Professional Courses After 10th

Once you complete your 10th standard, you are done with your secondary education. But it is now time to plan your senior secondary education. You have the stream of Mathematics, Science or Commerce to choose from. It is a very common choice of many people to get themselves enrolled in the 11th standard in any of the three streams. You need to complete your graduation after 12th standard if you wish to grab a good job. But if you want to start your career at an early stage, then you can choose from many professional courses or job-oriented courses.

After so much pressure of completing 10th standard with good marks, it can be quite confusing for students to make the right choice. Completing 12th standard is another pressure and if you wish to avoid that pressure, you have a number of certification and diploma courses that dont need you to complete 12th standard.

It can be tough for both parents and students to make the right decision when you complete your 10th standard. But this is the path or decision that will help you lead your career in the right path. So, you need to be very careful while making the choice. Whether you wish to complete your education after the diploma or certification courses or you wish to take a job and start your career, these courses are a great start. It is very useful option for starting the career at an early stage. You may have to start with a low salary but as you gain experience you will start earning more as you will have more experience in field than those who have completed higher education in the same field. Experience is always given high importance.

If you are looking for some of the best professional courses after 10th standard and not sure where to start from, then we have a small list for you. You can pick from any of the these courses and started. These diploma and certification courses are available in all domains and hence you need not have to compromises with the subjects of your choice.

Let us get started with the list of professional courses after 10th

Diploma in Engineering

One of the most common course that many student enrol for after completing their 10th standard is a diploma course. Diploma in Engineering is a technical course and it focuses more on job-oriented training to the students. Many students will be able to grab a job in many organizations after completion of this course in engineering. You will be able to find diploma courses in many different streams like computer science, civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical, automobile and many other streams. You need to complete your 10th standard with at least 50 percent marks for applying for a diploma course. Most of the government colleges conduct an entrance test for getting admission into the course, while a few private colleges provide merit based admission. It is usually a course of three years. You will find many job opportunities from both private and government sectors.

ITI course after 10th Standard

Industrial Training institution course is another course that is highly on-demand. It is a recognized course by industries and hence there is more opportunity for you to get picked by the industries once you complete the course. There are different ITI courses that you can pick from and hence you can choose a course of your choice. The duration of the ITI courses is different for each course. Some of them are just a one-year course while a few of them are three-year courses. So, you will have to make the choice accordingly. You can medical related courses like medical technician, dental lab technician, and medical laboratory technician. Body care or beauty care course, airline steward, Data entry operator, course in photography, fashion designing, event management and many other courses are available in ITI. Many people opt for ITI course after 12th standard, but there are some excellent courses that you can pursue even after completing your 10th standard as well.

Diploma in Medical

Just like we have seen diploma in engineering after 10th standard, you will also be able to pick a few diploma courses in medicine after 10th standard. These are courses for those who love the medical domain but not interested in enrolling Bi. P. C. course. You can choose from diploma in rural healthcare, diploma in nursing assistant, Pathology lab technician, diploma in hospital assistance and a few others. You also have many certification courses as well for those who are interested in medical domain. These are also a three-year courses, but you also have five-year diploma courses in medical. You will have to complete your 10th standard with good marks as there are many private colleges that offer you admission based on merit.

Diploma in Fine Arts

Another job-oriented course that you can consider after completion of your 10th standard is a diploma in fine arts. Many students have a lot of interest towards fine arts but they are not sure where to start from. So, if you are also such student, then you should start with a simple diploma in fine arts. This is a course related to art and other ares related to it. It is good way to start your career in fine arts as it is an entry level program. You will have to secure good marks in your 10th standard as most of the colleges offer you merit based admission process only. You will be able to choose from graphic designing, flash animator, art teacher and many other options as your career after completion of this course. This is usually a one-year course but it depends on the college that you are choosing as well. Completing a bachelors degree after diploma can fetch you some of the best job opportunities with high payouts.

Diploma in Fashion designing

This is a course that most of the girls would love to enrol. Who does not want to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. But what if you will be able to create your own fashions for yourself and for others. If you are good at being creative and creating new designs, this is the right course for you. Your interest and hobby can turn you into a fashion designer with this course. The process of admission in diploma in fashion designing depends on the college as it is different for each college. You will have many job opportunities like textile designer, costume designer, fashion designer and stylist are some of the best career opportunities that you will receive after you complete a diploma in fashion designing. The pay is also going to be quite good even from the start itself. You can even start a small boutique of your own if you wish to become independent designer.

Tourism related courses after 10th

For those who are interested in courses related to tours and traveling, tourism related courses can be a good choice. In the recent years, this is one of the field that is highly in demand. You can pick a nice course related to hospitality or hotel management if you like making career in tourism. You have several courses to pick from like diploma course in food and beverage production, diploma in food and beverage management, diploma in hotel and restaurant management, diploma in hospitality management, diploma in food technology and many more. You need to be good in picking the course as this is one of the job-oriented courses. You will be able to work with some of the best hotels in your city or other cities. If you are interested in pursuing further studies in hotel management or tourism, then you will get good salary package as well.

Diploma in Stenography

This is a good option for you after completing your 10th standard, diploma in Stenography. There are just a few people who will opt for this course but it is also having a number of career opportunities. In fact from court works to any MNC, people with diploma in stenography are highly in demand. It can be tough for any company to manage without a secretary and this is a minimum qualification to become a secretary. The course duration is usually one to two years. You will be trained in many different areas as part of the course. The best part about the course is you will be able to find jobs in both private and public sectors as well. The admission process is purely merit based for the private institutions while for the public institutions it is an entrance test based admission.

Most of the diploma courses are two to three years, but you have a few one year courses as well. Apart from the diploma course, you can also go for one-year certification courses but finding a job with just that certificate may not be a good option. So, always make the right choice of course after your 10th standard.

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