List of Top Management courses after 12th

If you think that management can only be done by students who are from the commerce field, then it is not so at all. The students who pursue discipline field like Humanities, Science and Arts are also eligible to apply for a management course. Nowadays, students from different fields have an interest to establish a career in Management. It can be easily pursued right after completion of the 12th. A wide range of job opportunities can be found in this field. Apart from BBA and MBA, there are many other options that you can pursue according to your interest and preference. Here, we have listed some top management course that you should consider after completing your schooling. Move on and check out the details below:

Top Courses to Consider After Class 12th

Here the below-mentioned courses are some existing options that can be offered by top B-schools and management institutes. There are various reputed institutes offered direct admission but some accepted score of entrance exam. Below mentioned courses are available at UG and PG level in India. Without wasting any time take a look at it.

1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Our first choice is the BBA course, one of the popular course under the Management stream. It is an easy gateway to enter the management sector. It is an undergraduate degree course, takes 3 years to complete. There are many job opportunities available to candidates from various departments like Finance, Education, Sales, Government and Non-government sectors. This course is open to aspirants from all the 3 streams: Arts, Commerce and Science. The students are taught subjects like financial and Management Accounting, Commercial Bank Accounting, Sales and Distribution and many others. Through academic learning, candidates will be trained to follow the latest marketing trends, demands and administration strategies. On the other hand, on-field training, seminars and group discussions help candidates to tackle situations regarding their upcoming jobs.

2. BBM (Business Management)

Here is our second choice namely BBM. It is one of the sought and prescribed courses by many aspirants. Just like other UG level management course, it also consists 3-year duration, divided into 6 semesters. The best part about this course is that you can learn various aspects of the business. Apart from the business curriculum, it involves the study of marketing, finance, law and economics. That means in one academic year, you will get knowledge of numerous subjects. It is an industry-based management course specially designed for those who are willing to begin a career in any of the following fields: Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising, fashion companies, health sectors and finance. After doing this course, candidates making a wish-list to become Business Analyst, Operations Manager, Business Application Manager, Business Development etc.

3. BMS (Management Studies)

Just like other management courses, BMS is a well-known course offered by reputed institutes across the country. It imparts knowledge of new business techniques, trading, finance, stock, risk analysis and stock. It is an ideal choice for those who have a keen interest to learn business strategies. Through this course, candidates can handle critical analyse situations and solve the difficulties of management with ease. With a BMS degree, the students will seek jobs in both the private and public sectors. Even they can pick an academic field to explore more. Additionally, they have other options like Business firms, self-employment, Marketing and Sales, Business firms, Consultancy etc where they boost their work –experience. Although they can attain positions like Finance Officer, Assistant Professor, Quality Specialist, Business Development Manager, Banker and many others.

4. Business Administration + Diploma in Business Administration {BBA+DBA (Specialization)}

Well, it is a good choice for candidates who seek admissions in the integrated course. The duration of this course is 3-years. It may vary from institute to institute as per their rules and regulations. It provides various specializations like BBA in BA, BBA in Finance, BBA in Human Resources, BBA in Information Systems, BBA in Entrepreneurship, BBA in Finance, and BBA in Computer Application etc. One of the major benefits to pursue this course is, candidates have the option to pick any one of the specializations as per their choice or preference. By doing this course, candidates can join any of the following sectors Advertising, Finance, IT, Media, Offline Marketing, Digital Marketing, Banking, Aviation, Entertainment, finance, Media. Etc.

5. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com- Management)

Bachelor of Commerce is an easier path to join the Management field. Maximum Commerce students are inclined to enrol into a B.Com. The course is quite popular under the commerce stream. Management subject is already offered in 11th and 12th standard to their candidates. Moreover, B.Com involves different courses like B.Com (Hons), integrated B.Com course when you can pursue one particular specialization like Management. This degree course imparts knowledge of commerce and finance subject. Apart from regular subjects, candidates can even choose elective subjects during their 3-degree course. Admission to this course is accepted through merit-list, prepared by admission authority to colleges/universities/institutes. The best part about this course, candidates will be appointed by top-notch companies at the various reputed post. And the future growth of candidates is rapidly growing these days.

6. Computer-Aided Management (BBA + B.CAM)

It is an advanced course founded for candidates who want to learn concepts of a computer along with business studies. It is a 3-year degree programme, divided into 6 semesters. Candidates are given practical exposure through numerous industrial visits and explore academic concepts regarding the business field. It enhances candidate’s decision-making skills, leadership skills and problem-solving skills. It provides opportunities for their candidates to familiar with advanced technologies which can be used in real life. It is a competitive field but also it brings lots of career opportunities from various sectors. The management companies not only hired managers but also demands software experts who possess an in-depth understanding of computer. The candidates are taught subjects like Internet Technology, Operating System and Networking, System Analysis and Design, Data Base Management System, RDBMS, Software Engineering concepts, Multimedia Technology and more.

7. Bachelor of Computer Application + Executive Master of Business Administration (BCA+ MBA)

The next option is BCA+MBA, which is quite difficult but one of the prestigious option. Are you one of them who have interest in Computer application as well as know about the Business Administration field? If so, then you can pursue this course. It is 5-year degree programmes that encourage students to work as professional. All the concepts that candidates have learned during the BCA are turning out to be a reality if you should MBA programme. you have an opportunity to explore the software and networking field. The upcoming generation helps in finding ideas to generate new technologies. So, candidates who are willing to pursue this course as a career option surely will be successful. Thus, the major science scenarios can brightly help in finding the ways of a better career with attaining an MBA.

8. Bachelor in Business Economics (BBE)

BBE is a 3-year degree course, divided into 6 semesters offered by various institutes in India. You can check the official sites of colleges to get more details about the course. When we talk about the course purpose it can make your future better. It can be offered for both full-time and part-time by certain institutes. A course is surely a good option for candidates who have a keen interest in making a career as a professional in finance and economics. It provides a study of traditional trends and modern trends which can use in business economics. The fact is that it is the most required career option. On the completion of the course, graduates can start their career in national & international sectors like financial analyzing firms, business analysis, broker firms, stock, market, investment banks, financial research sectors, academic institutions and analysis institutions and many more.

9. Bachelor of Science Management (B.Sc Management )

BSc ( Hon) Management is a specialized degree course in finance, human resources, accounting, entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation, economics, marketing and international business. In the first year, you will learn common subjects and allowed to pick one above mentioned specialization. It takes 4 to 5 year of duration to complete. If you are from a science background and also learn about the Management field can pursue this specialized degree course. It promotes critical awareness & difficulties of the management sector to establish any association of organization by giving academic and practical education regarding business studies. This course is divided into two sets of subjects; the first is compulsory and the second is optional. In compulsory aspects, candidates are taught subject like Financial Decision Making M, Economic Principles, Introduction to Management and Organisation Studies etc. In optional aspects, aspirants can pick different subjects like Consumer Behaviour, Financial Markets and Institutions etc.

10. Bachelor of Hospital Management (BHA)

Another option is available under the management stream is namely BHA. It is a UG level degree programme, consist 3-year of duration divided into 6 semesters. The main aim of this course is to trained candidates to solve issues of the healthcare industry. However, the course provides both conceptual and practical knowledge related to healthcare centres, hospitals and laboratories. The only way to resolve sudden issues is just applying management skills that you can achieve after pursuing this course. BHA course is specially drafted to develop professionals who have leadership quality, ability to planning, and knowledge of management principles. The supply of medicine, drugs and other healthcare services are only given by professionals whether they are doctors or backline workers. Candidates will teach subjects like Medical records management, Hospital and healthcare system etc.

11. Bachelor in Sports Management (BSM)

Management concepts are not only bounded with organizations, companies or institutes. Better planning will also require in the sports field. Just like other management courses, it takes 3 of duration to complete. The course is designed for those candidates who desire a management-oriented degree in the field of Sports Management. If you are from a sports background sports lover, then must apply for this course. This course provides conceptual education and practical knowledge regarding sports. Some major topics are Marketing Management, Sports Equipment & Technology Management, Fundamentals of Sports and New Age Dynamics, Sports Facilities Planning & Management etc. By doing this course, candidates can get lucrative salary packages from academic institutes, Sports Franchises, Government Organizations, Sports Broacasters, Event Management firms, etc. They will become Finance Manager, Operation Manager, Sales Manager, HR Manager and among others.

12. Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM)

One of the prestigious career options is BHM. The course imparts education on hotel management. To pursue this course, you need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The subjects are taught Computer Application, Food and Beverages preparation, Housekeeping Operations, Sales, Marketing, Corporate finance, Public Relations, Business Communication and many others. Thus, it is an ideal choice for those who possess good communication skills and have the discipline to interact with customers. This course is also educated candidates on aspects such as food safety; maintain hygiene, nutrition that is entitled to international standards. There are numerous classic hotels like K Raheja Group of Hotels, Ambassador Group of Hotels, Sarovar Park Group of Hotels that recruiter professional for their management department.

13. Bachelor of International Business and Finance (BIBF)

It is a popular course that imparts education on international trade between companies worldwide. Top tier B-schools of the country offered this course through entrance exam and provides a study of management, good and services, marketing, management and impact of both national and international regulations on commerce and markets. The course is best for candidates who are interested in working in multicultural companies. A different point of views, different strategies, culture and traditions of companies will be taught to candidates through this course.

14. Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

It is a 6-month diploma course that can be pursued after completion of 12th. The course encourages aspiring professionals to make an easy entry into the corporate department within a short period. Moreover, the candidates will be trained with good business communication and unique ideas which can be used effectively.

Final Words:

We Hope, the above-mentioned details will be helpful to you. Before applying to any course, you should at least know about the major aspects of the course. To get details about a specific course, visit Google and search for it. Moreover, you will be prepared for an entrance test that you might be conducted by an Indian institute/college or university.

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