Lab Technician Course After 10th

If you have completed your class 10 examination from CBSC or ICSE board, you are eligible for some job-oriented courses. In this case, a lab technician course can be the best option. It can help you get a better and secure job. It is a paramedical course that comes with immense job facilities. As a lab technician, you are entitled to get a guaranteed career. You can also learn a lot of things from these types of courses. It will give you ample exposure in various fields. If you have the passion for doing something unique, you must try these types of courses. It would help if you tried to opt for these types of courses.

As the demand for laboratory jobs increases day by day, you will get a good job in any reputed laboratory. It is seen that most reputed laboratories always look for skilled people or the ones who has profound knowledge on the subject. If you have an interest in laboratories and other works you must try this subject. It will help you to do well in your career. The lab technician course is found to be fruitful in many aspects. You must try it.

List of Lab Technician Course After 10th

Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Community Medical service and essential drugs 18 Months After Class 10th
Certificate in Medical Nursing Assistant 6 Months After Class 10th
Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician 1 to 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Dental Hygienist 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Naturopathy 2 Years After Class 10th

What is the eligibility for a lab technician course?

It is essential to know and gather knowledge about the eligibility of a lab technician course. This will help in understanding the subject in a better manner. Let us now proceed to the central part of our discussion.

  • You have to complete your class 10 board from recognized boards and institutes.
  • It would help if you scored minimum mark of 65% in the examination. This will help to get admission quickly in any reputed places.
  • It would help if you remembered that the admission criteria of the course depend from institute to institute.

Why should you study this course?

This course has ample benefits. Let us try to explore some of the benefits of this course.

  • It is a highly reputed profession that has gained good job facilities. It has a high demand in the present market. It is one of the oldest professions of India.
  • The profession gives good job opportunities to the candidates. You can work as a laboratory technician, laboratory manager, and medical officer.
  • You will also get good career opportunities, specifically in the medical field. It also comes with good salary packages.
  • You can also get good career options with this course. It is one of the primary benefits of the course.

Which are the best courses you can pursue after class 10?

In this part, you will learn about the best lab technician course you can pursue after class 10. A thorough knowledge of the course will help you to a great extent.

  • A short-term course of Medical Laboratory course will help me to do better in this subject. Every year a good percentage of students pursue this course. They perform well in this course. You can avail of this course after completing class 10 from any board. It is a two-year course. The students are elected either on a merit basis or through the entrance examination. It depends upon which institute they are selecting. It is a paramedical course.
  • Diploma in Community Medical service and essential drugs is another such subject you can pursue after completing class 10. Through this course, you will learn how to provide medical aid and services to patients during an emergency. As a student, you will also understand the manner on how to create awareness among the people. It is an 18 months course. Many institutes all over India provide this course to the students.
  • A diploma in nursing assistance and general duty assistant is another such course you can pursue after class 10. It is ideal for students who have an interest in patient care and management. With the completion of the course, you can get a lucrative job in any recognized medical center or place. It would help if you also looked into the matter that the patient is properly fed. They are served nutritious meals. You have to look after the overall care and benefit of the patient, so they get a good ambience during the treatment. It is a six months course.
  • Diploma in Radio Imaging technology is also involved with the process that is associated with patient care and management. It is a duty that is entrusted with the task of the overall maintenance of the patient and other things. You have to handle various types of MRI and scan processes. It is a two-year course that is accompanied by a series of practical works and sessions. During this course, you will learn about the proper way of handling the machines and tools. This is another significance of the course. Most reputed institutes provide this course.
  • A diploma in operation theatre technology is another fantastic subject you can pursue after class 10. Through this course, you can learn about the exact manner to deal with the tools and machinery in the operation theatre. It is a one year course that the reputed institute provides. You can also learn the manner to clean the instruments. You must know the exact way and method to clean the operation theatre tools. It is essential to maintain these accessories in the best possible manner. The demand for this course is increasing day by day.
  • A diploma in dental technician and hygiene is another noted course on lab technician. It is a two-year course in which you will learn many things. The written prescriptions provided by the dentists are to be followed by the technician. You will be taught about these essential things. In some cases, you may have to monitor and examine the dental conditions of the patient initially. It is a part of the course that needs to be followed by the candidate.
  • A diploma in naturopathy and yogic sciences is another lucrative course; you can follow to make a better career with a lab technician course. It is another alternative for medicines and allopathic medicines.

A complete overview of the lab technician course

It is essential to gather accurate information on the lab technician course. It is one of the lucrative professions; you can get after class 10. It is vital to gather as much information as you can collect from various sources. The course is designed in such a manner so you can acquire good knowledge about the specific subject. Each of the courses will also provide the students with good practical experiences. It is another advantage of studying the subject. To pursue the course, you need to score 50% marks in each subject in class 10 level. Without these marks, you cannot get admission to the course. On the other part, you must have a passion for these types of courses. If you do not have an interest in the subject, it is useless to pursue the same. However, there is no specific age limit for the case. It has helped a lot of aspiring students to take up the course.  They can pursue it at any point in time.

The lab technician course is available in both certificate and diploma forms. It is your choice, which one you would pursue. You will get some colleges who offer this course after class 10. If you so wish, you can go ahead. The admissions are made on a merit basis. But in some cases, you may have to appear for the entrance examination conducted by various institutes. If you clear the test, you will be eligible to get admission to the course. The diploma course is of small duration. You can try these types of courses to get a better future and career. This course is one of the best professional types of jobs in the present time.

At the entry-level or the initial level, you may get a salary of INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 per month. This may increase with time and experience. The more you will have experience, the more your salary will increase. Most of the research centers look for these types of candidates. In many cases, it is found that crime research laboratories also look for these types of candidates. You can get a lucrative job with this qualification and degree. It is felt that it is hard to get skilled and good candidates with this background in the present time. It is essential to check the reputation of the company in which you intend to do the course. If you are investing in some course, you have the right to limit the background and reviews of the college. Please follow some sites. Remember to follow reliable sites.

The cost or expense of the course is reasonable. This is why more and more students can pursue and try the subject or the course. As a candidate, your primary intention should be to earn the knowledge and not to earn money. You must try to remember this and pursue the course with total sincerity and honesty. After completing the course, you may also plan to open your lab.

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