List of Top Courses After 12th Science Biology

At present, education is highly important for building a good career. A lot of students wander here and there for the right job and good guidance after school education. With the guidance of this article, the students with science stream and biology as their core subject can understand well about various courses available for them to opt for.

What Are The Benefits Of Opting Science With Biology?

While preparing to become excellent, whether, in business, medicine, or journalism, everyone has to learn and complete the 11th standard. Thus, choosing the proper stream in the 11th standard is incredibly crucial as it determines the road for future school courses. A stream that you might select is the science stream.

Here are a few considerations why one should pick science with biology in class 11.

  • There are numerous topics covered, such as medicine, engineering, biotechnology, and so on, that deal with the true essence of science as well as its application in today’s world. The stream necessitates a large number of long and arduous hours of studying, as well as exceptional grasping abilities in courses such as biology and analytical abilities in physics.
  • There is several well-paying and highly reputable employment available as a result of this development. Furthermore, graduates of science can pursue degrees in other fields such as the arts or commerce if they like.
  • They also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting experiments in the labs.
  • Science is indeed a very broad subject of study. It also has the greatest number of employment options. It also offers up opportunities in other professions because students can change their major from Science to another subject at any time.
  • Doctors, engineers, software developers, and coders are just a few of the job options available in the field of science. It also provides the door to a plethora of other opportunities in fields such as biotechnology, forensic science, information technology, radiology, zoology, agricultural sciences, and geology.
  • It is possible to find employment as a scientist or physician or pharmacist, as well as employment in textile technologies, microbiology, or pathology.
  • Dieticians, nurses, homeopathic doctors, interior decorators, pilots, chemical scientists, and architects are all possible career paths for those who pursue a degree in this field.
  • The combination of PCB subjects makes you qualified for practically all of the employment alternatives available. After completing your class 12th, you can pursue a variety of career paths in fields ranging from medical to research to commerce to social sciences.
  • When you graduate with a biology degree, you’ll discover that it opens the door to a wide range of intriguing career prospects.
  • Working in the environmental, farming, forestry, botanical, laboratory services, or any other science-related field will prove to be a rewarding career choice, and you’ll find that there are numerous possibilities available to you within the subject.

Top courses to choose after 12th Science Biology

Many courses are available for students with 12th science biology background. You can have a look at all of them and can make the best choice as per your needs and budget.

1. MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and surgery)

This is a popular course that is pursued by a lot of students after completing XII. This MBBS course is for all those aspirants who want to be a doctor in their life. A lot of competition is involved in process of admission in this course. The seats in Government College are also available and students with good scores can grab them. The admission in this course is purely based on the marks scored in the entrance examination of the college and also in class XII.

 After completing your MBBS course, you can make a good career & money. The duration of this course is 5.5 years. It also involves a lot of fees, so make sure you can afford it to make your dream of being a doctor true.

2. Veterinary sciences

 If you are a pet lover and even if you are not, but have an interest in pets life, then you can choose Veterinary sciences course to become a doctor of animals. In big cities, people are petting animals a lot; this increases the need for a Veterinary doctor. With this degree, you can set up your venture or clinic and can earn a good amount of money.

3. BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurveda, medicine & surgery)

If you are XII passed from the science stream and had biology, then you can also opt for the BAMS course. Many students are enrolling in this course, not only because they have an interest in the ancient and traditional medical system, but it is also because they want to treat patients with ayurvedic medicine. This course involves learning about the herbal treatment, where you have to be passed with at least 50% in PCB stream in XII and must have qualified NEET.  The duration for this course is 5.5 years, where 4.5 years are dedicated to academic learning and 1 year in an internship.

4. BDS (Bachelor in dental surgery)

A lot of students pursue this BDS course after class XII. This course offers you the chance to be a dentist, a doctor who takes care of human teeth. If you are having an interest in dental histology, oral pathology, or oral surgery, then a dental surgery course is the ideal option for you. It is the 2nd choice after which many students run, apart from MBBS. In this course you will learn about treating dental issues, oral cavity, cracked teeth, bleeding, loose teeth, erosion of teeth, etc.

You can choose from an endless list of specializations which includes oral medicine & radiology, endodontics, public health dentistry, Periodontology, Conservative Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, etc. You just have to be XII passed with 60% and must have qualified NEET. The duration is 5 years and you can get admission through the entrance exam or NEET.

5. Pharmacy

After completing XII in science, you can choose B. Pharma course and can get a job in a topmost pharmaceutical company. You can also work as a lecturer in any of the pharmacy colleges. This course lasts long for 4 years which also allows doing M. Pharma after B.Pharma. This increases your chance to grab jobs in government hospitals as a pharmacist, work in the department of drug control, etc. The M.Pharma course is for 2 years.

6. PharmD course

This PharmD course is completely different from B.Pharm and M.Pharm. It is a combination of MBBS, Pharm, and M.Pharm. This course is for 6 years. It is a bit difficult to study as it involves a lot of patience and hard work. This course is a combination of top 3 science courses, which can make a person bit nervous and conscious about studies. But if you have completed it once with good scores, then you can earn good money. This course is also opted by few, and the job market also requires eligible people, thus it can offer you a lucrative job after 6 years for sure.

7. Bachelor in science

You can go for getting for a degree in bachelor in science which is available in various disciplines, further you can get an M.Sc degree. The employment opportunities include different fields which include teaching, private jobs, government jobs, etc. The duration of this course is 3 years. You just need to be passed with good scores in class XII with the science stream. You can get admission to any college directly or by passing an entrance exam.

Further, you have to be a part of a group discussion and give a personal interview for quick joining. The B.Sc course is available in general and honors as well. The fees vary from 15K to 1.5 lakhs. If you join a government, there fewer fees will be charged; however, in private colleges the fees are a bit higher. Once you have completed this course, you can make 2 to 3 lakhs easily from a job secured with this degree.

8. Diploma course

Apart from 3year degree courses, many students choose diploma courses of 1 year or 2 in subjects like lab management or hospital management. You can also go for these courses which are available for biology students after class XII. The fees of these courses are also inexpensive and offer good education to many. Here are some of the top diploma courses available for science students which includes

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • In Education Technology
  • In Retail Management
  • In yoga education etc
  • In Dairy Technology

9. Management courses

The biology students after XII are also allowed to go for management studies, in case they want to change their field. Some of the top management courses include:

10. Bachelor in Unani medicine & Surgery (BUMS)

The Bachelor in Unani medicine & surgery course is also popular as BUMS. It is a professional course which is 5.5 years long. Soon after the completion of this course, the student can go for an internship which is usually unpaid in their last year, which means after completing 4.5years of course. The students who are unable to take their place in courses like BDS or MBBS then can choose BUMS for a good career. Once you have completed this, you will also be a doctor, but in a different field.

11. Bachelor in homeopathic medicine & surgery

Bachelor in homeopathic medicine & surgery or BHMS is a course with 5.5 years duration. On completing this course, you can go for an internship last year. This course focuses on the system of homeopathic medicine principles. The students who are unable to take place in courses like BDS, BAMS, MBBS, can choose the BHMS course. You can get a doctor tag once you get a degree of Bachelor in homeopathic medicine & surgery.

12. Integrated law course

The students of the biology group can also go for law education after completing class XII. L.L.B course is termed as a PG course but can be pursued straight after XII. The students can join this course through integrated courses of law. The biology students can choose any course from the below-mentioned list:

13. Bachelor in physiotherapy

 This course of Bachelor in physiotherapy is also called BPT. This course is highly in demand these days as lots of people are hiring professional physiotherapists in their hospitals, clinics and many of them are handling their clinics alone. This course is for 4 years, and it might exceed 6 months due to an internship in any hospital or clinic. One can easily get a job even in gym, school, clinic, hospital, sports team & in any top organization.

Final verdict

The students passing class XII with the science stream should not take stress over their careers. It is because a lot of options and courses are available for these students. The students with PCB stream can also give a try in the Indian air force, Indian Navy, or Indian army by cracking the NDA exam. Once you have completed the above-mentioned courses, you will be eligible to make a lucrative career and get a platform in the private or government sector, based on your skills and talent.

The growth in these sectors is endless. It’s time for you to decide which path to choose to soar high in fields of science, engineering, management, or healthcare sectors.

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