List of Top Online Courses After 12th

Internet is one of the revolutionary innovation which transformed the whole world into a source of communication, education, knowledge and whatnot. Needless to mention, the internet can come in handy for several purposes. Online studies are one of the best things that we can expect during the time of ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Studying online is considered convenient and the best way to gain knowledge. Individuals can find a plethora of sources to learn new skills, education and a lot more. Even, pursuing a particular course of interest is also possible. If you live in India and afraid to travel to a different city for education purpose, then an online course might seem like a prominent option.

After completing class 10 +2, there are numerous options that individuals can take into consideration. Based on what stream you have completed in class 12th, you can find relevant courses to build a career. With the increase in demand for the digital era, there are prominent courses that you can choose from. However, what are the possible options for 12th pass students? Well, don’t worry as we did the homework for you.

We made a list of courses that are widely popular for their remarkable career options and provides excellent knowledge. There are zillions of courses to choose from, but going with a career-building course is always the better option.

Top online Course after Higher Secondary Education

With the help of a smartphone/PC and a persistent internet speed, you can pursue any course of desire online. However, students are required to meet the minimum requirement criteria before enrolling on an institute. Most institutes require class 10+2 from the relevant stream to course and a minimum of 50% aggregates. If you have these two traits, you can find these online courses –

  1. Graphic designing
  2. Web Designing
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Learning foreign languages
  6. Creative writing
  7. App development
  8. Film making
  9. Human resource management
  10. Photography
  11. Diploma in Management

No doubt choosing any of this course will be interesting as we have hand-picked the best courses that can trigger your interest. Here you can read in brief about each course and key requirements. Let’s get started with the top course of choice among candidates –

1. Web Designing

Web designing is a part of website development and it is a popular course these days. Online web designing courses are usually for one year and you learn through the curriculum. Many institutes are offering this course. Web designing focus on learning programming languages, the method to use commands, core knowledge of HTML, and much more.

Even the designing part of the web is the domain of web development, dedicated web designers have the speciality of bringing aesthetic to a web page. Creating a functional web page with minimalistic design and bringing traffic to the web page are few key things that you learn. Web designing is a long term course of two years, but you can find institutes offering the same within a one-year duration.

2. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is also a domain of web development and it is a two-year course program. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic designing and it is for three years whereas the diploma program is for two years. This course revolves around the concept of designing graphical content like icons, buttons, gifs, layout and other things to create a website unique.

UI and UX improve when the graphical work is top-notch and provides the user with the ability to explore the web page with ease. In this course, students will follow a curriculum that teaches design, professional editing tools, the method to create lightweight graphical content without degrading the quality and much more. After pursuing the course, there is an intense number of job options that you can choose from.

3. Social media marketing

The promotion of business online through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc is social media marketing. Nowadays everyone is on social sites, so it is the best way to attract people by communicating their ideas to the world.  If you are a businessman or working under some company you need to tell the world about your product, service, ideas, etc.

So, if you have skills in marketing you can grow your own business and many companies hire people to advertise their product. Even, you can find many other career options after pursuing social media marketing. You can work in an SEO agency and help website gain exposure. The career option after SMM is intense and each one offers an excellent salary.

Apart from social media marketing, you can look after digital marketing courses which cover a wide picture of social media marketing. This course is long and provides in-depth knowledge of bringing profit to businesses.

4. Learning foreign Language

There are many jobs available in India for those who know a foreign language. You can work as a translator in multinational companies, etc. Learning a foreign language also makes you attractive. Not only for job purpose but learning a foreign language also improves your vocabulary and makes you feel confident.

Now you think to learn these languages, you have to go abroad, But no you can learn any foreign language of your choice online. The best part about learning a new language is, it builds your communication skills, help you become a guide and a lot more. These courses are usually for one year and teach you the basics. Rest is up to you and your practice sessions.

5. Creative writing

In case you desire to be a writer and want to bring your creative writing in front of the world, then learning this course seems like the best option. Creating writing is a diploma course and it deals with literature, learning ways to rhyme words, playing with vocabulary and much more. You learn a new style to write, methods to portray feelings with words and a lot more.

The demand for a creative writer is high as most websites need content to bring traffic through fresh content. The articles/blogs written on such websites are original, have fresh ideas and provide a mean to readers. On the other hand, pursuing this course can help you find work as a freelancer or work in companies for their specific needs. Learning creating writing is also helpful in getting a job as a teacher.

6. App development

There are various mobile Apps available in our play store for every different task. Like shopping, learning English, reading newspapers, booking tickets, etc. This apps is also time-saving as we don’t want to go to a cinema hall to book tickets and very easy to use. As we also don’t use a desktop to order something because already there is a various app available which is more comfortable to understand.

So, it is the best thing to learn this skill and help people. Because the app development process is long and requires hard work, candidates can choose courses that provide core knowledge. Some institutes teach students the method to use simple tools which can help in creating an app but don’t go for such methods. Always find courses that help you learn the core concept.

7. Film making

Those who have an interest in making films and want a career in this field can start their online courses and acquire skills. This is also beneficial for those who live in small cities where no institution for this available.  No doubt that filmmaking requires hours of practice and knowledge of cameras.

So, if you pursue an online course, you will be asked to buy camera gear and learn that from daily classes. You will be getting daily challenges once you learn the basics. Practising on your own will make you perfect and you can get the degree. The best part about this course is, you can work as a wedding photographer, cinematographer, and whatnot.

Even, learning filmmaking can help you start your business and enhance skills with time. There will be so many things that you will be learning throughout the course.

8. Human resource management

Every company requires human resources (HR) who is responsible for managing employees like recurring, hiring of new staff, interviewing, training, and firing of employees.  The task of an HR manager is to plan, coordinate, and direct the administration function of an organization. If you think you have the ability to manage and coordinate, must try human resource management. The demand and salary of HR are always high.

The HR department in a company gets excellent pay and if you have an HRM degree then you can find a job in many start-ups. The need for HR is high and pursuing such a prominent course can get you a range of advantages for sure. Make sure that you choose an institute that provides a certificate.

9. Photography

Everyone needs a good photograph of themselves to share on social media sites or for some memory. When you go outside you mostly click a lot of pictures of yourself and your surroundings. Photography is also a hobby of many people. So you can increase your skill in photography to register yourself in online photography course as many institutions offer online photography courses.

Learning photography is different from filmmaking but you get to learn similar concepts like ISO, Aperture, lighting settings and more. The concept of learning photography online is to gain basic knowledge of the camera and then practising to improve your skills. You get to know about lighting, angles, and other basic concepts which can help you get better with time.

10. Diploma in Management

The demand for an MBA course is high in recent years, but you can find that it is a bachelors course and doesn’t provide you with the option for distance study. If you have this issue in mind, then pursuing a Diploma in Management would be the best option. Why? Well, it is a two-year course and it provides you with deep knowledge of subjects similar to the MBA program.

In this course, students learn about business, management and such other subjects. Students who have pursued a diploma in management program can find a career in government, and the public sector for sure. There are a plethora of jobs available to work and this course can help you seize those job opportunities.

Note – Online courses provide convenience, but pursuing a course from a reputed institute can help in future. The degree might not seem important as people say but during the time of interview in a company, a valid degree from a recognized institution is necessary. You can find many colleges that offer distance studies and it will be the best idea to choose them for further studies.

Online Courses Advantages and Challenges

As you know in this digital world several students do studies from online classes. Usually, you get more advantages on the internet-based courses in comparison to disadvantages. The point is that we can learn new things in the changing world. It offers new possibilities to do things.So you can learn new information as well as skills whenever you want and wherever you want. Online courses offered a few great advantages and greater opportunities for education as a Comparison to before. These days the scope as well as reaching the level of education gets increased into the greater horizons.

Advantages of online courses:

These are properly convenient

The biggest advantage of adopting the convenient online course. So you do not need to go anywhere in your classroom because it is available 24 hours into the day. You have only excuse to miss class not being online. One can easily make your schedule perfect regarding the requirements of the cause.

It offers flexibility

You can easily study anytime you wintrily doesn’t matter with whom you want to start your studies.Even you can study by wearing anything because it offers you the proper flexibility to save your time as well as money.

Online courses have the power to bring education directly into your home.

With the help of online students, you can find whether your friend gets involved in it or not. Students do more study if there someone special gets present. To get success it is very crucial to complete your course properly.

It offers more concentration on an individual.

That is a real fact that you will easily establish a direct pipeline with the instructor through the help of an email.So you can get real benefits and online courses offer more concentration towards an individual.

It offers real-world skills and knowledge.

Online courses surely offer you financial benefits


  • It takes more time in comparison to the campus classes
  • Sometimes it requires good time to develop the proper management skills.
  • Online courses allow you to get more independent as comparison campus classes.
  • It is more suitable for an active learner as numerous people were not able to learn anything with the help of online courses

The Final Verdict

After learning about all the impressive course options that you can choose after class 10+2, it is necessary to ensure that you go with a course that triggers your passion, interest and motivates you to wake up. Some people end up choosing courses because they seem fascinating such as film making, photography, app development, etc, but these courses require time and efforts.

If you want to make a career in any particular field, then choose the course wisely and focus on gaining knowledge through the curriculum. We hope that this in-depth post about top online courses after class 12th will help you figure out the career options.

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