List of Top Computer Courses After 12th

In this modern era, working with advanced technologies has been more preferred by youth. If you want to get a desirable job, you must know about the computer. A computer enhances your productivity and reduces your work burden. Today’s companies give preferences to such candidates who have in-depth knowledge of software and applications of computer. First of all, you need to gain basic knowledge about this device. This is possible only if you do a computer course. You can get more benefits if you think of doing a computer course after 12th. There is a number of the diploma course, certificate course and degree course in the computer are available for aspirants in India. A diploma in a computer can be the best option to give a kick start to your future. No doubt, certificate and degree courses are also beneficial but which one to choose all depends on the student’s eligibility and preference.

Top Computer Courses to Consider After 12th

Before applying to any course, you should have been clear about its curriculum, eligibility criteria and relevancy along with your choice. So, here we are mentioning some popular computer course in India that you should consider according to your interest. Let’s have a look:

1. B.Tech Computer Science

Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech in Computer Science is a 4-year academic programme popularly known as Computer Science Engineering. It is a popular course in both the engineering and computer field. This course deals with the basic of computer programming and networking. Candidates are also taught about design, management as well as the implementation of both hardware & software. In this programme, the aspirants are taught to learn, understand and usage of various programming languages, communication, networking, digital analogue etc. All the topics and subjects are included in this course are related to Programme design, computation, algorithms, computer hardware as well as computer software. Admission to B.Tech Computer Science is generally through entrance exam like JEE Mains, LPU NEST, SRMJEE, JEE Advanced, SRMJEE, IMU CET etc. Certain universities conduct own entrance exam or accepted admission through merit list. On successful completion, of course, candidates will become Computer Programmer, Software Designer, Data Warehouse Analyst, Research Analyst, Programmer, Programmer Analyser, System Database Administrator, Computer Operator etc.

2. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

BCA is a 3-year Undergraduate level course that gives you an insight into the world of computer and their application. It is a direct gateway to enter in IT sector and pursue by many candidates. The concepts of BCA lays importance on the operating system, software engineering, database management systems, web technology, languages like C, C++, Java, HTML etc and many others. BCA degree holder cans easily jobs in IT companies due to the rapid growth of technology. Some of the leading IT companies include IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Oracle and many others. Apart from the private sector, they can seek jobs in government organizations like the Indian Army, India Navy and Indian Air force. Other than doing jobs, higher education will be the other option for candidates in which they can collect more knowledge and be selected by reputed companies at the international level. They will choose to become Software Tester, Junior Programmer, System Engineer, Software developer, System Administrator and Web Developer.

3. B.Sc Computer Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology is a popular career option among students. Those who have a keen interest in computer software and computer hardware will choose this course. It is a 3-year degree course that highlights studying computer languages including JAVA, ORACLE, C+, C++, JAVA and many others. Candidates are taught the skills of preparing spreadsheets, processing word, designing websites and using the technologies. The students can get knowledge of the various process which is related to installing, organizing, carrying out troubleshooting of computer systems in companies or organizations. All the subjects and topics are included under BSc Computer Technology is related to Java Programming, Visual Programming – Visual Basics & Visual C++, System Software and Operating System, Lab: – Programming Lab – C, Value Education – Human Rights and among others. Admission to B.Sc Computer Technology is through merit-list. After completing this course, candidates can find jobs in Satellite Television Companies, Microprocessor System Design Companies, Designing Companies, Website Designing Companies at the following post Game Developer, Technology Quality Analyst, Multimedia Programmer, Information Systems Manager, etc.

4. Digital Marketing

Today’s generation is giving more preference to digital marketing as compared to other courses. More than 4 lakhs are jobs available in digital marketing in India. Digital marketing is a promising career option for students, especially for commerce students. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a small start-up digital marketing is a good choice. Through digital marketing, course candidates can learn market strategies and activities to develop businesses. The main purpose of this course is to develop professionals for both large and small scale businesses. The major topics of this course include computer applications, business management, strategies, and finance and commerce field related subjects. It is an online course that can be provided by various private institutes in India. There is no specific qualification required to do a digital marketing course. Digital Marketing involves Blogging, Web Analysis, Content Marketing, Convention Rare Optimization, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and sales funnel. After completion, of course, candidates will become Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, SEM/PPC Expert, Content Writer, Web Designer, Influencer, etc.

5. E-Accounting (Taxation)

E-Accounting (Taxation) is a short term certificate computer course specially designed for those who have a commerce background. After completing 12th, you can join the E-Accounting Taxation course. The diploma course is also available in E-Accounting (Taxation). It could be beneficial if you will pursue B.Com in the same subjects. It is a popular course among commerce students. By doing this course, you can work as a junior assistant and junior clerk in the taxation field.

6. Basic Computer Course

Candidates with any discipline ( Arts, Commerce, Science) can do Basic Computer Course. It is a primary stage to understand what exactly a computer is? On completion of 12th or 10th, students can easily pursue basic computer course from any private institutes. The duration of this course is 3 to 6 month. The course offers in-depth studies of various aspects of computer like Computer Fundamentals, Microsoft Office, Power-Point, Notepad, WordPad, Ms-DOS, Internet Searching, Researching Online, Typing, Write a Book, Letter, Job Searching Online, Computer Networking, Mail Sending, Creating an email accounting and many others. After completion of this course, you can easily seek jobs in Mall, Private Sectors, Hospitals, Schools, University as Computer Operator, Computer Teacher or lecturer.

7. Course on Computer Concept ( CCC)

It is a certification computer course that imparts in-depth knowledge of basic computer courses. It is a mixture of a wide –range of computer courses. It takes 3 to 6 month of duration to complete. Through this course, you can learn about All the Basics of Computer, payment, UPI, Download, Upload, Ticket Booking, Online Order, Digital payment and many others. By doing this course, candidates will get a valid certificate which is approved by the government. Candidates with this certificate can seek jobs in private sectors as well as in private organizations. The CCC course will be offered by various private Indian Institutes and the fee structure of this course is around 3000 to 3500. It may vary from state to state and institute to institute.

8. Web Development or Web Designing

Nowadays, every sector whether it is private or government has given more importance to online work and services. In the past few years, either national or international countries develop their business by using digitalization methods. Computer course in web-designing is a most demanding course in these days. It is a certification course whereas you can learn coding languages that include DHTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, ASP, CSS, HTML, etc. The duration of this course is around 6 months to 1-year, depends on you that how capable you are to understand these languages. On successful completion, of course, you will work as a freelancer and also you can create your website. Although, you can design websites for top-notch companies if you have the required skills.

9. Graphic Designing

Do have a creative mind? Do you have innovative ideas and skills in designing? If yes, then you can pursue a Graphic Designing course. The student is trained for creating pictures, advertising, logos, cloth, youtube thumbnails, photo designing, newspaper and many others. Through this course, candidates can learn various skills regarding designing, texting and number implementation at the right place. The demand for a graphic designer has been increasing rapidly. A graphic designer can work in national and multinational companies as well. Apart from this, they can seek jobs in the marketing sector or Media Company at following post Game Designer, Fashion Designer, Trainer, Ui/Ux Designer, Marriage Card Designer, Letterpress printer, Company Logo designer, 3D Illustrator, Book Cover Designer, Graphic Designer and Packaging Designer.

10. Animation Course

Animation and VFX is the most popular course and pursued by candidates who have a keen interest in the entertainment industry. The animation course provides both conceptual and technical knowledge of creating cartoons characters by using drawings and photos along with the motion. Moreover, the course of animation is being offered by various institutes at the diploma level across the country. Bachelor’s degree in Animation is also offered by certain institutes. On successful completion, of course, you will become a professional animation creator. You can also work as Illustrator, Layout Artist, Digital Painter, Video Editor, Video Editor and game developer. Candidates are introduced to basic concepts of animation through this course. There are various types of sectors where you can get reputed jobs by using your knowledge and skills. Some of them are – Film Production Houses, Video Game Industries, and Animation Studios, Mass media and Television Industries and others.

11. Cyber Security Course

As you know, we are living in a digital world where all professional activities are done online. It is necessary to use safe methods to protect all data and information from hacking, theft and dangerous attacks or misused activities whether they are on a large scale or small scale. So, the cybersecurity course is the only one that deals with aspects of data and information security. The course involves knowledge of basics of ethics hackings, advanced security analysis, applications of attacks including the safety of social media account, security of websites, apps safeties and software security The duration of this course around is 6 months and extend up to 1 year according to the course curriculum. e Cybersecurity certificate holder can get a job in corporate houses, software developing companies, IT sectors, Police Departments at any of the following post – Research Assistant, network administrator, security auditors, cyber consultant, etc.

12. Advanced Diploma in Computer Application

It is a well-known diploma course that can be pursued by candidates who have completed their 12th standard with any discipline. The curriculum of this course is divided into three parts namely Basic Computer, Softwares and Desktop Designing Software in which many topics are involved such as Processing Unit, Computer Parts Memory, Computer Fundamental, MS Word, Microsoft Office, MS Excel, Image Design, Photoshop, Corel Draw, WordPad, Notepad. The duration of this course is 1-year. Advanced Diploma holder can seek jobs in both private and government sector at following post Computer operator, office Coordinator, graphic designer, Accountant, Tally assistant, Data Entry Operator etc.

13. Hardware Engineering

Computers have become an inevitable part of our lives, and they are mainly used in many ways in performing different tasks. We usually use different software on computers to do different tasks, but that softwareusually runs with the help of computer hardware. Therefore, comfort hardware should be efficiently configured to ensure better efficiency.

This task is done by hardware engineers. Hardware engineers usually research, design, develop, analyze, and test different hardware components. If you are fond of computers and love designing hardware parts, the hardware engineering course is a great opportunity for you. You can become a hardware engineer in industrial plants, research labs, manufacturing units, or other places after completing this course.

14. Mobile Application Development

The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day,and it is simplifying the daily needs of humans. Every year, many mobile applications are developed to ease the life of people. So, you have a great opportunity to learn this technique and become a mobile application developer after the 12th.

It is a short-term course that will enable you to develop different applications for the mobile platform. If you have knowledge of coding, then it will be a convenient carrier path for you. In this course, you will learn coding for mobile apps, the process of adding a database to the app and keeping the information safe, and other things. After completing the course, you can get job opportunities in software companies or start your own business.

15. Data Science Course

A Data Science Course equips individuals with the skills to extract valuable insights from data, making it a sought-after field. Eligibility typically requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, with a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics. Basic programming knowledge, often in Python or R, is beneficial. Some courses may necessitate prior work experience or specific prerequisites. Aspiring data scientists should possess a passion for problem-solving and a curiosity to explore data patterns. These courses cover data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, enabling graduates to excel in various industries, from finance to healthcare, where data-driven decisions are vital for success.

16. MS Office Certification Program

After completing your 12th standard, you can also opt for the MS office certification program to learn the technical aspect of business productivity applications available within the Microsoft office. After completion of this course, you will be recognized as a Microsoft office specialist who has knowledge of the functionality and features of Microsoft office.

This will increase your confidence, academic knowledge, chances of getting a job. This course will help you get success in your career by increasing your skills, productivity, and understanding of business technologies. Some popular job posts of a Microsoft office specialist are executive assistant, share point specialist, research analyst, database specialist, and more.

17. CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drawing)

Computer-Aided Design and Drawing focuses on creating, modifying,optimizing, and analyzing different designs with the help of a computer. This is usually done using computer software called CAD software. There is several CAD software available that are used for designing and drafting with the help of a computer.

CADD course is available at certification level with a duration of 6mothers to 1 year. Also, there are post-graduation courses available in this field with a duration of two years. After the completion of this course, you will get numerous opportunities in the field of engineering, fashion design, interior design, IT architecture, etc.

Final Verdict:

Due to the increasing demand for advanced technologies and their importance in the various sectors, a career in Computer programming is quite beneficial. Knowing computer programming and applications brings non- stoppable career opportunities with handsome salary packages and perks. By doing a computer course, candidates can easily seek jobs in the IT sectors. Other than that they can work individually as a computer teacher, professor or run their computer centres. Infect, the various international companies may demand of such professionals who are well skilled and educated in the computer field. So candidates are advised that they should spend more time with computer to understand their basics and applications.

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