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After completing the 10th standard, the main confusion of students is whether to study arts, commerce, or science. Many students usually have a clear mindset about which subject they will choose after 10th. But others don’t get an idea and get confused, and finally, they choose the wrong domain for their career. Generally, it is very clear; you should choose a domain as per your interests, and if you have interests in history, languages, philosophy, social activities, cultures, etc., then Arts is the best subject for you. ...

If you choose arts for your higher studies, then you will study different subjects like history, philosophy, music, social subjects, etc. These subjects can enhance your skills in analytical thinking, critical thinking, and fact-finding. Also, after completing their 12th in Arts course, students can opt for preparing for civil service exams. But it is not going to be easier for you to get a high-paying job after 12th Arts. 

So, one can opt for higher studies after completing the 12th standard in arts. Students can study bachelor of arts, bachelor of business administration, bachelor of journalism and mass communication, bachelor of fashion design, etc. Also, after completing the Arts course, they can earn an annual salary from 3 lakh rupees to 8 lakh rupees.       

Arts Colleges

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