List of Top Paramedical Courses After 12th

The paramedical is an important branch of medical science and it develops professionals for the healthcare industry. Such professional who provides paramedical services are called paramedics and the demand for such professionals is increasing significantly. The paramedics conduct internal and external body inspection and provide medical therapies according to patient condition. Apart from this, they can also diagnose diseases in the human body and can give their support to qualified doctors so that the patient can be treated as soon as possible. The major areas in paramedical science are an evaluation of the general accident, management of burns and spinal injury management. Are you interested to become Paramedics? If yes, then you can pursue an undergraduate-level course in Paramedical science after completion of 12th. To make your work easier, we have made a list of some courses that you can check.

Top Courses to Consider After Class 12th

Given below are the courses exciting options to make your career. Before applying for any course you have to know about it in-depth. Without wasting time let’s discuss all the courses-

1. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

BOT or Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is an important medical field. The duration of this course is 4 – year, divided into four semesters. The main purpose of this course is to trained candidates to cure & prevent diseases along with rehabilitation. It will prepare candidates to manage the emotional, physical and mental problems of patient’s. This course also has various specializations such as Community Consultation, Assisted Living, Vision Rehabilitation, Paediatrics and Hand Therapy Adult Rehabilitation. Candidates are enabled to treat patients by educating them, altering medicine methods and guiding them on how they live a regular life. The candidates are taught subjects like Anatomy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Orthopaedic & Rheumatology, Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation (Theory/Practical), Microbiology and Pathology etc.

2. Bachelor of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology

Bachelor of Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology is an advanced degree programme, divided into clinical practice & theoretical learning. It educates candidates with methods and techniques that help cure and diagnose the speech, hearing disorders of the patient. Overall, it involves the study of disorders which is related to speaking and listening. Although it provides clinical practice to their candidates which make them more perfect in this field. Certain institutes offered this course and admission to the course is done through relevant entrance exam like AIIMS UG (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Under Graduate Entrance Exam, NEET-UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). The course includes topic like Psychology Related to Speech and Hearing, Articulation and Phonological Disorders, Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology and others.

3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.Th)

As you know, the demand for Physiotherapist has rapidly increased. The medical stream offers a wide range of options and B.P.Th is one of them. It is a career-oriented field. This course covers the different aspects of human anatomy and also provides a study of muscle spasms and injuries. In this programme, candidates will be trained to look after the muscular and physical health of a person. After doing this course, candidates are enabled to treat locomotion issues & muscular problems caused by disorders, injuries, accident, diseases and ageing. The major topics of this course include Orientation to Physiotherapy, Research Methodology & Biostatics, Clinical Observation Posting, Biochemistry, Neurology and Neurosurgery and among others. On the completion of the course, candidates will have become Assistant Physiotherapy, Lecturer, Therapy Manager, Consultant, Osteopath, Private Physiotherapist, Lecturer etc. you can seek jobs in both private and government hospitals, labs and research centres.

4. B.Sc Radiotherapy

It is another amazing career option right after completion of 12th. It is a most difficult branch under the science stream but lots of career opportunities come with it. It is a 3-year degree programme that focuses on the aspects of radiation therapy. A therapy that is used to treat cancer & other diseases with ionizing radiation. This course provides professional training to candidates in their respective field. The main aim of this programme is to provide academic knowledge related to radiotherapy and enhances candidate’s technical skills. The topics covered under this course are Organizational Behaviour, Radiation Hazards and Protection etc. Admission to this course is either based on the entrance exam and the basis of the merit list. After doing this course, you will have become a Radiologist, Radiology Technician, MRI technician, Radiographer, Ultrasound Technician, CT Scan Technologist.

5. B.Sc (Ophthalmic Technology)

This paramedical course is offered by certain Universities/college/institutions in India. It takes a 3-year duration, divided into 6 semesters. The main aim of this course is to develop technicians who can assist professional doctors with prior and post-surgeries of the patient. Through this course, candidates are enabling to treat various diseases and illness related to the human eye. During the course period, aspirants will learn technologies that can available in India. The major topics of this course are Clinical Optics and Orthoptics, Ophthalmic Technology Management, Ophthalmic Instruments and Appliances, Community Ophthalmology etc. After completion, of course, candidates can seek jobs in Educational Institutions, Health Safety Programmes, Educations Institutions and Private/Government Hospitals & Clinics at different posts like Ophthalmic Assistant, Ophthalmic Technologist, Clinical Supervisor, Nursing Executive, Ophthalmic Photographer etc.

6. B.Sc (Medical Lab Technology)

This course can also be pursued after completion of 12th.The course focuses on both theoretical knowledge and practical learning related to the diagnosing, preventing and curing of various illness and diseases by using clinical laboratory tests. As you know, the Medical laboratory professional plays a vital role in the medical field. So choosing this option is a good choice but as well as a challenging task. Candidates will attain the necessary education for sampling, collecting, documentation, preparing report and testing of patients and it can be done by pursuing a Medical Lab Technology course. The major aspects of this course are Research and Biostatistics, Ethic & Database Management, Environmental Science & Health, Microbiology 2, Computer Applications, Human Anatomy etc. Admission to this course is based on the score of the entrance exam or merit list.

7. B.Sc in Operation Theatre Technology

B.Sc in operation theatre technology course is also an undergraduate degree programme offered by various universities/colleges in India. To pursue this course, you have to obtain the 12th standard mark-sheet with Physics, Biology and Chemistry from any recognized university. This course is specially designed for a candidate who wishes to work with surgical instruments. It focuses on the management of the patient’s records and every single aspect of an operation theatre including sterilization & disinfection and taking care of all medical equipment. There are numerous colleges like NIMS School of Paramedical Sciences and Technology, University of Technology, Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare that conducts their entrance exam. After doing this course, you will be chosen to become any one of the OT Technologist, Lab Technician, OT Assistant, Associate Consultant, and Teacher and Lecturer or you can pursue higher studies in the respective field.

8. B.Sc Respiratory Therapy

It is an undergraduate degree programme offered for 4 years. The duration may vary from institute to institutes. The main aim of this program is to train professionals who can assist senior doctors in treating several respiratory based diseases and disorders. Work as an assistant in the Treatment of cardiopulmonary is also included in this course. Through this course, aspirants are trained with methodologies and procedures of treating, curing, analysing and diagnosing diseases that are related to the human respiratory system. Some institutes enrolled for the medical course has provided this course. When it comes to the selection process, it can be based on entrance or merit-list prepared by a specific institute/university/college. In India, various government and private hospitals hired such professionals for their OT department every year.

9. B.Sc (Allied Health Services)

It is a newly established field for candidates who want to give their contribution to the healthcare field. The duration of this course is 3 years which may be extended up to 4 years. This course imparts training to prevent, cure and diagnosis diseases along with rehabilitation. Moreover, such candidates will be able to support physicians and nurses during the treatment of patients. These are the backbone of the medical field and work as a backline healthcare worker. Some important topics of this course are Nursing Research & Statistics, Management of Nursing Services and Education, Communication and Education Technology, Nursing Foundation, Biochemistry and many others. There are various job roles that you should follow after doing this course. Some of them are Clinical Research Associates, Analytical chemist, Clinical Project Manager, Business Development Manager, regulatory affairs manager, Drug Development Associate etc.

10. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS)

This popular BNYS course take 4 to 5 year of duration to complete. It involves the study of natural medicine and the modern methods of treatment. The course imparts education on naturopathy and yoga including theoretical knowledge and practical training. One of the major benefits of pursuing this course is that you serve heath services through yoga and natural science. The important aspects of this course are Yoga Therapy Special Techniques, Biochemistry & Histology, Musculoskeletal System – II, Yoga Therapy in the Light of Bhagavad Gita, Cardio Vascular System, The message of Vedas & Upanishads and many more position and concepts of yoga. Admission to the course is based on scores of entrance exam such as NEET, Common Entrance Exam for Ayurveda and Homeopathy (Assam) which can be obtained by candidates.

11. B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy

B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy is one of the popular paramedical courses. The main aim of this programme to train candidates who can assist specialists in the various treatment procedures. Apart from this, they are trained to use various machines for diagnosing and treatment of patients. The course involves various medical concepts like principles of dialysis, concepts of the kidney, blood chemistries, dialysis systems and machines and among other subjects. In this course, 1-year is dedicated to internships and the rest of the period provides educational learning. The main subjects of this course are Human Anatomy, Renal Transplantation, Haemodialysis Machine, Applied Anatomy of Dialysis Therapy, and Dialysis Technology with Pharmacology etc. On completion of this course, you will seek jobs in private hospitals as well as government hospitals.

12. B.Sc in Critical Care Technology

It is a newly established course under the science stream. It is an undergraduate degree programme. It focuses on the aspects of machinery, tools and equipment which can use in intensive care units like Echocardiography, Computerized Treadmill Test (TMT), learns Electrocardiogram (ECG), Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), Aortic Balloon Pump ( IABP). The candidates are also familiar with Operating theatre technology & critical care. Some major topics involve Recognition of Cardiorespiratory Arrest, Clinical scenarios, Applied Anatomy related to critical care etc. On doing this course, graduates can seek jobs in Government and private hospitals, Nursing homes at different posts like Intensive Care Unit Technologists, Dialysis Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, Critical Care Technician, CAT Technician, Intensive Care Unit Technologist.

13. Diploma in Rural Health Care

This diploma course can be pursued after completion of 10th and 12th. It is a 1-year diploma course that aims to highlight rural health needs. The students are trained for providing healthcare facilities, first-aid treatment, patient education and sanitation. The curriculum cover topics like Rural Economy of India, Rural Development of Programmes in India, Rural Development Programmes in India, Rural Development- Planning and Management, Rural Development Institutions and Strategies etc. After completing this course, candidates can seek jobs in central and state government as rural healthcare worker.

14. Diploma in OT Technician

It is a well-known diploma course, takes 2-year of duration. The course is revolved around the knowledge and various skills related to tools and equipment and management techniques in the OT. It majorly focuses on trained candidates with technical skills and enhances their knowledge regarding modern techniques that can be used in the operation theatre. Candidates are work under the supervision of nurses and other surgical personnel during the course period. The major topics related to OT equipment are Mechanical Intubation Ventilator, Operating Room Various Disciplines General Conduct of or Aseptic Technique, Position during Surgeries Care of Equipment Disposable, Sterilization Infection Control and many others.

Advantages of Paramedical Courses

To get Real Experience you have to get more and more skills and knowledge regarding qualified paramedics. It is required to give the proper strength to the Healthcare industry. It is like the backbone of the Healthcare industry. There are numerous employment opportunities are also work perfectly for Paramedical professionals. These are increasing day by day not only in India but also in the foreign industry. As we know paramedics surely work as like the helping hand for the doctors to reach towards an accurate diagnosis. The disease is very crucial to lock the best possible treatment.


  • After completing the basic cause of any paramedical strength you seriously need to take the proper job into the Nursing Home, Hospital clinics as well as into the colleges. Besides it, you can easily open your laboratory or clinics.
  • The paramedical streams are seriously career prospectus. If you wish to make your life of actor paramedical course surely helps you that have a very good choice regarding your career and growth.
  • In today’s world, the paramedical sector is going to increase day by day. There are plenty of jobs are available in the public as well as private fields.
  • The paramedical courses have the proper power of saving lives. You can easily bring a perfect change in the quality of life and help others.
  • It includes proper potential for growth as it includes the advanced version of Medical Science.

Final Words:

Admission to the above-mentioned courses is based on either the entrance exam or merit list. To be eligible for such a course, candidates must have passed 10+2 with science stream with PCM with good aggregate. I hope this information will help you in picking the right option.

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