure minimum of 50% marks into the qualifying examination only they can get admission.

Students who get the three-year diploma in pharmacy. They are also eligible to get admission into the pharmacy courses.

What to Expect from Pharmacy Courses?

Pharmacy courses talk about the biological sciences and the application of chemistry to living organisms. You get to learn about the different salts and how they react with your body. During the course, you learn about the types of diseases, chemical composure of the drugs, medication and effect, and a side-effect of a drug on the body. You might also be aware that India is one of the largest Drug Market in the globe. It is often referred to as the world’s pharmacy since more than 50% of the global demand is procured from India.

India is not just into the manufacturing of medicines, but it is also ahead in research and development associated with the drugs. This gives you a great opportunity when you opt for a Pharmacy course. You can be a part of the research industry, export industry or the wholesale/retail industry. The pharmacy domain also provides you with a good number of opportunities in terms of job growth. With an increasing focus on pharmacy, you can choose from the top pharmacy courses after the 12th.

Top Pharmacy Courses in India

Let us now talk about the pharmacy courses that you can choose from. We have only listed the top courses. While choosing the field, we also recommend you to ensure that you are checking the affiliations and the placement opportunities offered by the college. So go ahead and check out the details now.

1. B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

The most popular option in the Pharmacy course is B.Pharm. It is a full-time course with a total duration of 4 years. The course offers extensive knowledge of the important pharmacy subjects. It can help you in getting a job in the manufacturing sector too. If you wish to go for PG, then Bachelor of Pharmacy should be your choice. Graduates from B.Pharm find it a lot easier to get the job. You can also get a license and open a pharmacy. If you have completed a Diploma in Pharmacy and are planning to get admission in B.Pharm, then the good news for you is that you will be able to enrol in the lateral entry where you can get admission directly in the second year. This saves a year for you.

In terms of eligibility criteria for the B.Pharm, you need to have completed 10+2 from a recognized board, and you should have scored at least 50%. It is also mandatory for you to have biology as a core subject in class XII. The admissions are provided based on the entrance tests like JEE, HPCET and GCET. Moreover, after you clear the entrance exam, you would have to appear in the counselling session to finalize your admission. For the lateral entry in Bachelor of Pharma, you need to have secured at least 50% in diploma.

Moving on, the subjects that you will be taught during B.Pharm are, Human Anatomy & Physiology, AP-HE – I & II, Biopharmaceutics, Chemistry of Natural Products, Dispensing and Community Pharmacy, Drug Interactions, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal Pharmacy, Organic Chemistry, Pathophysiology of Common Diseases, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Ethics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy.

2. B.Pharm (Ayurveda)

In India, many people follow Ayurveda, and it is also a recognized field by the government. If you also are interested in this potent science, you can opt for B.Pharma with Ayurveda as your specialization. The course is similar to B.Pharma, and the only difference here you would find is in some subjects. After completing the course, you will be able to work with organizations that make ayurvedic medicines. Apart from this, you will also find opportunities with brands that deliver ayurvedic skincare solutions to clients. The ministry of Ayush encourages this course, and it can be a good option for you.

The course duration of this course is also four years, and the eligibility criteria remain the same as that of B.Pharm. The admission is provided based on the entrance test, and all other things are also the same. Overall, Ayurveda is a promising field, and it has found stable ground in western culture.

3. D.Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy)

Diploma in pharmacy, also known as D.Pharma, is a two-year course, and it is delivered in the semester system. The course offers fundamental knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, and it teaches you about the commonly used medicines. After the course, you will be prepared enough to work under a licensed pharmacist, which gives you many job opportunities. If you have the required capital, you can also apply for a pharmacy license and start your drug store. The course offers you the required skills, and it is for the students who want something quick to start the solution. The duration is a lot shorter than the bachelor course, so you can opt for this course.

Talking about the eligibility criteria, you need to have Medical Stream in 10+2, and you also need to score at least 40% in the board exams. The admissions are based on the entrance tests, and GPAT remains to be the universally accepted test for the course. After you clear the entrance test, you will be able to get admission to the college. Some other entrance exams for D.Pharma are UPSEE and AU AIMEE.

The subjects you would study during this Diploma course are Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology, Clinical and Hospital, Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence, Pharmacognosy.

Courses After Bachelors

After you complete your bachelors, you can opt for many specialized courses. There are a lot of options available, and each domain has its value. If you would like to get any specialization, our advice would be to go for Master of Pharmacy. You can even pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy, and both these courses are in successive levels. The courses offer great preposition for you, and you will be able to grow in your career. Apart from this, if you would like to be in the teaching or the research field, then Masters and Graduate become important for you.

Career in Pharmacy

There are wide options in the career in pharmacy. You can define your field depending on your interest.  You can be a part of the production industry and manufacturing industry which is massive. Apart from this, you can also opt for a job in research and development. The jobs in research and development are a lot more demanding. Apart from this, you can be a part of regulatory bodies that govern the pharmacy business. You can be a part of the analysis and testing domain, allowing you to be in quality control departments. You can even start your business and open a pharmacy or work with any pharmacy chains.

Some of the job roles in pharmacy include drug technician, drug therapist, pharmacist, research officer, drug inspector, scientist, health inspector, hospital drug coordinator, quality control officer and manymore. The major recruiters in the field include hospitals, pharmacy boards, pharmacies, research bodies, research wings, defence organizations and educational institutes.

Lastly, the starting salary for you after completing the course would be around Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 3 Lakh. As and when you gain experience, you will earn more and get the required growth.

Final Verdict

This was all about the Pharmacy courses that you can opt for after class 12th. The courses offer great value to the students, and you can easily make a career in the industry. After getting some work experience, you can even opt for post-graduation and even doctorate courses. There are many good colleges in India, and you can even explore foreign universities for admission. We hope you got the required information about the Pharmacy Courses. The most popular one remains to be the Bachelor of Pharma, and you can also try to get admission in that course.

If you need more information about any college that offers this course, you can visit their website and check the admission schedules and essential details. Also, if you need more information about any other pharmacy course, then do let us know in the comment section, and we will surely get back to you.

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