List of Top Arts Courses After 12th

Have you taken the arts or humanities stream in class 12th? Are you confused about what to do after the board exams? Well, we are here to rescue. With the help of our experienced counsellors and experts, we have compiled a list of the best art courses that you can pursue after Class XII. A lot of analysis has gone behind compiling the list. So, you can check out what we have, and we are sure that it will help you decide your career path. There are many options available to you, and we have only talked about a few of the most popular ones.

Top Arts Courses to Consider After Class XII

This section will talk about the best art courses to consider after class 12th, and we have shared a brief description of them. You can shortlist some of these courses depending on your interests and research more about them. So, go ahead and check out the courses below.

1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)

BA is the most popular course after 12th, and it is a three year program. The course teaches you about humanities, liberal arts and social science. The course offers you the required flexibility to develop basic life skills. Do not worry about the job, as almost every industry hires BA graduates. You can also take some vocational courses while pursuing BA as it will help you in gaining skills that will enhance employability. Many colleges across India offers BA, and you are most likely to get admission on a merit basis. So, it is vital to have a decent score in 12th if you wish to pursue BA.

2. BA English (Hons)

We have earlier talked about Bachelor of Arts, but there are many options available in this course. You can also go for BA English (Hons) if you are looking for any specific specialization. The course is similar to the regular BA, but the subjects are slightly different. There is no change in duration, but the cut-off for BA English (Hons) is usually higher than the regular courses. Apart from this, the students who complete this course can get a job as a proofreader or even a content writer.


No matter what stream are you from, BA LLB is open for students from all fields. The course is in the law domain, and it is a five-year integrated program where you get a BA degree and a Bachelor of Legislative Law. The subjects in this course are around the various laws, and the bar council of India also recognizes this program. You can become an advocate or a lawyer after getting the license. National Law Schools are the best for this program, and the admission is given based on the entrance tests.

4. BA Political Science

Another popular option in BA is to pursue a specialization in Political Science. This can be especially useful for you if you wish to enter politics and serve the country. The subjects in BA Political Science would give you the required knowledge, and it will also help you in polishing the skills you need to serve the political parties. The course has a duration of 3 years, and it is also offered by multiple state and private universities.

5. BA Psychology

Many students are interested in psychology, and they also choose psychology as their subject in Class 12th. If you wish to make a career in the same field, then you can opt for a BA course in Psychology. The course is three year UG program, and several universities offer it. You can later pursue MA as well. This particular field enables you to work as a therapist or a counsellor. You can even get a chance to be an educator, or you can work with children with special needs as well.

6. BA Sociology

Many students have a wish to serve society or to work with NGOs. If you are also looking for a course that can enable you to serve society, you should opt for BA Sociology. This is yet another sub-set of Bachelor of Arts, and the course is quite a promising one. The course is a three year course, and again, the admission criteria remain the same as any other BA Course.

7. BBA

There is a major misconception that you need to have commerce or science for pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration. This is not true, and it is an open course where students from all streams can enrol. If you are willing to work on the management or the administrative side, you can also get admission to BBA. This opens up many domains for you, and hence you can quickly get employment opportunities as well. The admission in BBA is based on an entrance test, and if you wish to opt for PG, then you can pursue MBA after BBA.

8. BCA

We have talked about a misconception regarding BBA, and there is a similar misconception about Bachelor of Computer Applications. We are sure that many Arts students would love to be in the IT industry. You can’t even deny the fact that IT jobs are considered to be high paying jobs. So, if you are willing to be in the IT industry too, you should opt for this three year course. The course will teach you about application development and IT systems. Many universities also offer placement help after you complete BCA. The course is open for students from all streams, so go for it.

9. BDes Animation (Bachelor of Design)

Another option open to you is BDes in Animation. The field is enormous, and there is a lot of investment in it too. If you love working on computers and love designing stuff, you should surely get admission to Bachelor of Design in Animation. The course will teach you about Animation, Film Making, Web Designing, Visual Effects and Video Editing. The course can also be of great help if you are looking for something that can help you with vlogging. You can also get a job with production houses after this three year course.

10. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

BFA stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts, and this course is for the students who are creative and wish to pursue a course in Fine Arts. This course is a three year program, and it has subjects related to performing Arts, Visual Arts and Fine Arts. You can also choose a specialization like Painting, Film Making, Dance, Music, Theater, Pottery & Ceramics, Sculpting, Creative Writing and even Textile Design. The course offers a lot of versatility to the students interested in art, and there are certainly a lot of vacancies for BFA students.

11. BFD (Bachelor of Fashion Design)

The next option available to you is Bachelor of Fashion Design. The course is a four-year-long course, but some universities also offer a three year BFD. This course is for you if you wish to enter the fashion industry. After graduating, you can get a job with fashion brands or even work as a Jewellery or an accessory designer. You need to be highly creative if you wish to pursue BFD. All the assignments would require you to do the original work. There is no place for plagiarism in the industry. The job opportunities after BFD are innumerable, and we recommend you to research about it a little if you are interested in the field.

12. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

Many students are also interested in Bachelor of Hotel Management. The course is quite a good option when it comes to Arts Students as well. The total duration varies between 3 and 4 years, depending on the institute. The course lets you choose the specialization, and you can be placed in a hotel according to your specialization. You need to be very soft-spoken, and you also need to have excellent communication skills if you are opting for BHM Course. You can work with elite chains like Oberois, Taj, Marriot and other luxury hotels. You can get roles like hotel manager, event planner, accommodation manager, sales manager, food service manager, customer service representative, front desk manager, sales manager or other similar roles.

13. BJM (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)

If you are interested in journalism and mass communication, then we would recommend you to go for a full degree program. Our advice is to avoid the diploma programs since many PG schools don’t accept diploma programs for admissions. In such a case, the best bet would be to opt for a Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication which is a three year course. It has subjects that would teach you about public relations, print journalism, radio production, TV production and social media. This program also teaches you about data analysis and other important things.

14. BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)

Bachelor of Mass Media is a UG level program that is slightly similar to Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. However, the program focuses on media and mass communication. Moreover, the program doesn’t have a journalism part in it, so if you are willing to specialize only in Mass Media, this program is for you. The program has a total duration of 3 years, and admission is granted via entrance test. One of the best institute for BMMM is Xavier’s, and you can certainly opt for the course if you are interested in Mass Media.

15. Diploma in Education

We also come across a lot of students who wish to become a teacher. For such students, there are two courses that we can recommend. The most popular one is Diploma in Education and this followed by Bachelor of Education. You get to work with students in the nursery or kinder garden after the course. The course duration varies between 1 year and three years. You can also opt for the part-time course if you are working side by side. Most of the universities conduct an entrance test to offer admission in B.Ed or D.Ed.

16. Event Management

Decades ago, event management was only associated with corporate events. However, the dynamics of the industry have changed, and event management has found clients across all domains. Today, the event management companies in India are also taking care of organizing the Grand Indian Weddings. This gives you a lot of opportunities. You can pursue Diploma in Event Management or Bachelor in Event Management to try your hands in the industry. Some colleges even offer BBA in Event Management, and all these courses can help you get a job with an event management firm.

17. Graphic Designing

The way the brands have been marketing their products have shifted drastically. Today, a lot of focus is on social media marketing. What remains essential during these social media campaigns are the ideas and the graphics. You need to attract the user’s attention, which can only happen with the help of exciting graphics. You can be an expert in the domain too if you pursue a training program in graphic designing. You need to be creative in your approach, and even if you work as a freelancer, you will earn a good salary. This is a field that you should explore.

18. Hospitality & Travel

We have already talked about hotel management, but if you are still willing to do something different, multiple options are available. You can opt for BA in Hospitality & Tourism or opt for a vocational or diploma course. These courses can help you define your career in the tourism industry. In addition, you can become a travel agent, travel consultant, tour guide, culinary expert, or you can work in supply management too. You can also get a good chance of travelling when working in the hospitality & travel industry. So, if you are interested in the domain, then research about the various options available to you.

Final verdict

After going through the courses, we are sure that you would have got some help in untangling your thoughts. However, we also understand that you would still have queries and questions about the top art courses after the 12th. So, you can leave a comment for us, and we will get back to you shortly with the details you are looking for.

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