Fashion Designing Course After 10th

Fashion design is the art of creating clothing and accessories through the application of design principles, aesthetics, and technological innovation. It is estimated that the fashion industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. The Indian Culture is willing to spend more money on their clothing and accessories because they have proven to be extremely conscious of the importance of fashion.

These are some of the factors that demonstrate that the fashion industry in India has a promising future and is among the most sought-after professions among young women.

Here are some of the best fashion designing courses that can be pursued after the 10th.

Do you want to enroll in a diploma course in fashion design course? In addition to researching the specifics of a diploma in fashion design, here in this article you will get a succinct overview of a fashion designing curriculum in its entirety.

A diploma in fashion design is a one-year diploma-level program that is completed in a short amount of time. It is among the most sought-after diploma programs in the architecture and design field. Students interested in the world of fashion design can enroll in fashion designing courses after completing their tenth-grade education. A large number of students pursue a Fashion Designing diploma after completing their secondary education.

A comprehensive understanding of fashion design is provided by this course. Fashion designing is a subject that will provide candidates with practical and theoretical knowledge.

Several colleges in India provide fashion design courses in both the traditional classroom setting and the distance learning setting. The admissions process, on the other hand, differs from one college to the next.

Subjects for Fashion Designing 

To pursue a bachelor's course in Fashion Designing after grade 12, you do not need to take any specific subjects after 10th grade. Instead, you can enroll in the Arts Stream immediately following 10th grade and continue your studies in this field after 12th grade. Students also do not require Maths because it is an art and design specialization, and to get a job in this field, you must enroll in an arts stream after completing 10th grade.

Eligibility criteria

After 10th grade, the following are the general qualifications for Fashion Designing courses:

  • The candidate must have received a grade of 10 in any subject from an acknowledged board of education to be considered.
  • You may be needed to qualify for qualifying examinations such as the NID Entrance Exam, the NIFT Entrance Exam, and others in case of applying for the Fashion Designing program at universities in India. Many Indian institutes, on the other hand, select applicants based on a merit list as well.
  • If you wish to pursue a degree in Fashion Designing overseas, you will be required to submit IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores as well as a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation.

Course to go for after 10th in fashion designing

  • Fashion design diploma
  • Fashion Photography diploma
  • Leather Design diploma
  • Footwear Design diploma
  • Fashion Technology diploma
  • Jewelry Design certificate
  • Retail Merchandising diploma
  • Apparel Design diploma
  • Jewelry Design diploma
  • Textile Design diploma
  • Visual Merchandising diploma
  • Accessory Design certificate

Skills Required

Whatever field you choose, you'll need a specific set of skills to have a long and fruitful professional career. No exception can be developed in the field of fashion! It will be easier to succeed in this field if you have certain abilities and characteristics. They are as follows:

  • Presentation skills
  • Fashion sense
  • Visualization
  • Sketching/drawing
  • Creativity
  • Networking Skills
  • Technical Skills (sewing, Cutting, knitting, etc)

Students are not permitted to enroll in Bachelor's Degree programs immediately following the tenth grade. For students who have completed their 10th-grade education, this means that they have only two options:

  • Diploma course
  • Certificate course

These are the two chosen formats that are available to those who wish to pursue fashion designing coursework after completing their tenth-grade education! Let's take a look at some interesting courses!

Diploma Course in fashion designing

The Diploma course includes all of the major aspects of the fashion industry, including the source of layout or pattern inspiration, as well as the creation of a working prototype from scratch.

It also includes topics such as planning, advertising, sales, marketing, merchandising, and other related topics. The admission criteria for this diploma course vary from one college to the next, depending on the institution.

The majority of private colleges allow direct enrollment on a merit basis, whereas some colleges, such as the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), admit students based on their performance in a personal interview & written exam. Listed below is one of the diploma programs available.

Syllabus of fashion designing diploma

  • Fashion design introduction
  • Fashion design basics
  • Fashion design industry basics
  • Fashion design types
  • Fashion cycle & terminology
  • Fashion design history
  • Fashion design latest trends
  • Influences & fashion 19th century
  • Influences & fashion 20th century
  • Fashion vogue 21st century
  • Research of fashion market
  • Fashion design different styles
  • Fashion design basic element
  • Activities & facts of module
  • Sketching & design development
  • Illustrations of fashion design
  • Design development & mood boards
  • Designing process
  • Mood board creation
  • Fabric construction process & basic technique
  • Understanding fabrics, Yarns & textile fibers
  • Fiber groups & related properties
  • Sizing & measurement, making of patterns, sourcing of fabrics
  • Trim & fabric storyboards
  • Pattern making different styles
  • Grading, measurement, and sizing
  • Contractors & sourcing material
  • Creation of a clothing brand
  • Marketing plan
  • Business plan development
  • Clothing brand finance
  • Garment construction & pattern completion
  • Pattern layering, cutting, altering, toile fitting
  • Garment construction basics
  • Mannequin draping
  • Different styles of Mannequin draping
  • Pre-production & garment structure
  • Producing line preparation
  • Structure & garment support
  • Tech park garment creation

Fees of fashion designing diploma 

It varies from one college to another how much it costs to complete a fashion design diploma course. Every institution has its own set of fees that it charges. Despite this, it is believed that government colleges have lower tuition fees when compared to private universities. The following is an estimate of the fees for a diploma in fashion design.

Fees of a government college: 5,000 INR – 20,000 INR

Fees of a private college: 10,000 INR-2, 00,000 INR

Salary after fashion designing diploma

Successful candidates can expect to earn an annual salary of between 2, 00,000 and 6, 00,000 post completion of a fashion design diploma course.

Certificate course in fashion designing

Taking the fashion design certificate course will take you one year of your life. This is on a similar level as that of the diploma and covers all aspects of the design process, from the conception of thought to the output of an original prototype, among other things.

Students' design and conceptual abilities will be sharpened as a result of this certificate course, which is its primary goal. By doing the certification course, the candidate will gain a greater understanding of sewing, colors, patterns, textiles, and other related topics. The following are among the certificate programs in fashion design that are available.

  • Footwear Design
  • Leather Design
  • Textile Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Fashion Design

Top colleges or institutes for fashion designing course

College Location
NIFT Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc.
Pearl academy Delhi
Marangoni Institute Mumbai
IIFA Bangalore
AID Delhi
LISSA design school Bangalore
Vogue Institute Bangalore
Leigh & wigan college New Delhi
JD Institute Delhi
Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai
IIFD New Delhi
Amity University Noida

To be considered for admission to one of the fashion designing colleges or institutes, you must meet a set of ten requirements. After completing your 12th-grade education, you will need to prepare for qualifying examinations such as NID 2021 and NIFT 2021 to be considered for admission to fashion courses.

Career Path

As you'll see, once you pass the tenth grade, you won't have many options for college courses. Furthermore, most reputable fashion technology & design institutes require a minimum educational qualification of 10+2 to be considered for admission.

After completing the tenth grade, it is recommended that students continue their education into the eleventh and twelfth grades. Following the completion of your 12th standard board examination, you will be eligible to pursue even better courses, such as Bachelor of fashion merchandising, Bachelor of Design, Fashion communication, Fashion technology, and others.

Job Opportunities

Depending on which course one chooses, the following job profiles are available:

  • Store Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Fashion photographer
  • Technical Designer
  • Creative Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Textile Designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Event Coordinator
  • Fashion Designer

FAQs related to fashion designing course

1. What is the work of a fashion designer?

A fashion designer's primary responsibilities include selecting fabrics, patterns, and sketching designs. They research new fashion trends and design clothing by the trends and market predictions they discover.

2. How much a fashion designer can earn?

We know that the fashion industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, so you can start by assisting any well-known designer and earning anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 for every month in India, depending on your experience level.

It is possible to earn between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 50,000 for every month in India as a result of your previous work experience in this field.

3. What are the subjects of the fashion designing course?

There are three components of fashion design that you will study in Fashion Design, and even those aspects are the design of the product, manufacturing of the product, and selling of the product. You will also learn how to design your own product in Fashion Design.

4. What is the duration of a fashion designing course?

A comprehensive fashion designing curriculum is typically completed in three to four years, depending on the length of time spent studying. However, a short-term diploma or certificate course takes 1-year.

5. What is the work of a fashion design intern?

A fashion design trainee assists with the dressing of models, serving drinks to staff, locating accessories, assisting a fashion designer, fielding phone calls, and running any additional errands to try and keep the shoot on schedule. They may also be called upon to manage events as an assistant.

6. What is the salary of a fashion design intern?

Even though the income for an intern can vary, the average monthly salary is between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 12,000 per month.

7. Is there any age limit for pursuing a fashion designing career?

No, there is no restriction on the age at which one can consider a career in fashion. If you are interested in fashion, it is the best course that is currently available.

8. Can a fashion design course be pursued after the 10th?

Yes, after completing your tenth-grade education, you can enroll in a one-year diploma program in Fashion Designing.

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