Event Management Course After 10th

Event Management is a career-oriented option that requires essential skills and the ability to tackle challenging tasks. This field ranges from planning to execution, organizing to successful completion of any event, wedding, function, meetings, fashion show, exhibition etc. There are many private as well as public institutes/colleges in India offering Event Management courses at both UG and PG levels.

Have you ever wondered about pursuing an event management course?And have you ever dreamed of becoming an event planner at an early age? The answer to these things is certificate and diploma courses, which can be chosen after 10th or 12th as a career option. These courses are best suited for those students who want to become promising professionals and want a lifelong earning source.

Event Management is a creative and extremely professional field at the same time. So, candidates need to be willing to work for long hours and possess good communication skills to become successful event planners in their respective fields. Furthermore, it is a rewarding career option and doesn't require that much conceptual knowledge. Also, you need not pay a high cost to get to know about the field.

Through Certificate and Diploma course, candidates will save long studying hours and focused on hands-on working experience. But candidates are required to improve their organizing and communication skills to become successful in this field. Thus, candidates can check the following Diploma and certificate event management course after the 10th.

List of Event Management Courses after 10th

Event management courses are majorly divided into two categories namely:

  • Event Management Certification Course
  • Diploma in Event Management

1. Event Management Certification Course after 10th

Event Management certification courses are sub-divided into two types including Certificate in Event Management, Certificate in Event and Exhibition Management

  • Certificate in Event Management

Certificate in Event Management is designed in such a manner to help candidates enhance their skills and knowledge in a specialized area. The course is available for beginners as well as for present working professionals. The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge for event planning and best practice in risk management, organization, promotion etc.

The most certification course is offered online but it may vary from institute to institute. The course mainly focuses on both practical and theoretical aspects of event management including planning, research, design, coordination of events & meetings on a large scale.

The major topics of this course are budgeting, selecting accurate sites, pre-event publicity, negotiating contracts, audio-visual aids and others. Through certification course, the student will get a clear perspective of the industry through seminars, descriptions, trade shows, agreements and special events.

Some certificate courses offer internships so that aspirants can experience field exposure. The certification programme tests exams the aspirants on various areas in event management like marketing, public relations, CPM/ PERT, taxes, human resource management, branding, catering, laws logistics, financing, safety and security.

Duration – The duration of the certificate course can range from 11 months to 1 year. Some private institutes offer a certification course for 6 months. It solely depends on you which one you will consider.

  • Certificate in Event and Exhibition Management

Certificate programmes provide intensive and comprehensive training as well as conceptual knowledge. They offer a high-class opportunity to learn how to gain specialist event planning skills and to organize and plan events in Event and Exhibition Management. The course is suitable for those who want to enhance their foundation event planning skills and to become specialists more planning and coordinating conferences and exhibitions.

The main purpose of the certificate course is to provide advanced business skills and foundation knowledge. Through this course, you will get a competitive edge in the event industry. By doing this course, students will get intensive and comprehensive knowledge about event courses.

Another popular certificate course in Events Management is-

  • International Certificate in Online Communication Events
  • International Certificate Online Organizing Techniques and Practical Guide to Events
  • Online Certificate in Meeting and Event Management
  • Certificate in Applied Tourism and Event Management
  • Course in Sport Event Management Online
  • Certificate III in Events
  • Certificate in Wedding Management
  • Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management
  • Project Management Principles and Practices
  • Event Management for Beginners

Diploma in Event Management after 10th

Diploma in Event Management involves two sub-courses including Diploma in Event Management and Diploma in Hotel & Event Management

  • Diploma in event management Course

A diploma in event management is all about the running, organizing, planning and coordinating of the group to create every kind of event, function, wedding, etc. The course mainly focuses on a specific subject and prepare the aspirant for advanced study and selective jobs. It also helps you to enhance your skill which is required for employment.

Aspirants are trained in areas like planning, marketing, analysing, producing, marketing and evaluating an event or function. Diploma in Event Management after 10th can be pursued by an individual as well by trainees who already work in the respective field. The benefit of doing a diploma in event management course is enhancing professional competence, critical thinking, management skills and general leadership.

The course offers a better understanding of the general business-related expertise and event project management process required to flourish in the industry. Most of the event diploma course consists of coordinating and designing specific types of events. Another benefit of for opting a diploma course is that it provides many job opportunities. By doing a diploma course, an individual can manage a charity, a variety of events, catering, political activities and sports events, etc.

Duration – The duration of the event diploma course is 1-year. The duration will vary from institute to institute.

  • Diploma in Hotel and Event Management

Diploma in Hotel and Event Management is providing a better understanding of top star restaurants, top hotels, sports events and festivals. The main purpose of the course is to build a candidate's skills through conceptual and practical training. It is one of the popular event management courses, mixes of hotel and event management aspects.

The course provides you with the knowledge, practical experience, skills and industry exposure to be a successful event manager or planner. A diploma in Hotel and Event Management course will give a chance to shine brighter in the respective domain.

Duration – The duration of this course can range from 1 year to 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Event Management Courses

  • For Certificate Courses – Students should have passed their Class 10th or equivalentwith a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from any recognized board.
  • For Diploma Courses – Students completing their 10th with required marks and studying English as a mandatory subject are eligible to apply for Diploma courses in Event Management.

What skill-set is required for being a part of the Event Management Industry?

Event Management is one of the sought career options that require some essential skills. An individual who possesses the following skill-set will be successful in the event management industry rapidly. Let's take a look:

  • Management Skill
  • Excellent Communication Skill
  • Leadership Skill
  • Organizational Skil
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Skill
  • Detail Oriented Skill
  • Intrapersonal Communication Skill
  • Determination to Succeed
  • Skill to Motivate team During Challenges
  • Good Decision Making Capability
  • Attentive Skill
  • Problem Solving Capacity
  • Proficiency in English, etc.

Why study Event Management Course after 10th?

Well, it’s your choice to pursue an event management course after the 10th. But there are various benefits of doing diploma or certificate course after completing secondary studies. Let’s discuss:

  • In actual event management is a sub-domain of business management course. It will give you great exposure to event risk management, event management, marketing management, production, skills and much more. That mean, you will get knowledge of two fields by studying one course.
  • Event Management courses after the 10thare less expensive than MBA, MBBS, Law and various other professional courses. You just need to pay 3000 to 50,000 INR.
  • There is a huge scope of event management across the world. By doing this course, you can pursue various job roles such as Stage Decorator, Event Planner, Marketing executive, Wedding Planner, Event Coordinator, much more.
  • The growth will not stop with course duration, infect it open various pathways for the respective field. On completing the diploma or certificate course after the 10th, you will be able to do courses like MBA in Event Management, BBA in Event Management, BA in Public Relations, MA in Public Relation and Event Management.
  • No matter what, the field offers you a lucrative salary package. Based on management companies and experience, you can easily earn 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs annually.

Top Institutes for Diploma and Certificate Course in Event Management after 10th

Most of the certificate course is offered by private institutes whereas diploma course is available at both private and government institutes/ colleges. Here are some of the top-notch institutes for event management courses:

How much do you earn after doing the Event Management Course after the 10th?

The average annual income will vary from job profiles. Students with diplomas or certificates can work as an event planners and earn 3 lakh per annum. On the other hand, an event manager can easily make 4 lakh to 6 lakh per annum.

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