List of Top Commerce Courses After 12th

Choosing the career stream can be a very stressful thing. Unfortunately, many people end up choosing the traditional fields because they are not aware of the options that are available to them. For example, many people believe that the options for commerce students are limited to B.Com, BBA and BA LLB. This is not true, and the fact is that Commerce students have a lot of options to choose from when they complete their formal schooling. This article is for you if you are in Class 12th or if your kid is in class 12th and he is confused with the options to choose after his schooling. Move on and check out the details below.

Top Courses to Consider After Class XII

Below are some of the popular courses that you can consider after Class XII. These options can be exciting, but you always access the field before you make a final choice. So go ahead and check out the options below.

1. Actuarial Science

For the students interested in Mathematics and Statistics, Actuarial Science is the course they should opt for after class 12th. The graduates from this course are hired by insurance and finance organizations. The governing body in India for the course is IAI, and they hold exams regularly for various subjects. There are 15 exams in this course, and you can plan your subjects according to your preference. You can quickly get a high paying job after you complete 7 or 8 exams. There is no such fixed duration of Actuarial Science, and it all depends on the candidate.

2. Animation

Now, the fact is that not all students are interested in accounts and business studies. If you are also not willing to opt for a similar course and wish to be in the entertainment industry, you can opt for an animation course or something in the multimedia industry. The courses in this domain have a duration between 6 months and three years. You can make a choice depending on the level that you wish to learn at. Moreover, you can also get into the gaming industry after completing a course in animation. Many product houses also hire people from this field.

3. B.A.

Many students wish to go for professional courses like CA and CS. The problem with those courses is that the drop-out rate is also relatively high. In such a case, as a Plan B, the commerce students opt for a BA degree. The advantage of opting for a BA is that the syllabus is easy, and the students still get a degree that they need to pursue higher education. In addition, many students pursue BA as a step to opt for MBA or MA in foreign universities or other colleges of their interest. The duration of BA is also three years, and you can choose from different fields available in BA.

4. B.Com Hons

B.Com Hons is one of the most popular courses for commerce students. The course duration is three years, and most of the colleges give admission based on merit. You get to learn about commerce subjects, and it is also easy to get a job after the course. There many exceptional colleges at Delhi University and a lot of other institutes offering the course. You must only take B.Com if you are fond of accounting, mathematics and business studies. Overall, the course has a general syllabus, and you can opt for B.Com Hons after completing Class 12th.

5. B.Com Tourism

Another popular field that you can opt for is tourism. India’s tours and travel market is constantly growing, and hence this field proves to be an excellent option. If you love to travel or if you wish to set up a travel consultancy, then you might be able to get benefit from B.Com in Tourism. The course will prepare you to step into the industry and make a living. You will also learn about India’s culture and tourism map as well as other countries if you are pursuing B.Com Tourism after class 12th.

6. Bachelor of Economics

In last one decade, the demand of economics graduate has seen a lot of growth. You can also bank on this demand if you choose a course in Economic. Many colleges across industries offer a course in this domain, and it also has a typical duration of 3 years. Apart from this, the course would teach you about the major concepts of macro and microeconomics. Banks, insurance firms and consumer goods manufacturers hire the economics graduate very aggressively. You can later pursue a master in the domain, and you will be able to progress ahead in your career.

7. BAF

Bachelor of Accounting & Finance is for the students who are specifically interested in accounting and finance. Just like other bachelor courses, BAF also has a duration of 3 years. In this course, you learn about tax, cost accounting, activity-based accounting, auditing, economics, and business law. If you plan to work in finance departments or accounting firms, then you will be able to benefit immensely after the course. Also, you can opt for other professional courses in the finance domain to upskill yourself after you complete graduation. Most of the universities offer BAF based on the entrance test.


BA LLB is not only a popular option among commerce students, but it remains to be a popular course for science and art student as well. This is one of the longest duration course on the list, and you would have to spare five years to complete BA LLB. The admission in this course is via Entrance Test, and you can be a lawyer or an advocate after you complete BA LLB. If you are interested in law, then BA LLB is the course you must opt for after completing class 12th.

9. BBA

We are sure that you do not need any introduction to BBA. The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration. The course is for students interested in management or the administration side of the business. The total duration of the course is also three years, and it teaches you a lot about the business. After BBA, you can pursue a job for few years and then get into MBA for professional growth. Admission to BBA is usually offered based on an entrance test, and the course also includes industrial training.

10. BBI

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance are among the largest sectors in India, and the job opportunities here are also very lucrative. To have the edge over your competition, you can opt for a course after the 12th that teaches you about the banking and insurance domain. If those are your interest, then BBI (Bachelors in Banking & Insurance) will prove to be a great course. If you would later like to seek growth in your career, you can opt for an MBA in Finance, and you will surely be able to make a great career path for yourself. A student with an interest in BFSI should review this course.

11. BBM or BMS

One problem with BBA is that it is theory-oriented, and you would agree with us that it is easier to learn when you are taught with a practical approach. Well, if you are looking for a business management course that is practical oriented, then you should opt for Bachelor of Business Management or Bachelor of Management Studies. Both of these are management courses, and both of them have a three year duration. You can choose to work in the corporate sector after completing BBM/BMS or opt for an MBA to improve your salary and designation. These two courses give you a lot of choices.

12. BCA

We have come across many students who take commerce but are interested in working in the IT domain. It is still possible to get into the IT domain after choosing commerce in Class 12th. The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application, and it will teach you about application development. The total duration of BCA is three years, and you can even opt for MCA for post-graduation. It is relatively easy to find a job in the IT industry after completing BCA from a reputed college. The admission in BCA is also based on the entrance test.

13. BFM

Are you interested in the financial markets? Do you want to learn about investing in stocks and managing the portfolio? In that case, a Bachelor of Financial Markets would be the best course for you. BFM has a duration of 3 years, and the candidates with Commerce with Maths can excel in this degree. During the three years of the course, you will earn about stock markets, capital market, money market, risk management, fund of funds, and many other exciting topics. All this knowledge can also benefit you in managing your investments.

14. CA

The next on our list is Chartered Accountancy. It is a professional course that enables you to become a CA after completion. There is no fixed duration of the course, but it is a popular option among people. CAs are mainly working in the taxation side of the business, and they are also often involved in the audits. Becoming a CA is a very respectable thing, but it needs a lot of hard work too. If you have that kind of determination, then we surely recommend going for CA. You will be able to make massive progress in your career.

15. CS

You might have also heard about Company Secretary. The course is one of the hot choices these days. It is a professional course, and the total duration of the course is 25 months. You need to enrol in the foundation program for the company secretary. There are exams for every group while you are pursuing this course, and you need to clear all the exams to get the certification. If you would like to get first-hand experience working in corporates, you can opt for CS, and you will surely love it. You should note that it is essential for you to have English till Class 12th to pursue CS.

16. Fashion Designing

Another popular option that you have after completing class 12th is Fashion Designing. There are many colleges like Pearl Academy and NID offering courses in Fashion Designing. The course is open for all the streams. Alternatively, you can opt for something like interior design. You can work for corporates, or you can start your consultancy services after completing courses. You can also work as a freelancer and take up projects according to your skillset. The field is certainly growing, and it has a lot of scope as well. The duration depends on the course you choose.

17. Hotel Management

We have earlier talked about B.Com in tourism, but the hospitality industry remains the core of the tourism industry. One such popular course that can enable you to be an integral part of the hotel industry is hotel management. You can decide your domain while pursuing the course, like if you would like to be the chef, front desk associate, or finance domain. The course duration is four years, and there are many reputed institutes in India offering the course. So you get a lot of versatility when you opt for hotel management.

18. Mass Communication

Like we said earlier, it is not compulsory that all commerce students would have an interest in a similar field. Some students would want to be in media or similar fields too. One such popular choice among students include bachelor programs in mass communication or journalism. The degree courses in this domain are three years long. In contrast, the diploma courses are two years long, and certification programs would last between 6 months to 1 year. If you wish to work in the creative domain, then this is the course for you.

Final verdict

These are some of the exciting options that you have after completing class 12th in Commerce. You can check out the underlying syllabus of these courses, and you can opt for something that interests you. If you are in class 11th or Class 12th, then it would be even better if you start preparing according to the eligibility criteria associated with these courses available to you.

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