List of Top Psychology courses after 12th

Your education after 12th standard is going to be a turning point in your life. The course will decide your career that you choose after you complete 12th standard. So, whatever is the profession that you wish to choose, you will have to pick a course based on that only. For those who wish to choose something unique and different from the courses that most people take up, you have Psychology. Yes, this is a different and unique course. This course is all about the study of behaviour of human mind.

Any person will be able to stay strong and fit physically only when the mental health is perfect. Some people behave in a very abnormal way and a person with the knowledge of this course will be able to study this behavior by just looking at them or by talking to them for some time. A Psychologist will be able to help them get back to normal behavior with a few counseling sessions.

Once you complete your 12th standard and wish to get education in Psychology, you will have several different courses available. This makes it easy for you to choose a course that suits you the most. After completing a course in Psychology, you will be able to earn pretty good as there is a lot of requirement for such professionals. There are several colleges as well, that offer you the best course in Psychology. There are bachelor courses, diplomas and other certification courses also available in Psychology. The course duration can be between one year and three years. After the completion of the bachelor’s course, you can also go for the master’s course.

Some of the top Psychology courses that you should consider after 12th:

There are many courses available for Psychology in India. This is an advantage, but at the same time quite confusing as well, to understand which is the best course. So, if you are also confused, then here are some of the best options that you can pick after you complete your 12th standard.

1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – B.A. (Psychology)

B.A. in Psychology or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is one of the best courses and one of the most common courses as well. This helps you complete Psychology in three years duration. It is a graduation-level course. There are several universities and colleges in India that offer you course in Psychology. You should have completed your 12th standard and make sure that you have at least 50 percent marks in your 12th standard. You will be able to get in depth knowledge about the human behavior and human minds as well. You will be able to draw different results from different patients and different information that you will be able to gather from them. The course fee is usually between Rs 20,000 to Rs 3,00,000, depending on the college you are picking. You can make good career in many different areas.

2. Bachelor of Arts – Honors in Applied Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology

B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology is another good course to pick if you wish to make career in Psychology. It is also a three-year course, but it is quite different from the previous course. As part of the course, you will learn about many different things that include organization and industrial psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, human factors, engineering psychology, and occupational health psychology. You will be able to get several career opportunities after you complete the course. You will have to score good in your 12th standard if you wish to get admission in the best college. There will be both entrance test based and merit-based admission process in many colleges. For the colleges with merit-based or entrance test-based, you will have to take up a personal interview as well. The exam pattern is semester style and you will have six semesters in total. You can get jobs in many different fields and some of the best that you can pick are Child psychologists, Community relations experts or clinical psychologists.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Psychology, and English – B.A. (Journalism, Psychology, and English)

Even in psychology courses, there are different and unique courses that make your education interesting. One of such course in Psychology is B.A. (Journalism, Psychology, and English). Journalism is all about understanding the world and print media and when you combine it with Psychology, it is going to be one of the best courses for you. This course is all about combining these two courses. Just like you understand the human minds, you will now be able to understand the world. The course duration is for three years and you will have several colleges in India. The best part about this course is, you can even opt for the part-time course. The course fee is going to be somewhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 2,00,000. The salary structure is also high for those journalists who have a degree in Psychology as well. You can earn between Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000. You will have a number of job offers from the media and news channels in the country. You can also choose to become a professional in any college after the completion of this course.

4. Bachelor of Arts – Honours in Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

B.A. (Hons.) Psychology is another good course that you can consider after completion of your 12th standard. This course is offered only full-time and there is not part-time course available for it. As it is a graduation course, it is a course of three years and it is divided into six semesters. This course will focus on the psychological study of the animal and human minds. You will be given a wide range of information about psychology as part of this course. You should complete 12th standard with at least 60 percent marks as most of the colleges have merit-based entrance only. You have some of the best colleges in India that offer you this course and depending on the college you are picking, the fee for the course will range between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,00,000. You will be able to get offers in forensic labs, police forces, therapy centers, hospitals and clinics, and at the universities and colleges in India. You can start your career with a low salary of Rs 3,00,000 per annum and reach up to Rs 12,00,000 in just a very short time.

5. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology – B.A. (Applied Psychology)

Applied psychology is different from the normal psychology course that you can pursue. Usually, psychology is about studying the human mind, but in applied psychology, you will learn about the human problems involved in different kinds of fields. One of the most common specializations of applied psychology is dealing with problems related to human beings working in organizations and industries. If you also wish to make career in such a field, then B.A. Applied Psychology is one of the best courses. This is going to be a course for three years. Once you complete this course, you can even continue your education by pursuing your master’s degree. This will help you choose a specialization and gain in depth knowledge on the subject of your choice. If you complete a master’s course, you will be able to receive much better career opportunities. You will find this course in just a few colleges and mostly have merit-based admission process. So, always make sure your 12th standard score is good enough to grab a seat in the best college or university.

Final word:

After the bachelor’s courses, you can pick any of the below master’s course for a better career opportunity.

  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology – M.A.(Counselling Psychology)
  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology – M.A. (Applied Psychology)
  • Master of Arts Honours in Psychology – M.A.(Hons.) Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology – M.A. Psychology
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology – M.Phil. (Psychology)
  • Master of Philosophy in Child and Adolescent Psychology – M.Phil. (Child and Adolescent Psychology)

You also have doctorate courses if you wish to study beyond your post-graduation. If you are fascinated about pursuing course psychology, then you should definitely take it up. There is a growing demand for Psychologists in India and also outside India. This is one of the fastest-growing fields. You will understand the different types of personalities in an easy way and help many people get back to normal life. You will be able to make career anywhere in the world depending on the type, of course, you are choosing. So, you need not have to worry at all. This course is also having a lot of specializations if you are opting for master’s degree. There is a lot of growth in the career if you choose this path.

Skills Of A Psychology Major

Psychology is an interesting major because of its in-depth insights into human behavior. It also helps students gain a better knowledge of mental health because of its deep knowledge about human behavior. In the event that you’re thinking about pursuing a psychology degree, you might be asking what kind of skills you’ll need to be successful.

Here are among the most frequently encountered abilities among psychology majors.


It takes an open mind to understand human behavior in depth because it is a complicated subject, to begin with. As part of your coursework, you will learn about a variety of different sorts of behaviors and mental health illnesses, and about the many different ways that individuals connect with one another. When taking these classes, it is critical to be objective & flexible in thinking and get the best out of them, and to assure that you are acquiring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. It is also crucial to be willing to modify your mind when new information is offered.


Graduating psychology students are highly literate, and they have also been instructed to write in a variety of different literacy formats. They become familiar with writing essays, that also allow students to explore issues in greater depth; however, they also become aware of the techniques of clear and precise writing within a pre-determined format (a skill that is highly valued in the commercial and business worlds), as they write up useful research reports.

Critical thinking skills

Another key talent among psychology majors is indeed the capacity to think critically about their subject matter. In your classes, you’ll be learning about a variety of psychological theories and analyzing a variety of case studies. As a result, the ability to make links between the various field of study will be extremely important to your success in this major.


Graduates of psychology programs are also exceptionally numerate. Their statistical interpretation skills are honed, as is their understanding of probability assumptions, and they become able to use a range of statistical practices and methods. They are more inclined to answer by attempting to figure out what the numbers mean than they are to avoid them totally when presented with numerical information. It is much more usual for degree programs in other fields to generate graduates who are both literate and numerate, whereas psychology graduates are expected to be both.

Research skills

Researchers with strong research skills, such as the capacity to design experiments and analyze and interpret data, are required of psychology majors. Your psychology major will put these abilities to use by conducting a variety of studies and presenting your findings to your lecturers and other students in the field. A significant amount of time will be spent reading about various behavioral theories and therapy approaches, thus being able to locate and extract information from appropriate sources is essential.

Computer literacy

Psychology students are also typically well-versed in the use of computers. These individuals are comfortable with the use of computers, and they are able to select and study relevant software programs for the jobs that they are needed to perform. However, while only a minority of psychology graduates are conversant with computer programming, computers use is a need in today’s society, and it is rare to find a psychology graduate who has not received some instruction in this field, at the very least in word processing and statistical analysis.

Problem-solving skills

It goes without saying that problem-solving abilities are necessary for practically any major, and psychology does not fall into this category. On the contrary, because so much of psychology is concerned with analyzing and treating psychological and cognitive disorders, being able to solve issues in an effective and innovative manner is an essential element of studying psychology.

Above all this, you will also be able to learn yourself about different new things. It is going to be a continuous learning process which helps you to grow well in your career. It would help if you always were prepared to learn new things as part of your career. You should also have a lot of patience in your career if you wish to grow. You can even have a counseling center of your own after you complete the Psychology course.

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