List of Top Travel and Tourism Courses After 12th

Nothing is more mesmerizing than a vacation in summers with family and enjoying the awesome weather in the hill station, beach and such other places. Travel and Tourism is a billion-dollar industry and it is the best course to enhance the GDP of countries. Most Asian and European countries are getting travel from around the globe. India is one of the popular countries when it comes to Asia.

Lots of people travel to India for the Taj Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Golden Temple, and numerous attractive places. The fact that India has excellent travel and tourism, it might seem like the best field to make a career in. This career field is ignored by most as it doesn’t seem like mainstream work but if you have the passion to travel, explore different places and guide people in the woods, then travel and tourism courses are the best ones for you.

After completing your higher secondary education, you can choose between a list of travel and tourism courses. All these courses are focused on teaching you different languages, communication skills, the method to interact adequately and more. Pursuing such type of courses are easy and the fees are also low. So, if you have a passion to make a career in something unique and want to earn excellent pay, then travel and tourism is the right course for you.

Importance of Travel and Tourism Course 

Over the years, the economy of every country has also depended on travel and tourism. The major advantage of tourism & travel is a plethora of jobs and better income source.  For many countries, travel & tourism is the most essential source of well-being.The course enables the government to grow the employment rate of their country.

Hence, it produces jobs for the local people through Tourism Company’s and agents. One major importance of opt. for this course is that it gives a platform to you to promote the Indian culture and boost the economy. Being a part of the tourism & travel sector is not easy, but help you to improve infrastructure and provide services at the national & international levels. Also, it enhances the business related to tourism & travel.

Through this course, you can get several job opportunities and give contribute toward developing the infrastructure of a country. The course also prepares you to understand foreign languages, cultures and business deals. Overall, the course has importance like enhancement in sales tax revenues, thriving of communities, advertising between countries, and wide-range of job opportunities. Hence, this sector plays an important role in the development of a specific country.

Skills Required For a Career in Travel and Tourism

If you want to stay in Hotel & Hospitality job for a long time then it is necessary to have the following skills.

  1. Good Communication Skills

An excellent agent or manager can be the one who has the confidence to speak, welcomes his guest with love and respect. So, you must have the ability and communication skills to deal with people from different nationalities, a variety of backgrounds and temperaments.

  1. Multitasking Skills

One of the reasons why working in tourism & hotel hospitality can be so difficult is because it is almost always busy. There is a situation during the job when you have to handle more than one task. Thus, you should have the capability to handle pressure and multitask at the same time.

  1. Interpersonal Skills

You will be required to assist and interact with people if you work as a front-face man in hospitality. So, you must possess interpersonal skills such as negotiation, active listening, and empathy and conflict resolution.

  1. Knowledge of Foreign Language

Language knowledge is an additional benefit in this field as it allows you to interact with people from other countries. This skill can help you to foothold in this field and get management opportunities.

Top 11 Travel and Tourism Courses in India

Because you have the option to choose between a wide number of courses, it will be tough to figure out the right one. So, here we made a list of some prominent courses that you can pursue after class 10+2. The minimum qualification required for each course varies but the stream in class 11th and 12th won’t affect your course choice. Let’s get started by exploring the top course that you can choose –

  1. B.SC Airlines, Tourism, and Management
  2. B.Com Tourism and Travel Management
  3. B.A. Tourism Studies
  4. BBA in Tourism Management
  5. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)
  6. B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  7. B.A. Travel & Tourism Management
  8. BTM Bachelor of Tourism Management
  9. B.A. Tourism Administration
  10. Bachelors Of Tourism Studies (BTS)
  11. BBA Travel and Tourism

These are some of the easy to prefer courses that you can take into consideration after passing class 10+2. Each type of course mentioned in the list is a bachelor program, and each course might have a different requirement for enrolment purpose.

1. B.SC Airlines, Tourism, and Management

B.Sc. is an undergraduate program degree designed for nursing students. But, you can find B.Sc. Airline course as an alternative course under travel and tourism category. It is a three-year graduate program, and students after passing class 12th can pursue this course. Students learn about some advanced concept of studying tourism, its ethics, aviation, importance and more. Learning the psychological path is crucial to enhance the experience of the traveller. From offering customer support to various administrative designations, the job varies based on the type of needs. In this particular course, the eligibility criteria are difficult as the student must be from the science stream and had attained above 50% aggregates in class 12th.

2. B.Com Tourism and Travel Management

A course that is all about the economic and financial part of the travel and tourism sector is B.Com Tourism and Travel Management. It is a three-year course program divided into a six-semester system. The curriculum is divided based on the learning about the importance of management, and key aspects related to financial stability during a tour or travel. If you are interested in running a business in the tourism and travel sector, then it is the optimal course that you can take into consideration. However, to pursue this course, you might have to crack the entrance examination among some of the reputed colleges. Some of the popular entrance examination exams are CA CPT, CUCET and more.

3. B.A. Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Arts is a three-year course program and it is designed for students who want to focus on a particular subject. Tourism studies is a popular subject that you can choose after passing class 10+2. The best part is, it doesn’t matter that what stream you had in class 12th, you can find no flaws in choosing BA in Tourism. This course will be providing you with an in-depth knowledge of tourism studies and tourism skills. The method to communicate is the primary skill that plays an important role throughout the tourism studies course. In the early days of this course program, you gain theoretical knowledge, but your personality development skills are improved with practical sessions after the first two semesters.

4. BBA in Tourism Management

BBA in tourism management is a popular course for the student who wants to work in the tourism sector and have their own business. From transportation business to tourism, BBA in Tourism management offers an adequate course that can meet your desire. This course is an undergraduate one, and it is divided into six semesters and each semester is of six months. This course will provide further more benefits regarding the career scope. There is a range of career options that opens up after completing a BBA in Tourism management for sure.

5. Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)

BTTM is a dedicated course for students who want to work in the tour and travel industry. BTTM full form is Bachelor of Tourism and Travel management and it is an undergraduate program for three years. This course is focused on guiding the right way to interact, learning the core concept of managing a tourism business and revenue factors. This course is perfect for people who desire to work in the management section of a tourist company or want to have a start-up in near future. This course will provide you with the core knowledge of basics and how to manage things.

6. B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management

B.Sc. is a medical course and it is dedicated to a student who has pursued class 12 from the science stream. The subjects in class 12th must be physics, chemistry and biology to opt for this course. This course is a three-year program, and it provides you knowledge regarding medical emergencies, dealing with first-aid, and hospitality od travellers. You can work in an airline as a crew member for hospitality and as a medical professional for emergencies. This course is less noticed by most students, but it can provide you with enough exposure and great career options in the airline field.

7. B.A. Travel & Tourism Management

BA travel and tourism management is a bachelor’s program for under graduation. It is a three-year program divided into semesters. There is a total of six semesters throughout the course and students focus on learning deep analysis of current trend around the globe. In this course, students gain skill regarding the method to deal with upcoming issues, gain skills to promote travel businesses and help with revenues. The overall concept of this course is to find better ways to enhance tourism and learning about the flaws in the currently used method.

8. Bachelor of Tourism Management

BTM stands for Bachelor of Tourism management is an undergraduate course and it deals with the study of figuring out current trends. The student aims to boost hospitality trend and provide revenue to the business. Students learn from academic and practical sessions which are conducted based on the semesters. There is a total of six semesters throughout the three-year course program. You get to learn about different ways to look at tourism, understand the dynamics and focus on the operational part. In simple words, this course takes plenty of time and teaches through practical session more than anything else.

9. B.A. Tourism Administration

From planning a resort to working at the operation part, a Tourism administrator has plenty of responsibility parts to focus on. In this job, the administrator has a role in every category at the site. So, the course to become an administrator isB.A. Tourism Administration. It is an undergraduate program and it deals with the core concept of running a tour and travel business. This course is divided into three years and available in the annual and semester system. Students can also consider getting distance education in this course to gain knowledge from a remote location and becoming senior employee in the tourism sector.

10. Bachelors Of Tourism Studies

BTS stands for Bachelors of Tourism Studies, and it is a similar course to BA Tourism studies. However, the key differences that you can notice while pursuing this course is at work and career field. Both courses get you different job roles, yet, the other works are almost the same. The course is of three years, and there are six semesters throughout the whole program. The academic part is more in focus and provides you knowledge in ecology, business and methods to increase revenue to a business.

11. BBA Travel and Tourism

The last but not the least one in the list of popular courses after class 12 is BBA Travel and Tourism. It is a graduation program, and you can find integrated courses of five years in the same. This course deals with the study of management in travel and tourism. Students gain the necessary knowledge in management, learn personality development, and master skills in communication. You can get an operational position in most career options after pursuing this course. Even, many reputed colleges and institutes in India are offering this full-time course, and you can choose for diploma program also.

12. Alternative Options

If you want to pursue any course in travel and tourism after completing your bachelors in any other field, then choosing a diploma or certificate program might come in handy. There is a range of diploma programs that you can choose from and secure an excellent career. The popular career options after completing this course are –

  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management
  • G. Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Travel Management and Airport Handling
  • Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Airlines, Tourism, and Hospitality
  • Certificate in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel & Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism
  • Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management
  • Advance Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism

All the above-mentioned courses are focused on gaining knowledge in the tourism industry and making you a perfect candidate for a tourism company. These courses might seem like a less reliable option but students with a bachelors degree can get many more advantages by pursuing any of the certificate programs. The above-mentioned courses are for one to two years, based on what you choose. The syllabus is almost the same with all the courses, but you can find additional subjects to harness more knowledge in any particular field.

Note – Among all these courses, you can get admission based on your 10+2 mark sheet, but the minimum aggregates in higher secondary play an important role. If you opt for a reputed college, then you might have to go for an entrance exam test and clearing this examination will make you eligible for admission.

Bottom Line

By choosing the above-given courses, it would be an easy choice to make a career in one of the most loved fields. Travel and tourism might seem like a less difficult job, but this job has a set of pros and cons. The best part is excellent pay and knowledge about the history. Meanwhile, it is tough to recommend which course is best because most of them lead to similar paths, however going with a less competitive course can do the magic for you. Always compare the courses based on your interests, what you are seeking for and side aspects to choose the right field. We hope that this guidepost will help you figure out the optimal course with ease.

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