Nursing Courses After 10th

Healthcare is one of the most sought career options gaining immense popularity among students across the country. Every year number of students has appeared for medical entrance exams but few are selected.Due to the high demand for healthcare professionals, medical courses after the 10th also have got started. Nursing is being chosen like MBBS as a career option by many young students. Without nurses, healthcare has just been incomplete, as they are the essential pillar of the healthcare world.

Previously candidates could only be opting for nursing as a career after their 12th board examinations, but now the education system has been developed with various nursing courses. Those who are willing to establish a career as a nurse can pursue a certification course or diploma course right after the 10th. You can achieve your goals and dreams at a very young age with these types of opportunities.

Infect nursing courses after the 10th are being offered by several private and public institutes in India. After completing the nursing course after the 10th, you will be eligible to pursue higher studies in your respective field or go for jobs. Are one of those who eagerly want to know more about the nursing courses after the 10th then read this blog from start to end. The list of popular nursing courses after 10th in India is below-listed:

  1. Rural Healthcare Diploma
  2. Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing
  3. Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
  4. Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant
  5. Certificate in Home Based Healthcare

Rural Healthcare Diploma

The rural healthcare Diploma course is a one-year full-time diploma course especially for those who wish to serve a rural area. These healthcare workers including nurses hired at thinly populated and challenging geographical locations. Due to living in rural areas, the patients don't have proper access to healthcare. Thus, these professionals serve in such areas.

The main purpose of this course is to fulfil the health needs of the rural area and prepare candidates for serving themselves as a professional; they have learned first-aid, patient education, basics of healthcare and cleanliness. The course plays a vital role in establishing a good health care system in remote and rural areas.

In India, there are two institutes offered Rural Healthcare Diploma course:

  1. IGNOU, Delhi – Certificate in Rural Healthcare Training

The duration of this course is 1 to 2 months and the course is around INR 500.

  1. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute, Delhi– Diploma in Rural Health Care

The duration of this course is 1 year and the maximum course fee is around INR 50,000.

Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing

Ayurveda treatment and medicine has popular from the ancient time. Instead of the modern allopathic route, many people followed the culture and historical Ayurveda route to treat various diseases and illnesses. This is because; there are no side effects of Ayurveda medicine. Therefore there is great scope in ayurvedic nursing as a career. Through this diploma course, candidates will know about the methods of Ayurveda and methods of indigenous medicine.

The ayurvedic nursing jobs involve mostly checking the vital signs of patients, keeping records and taking notes. Also, they have to know about how herbs and natural oils are used for treating patients.

Two major institutes in India offered Diploma courses in Ayurvedic Nursing

  1. Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing – Institute of Ayurvedic Science, Lucknow

The duration of this course is 30 months and the maximum fee is around INR 50,000

  1. Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing and Pharmacy- Tantia University, Sriganganagar

The duration of this course is 30 months and the maximum fee is around INR 1, 00,000

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

Nursing care assistants are not qualified as enrolled nurses, they are associated healthcare professionals. The course is all about to trained individual as an assistant or aide. Candidates who are willing to pursue Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant course must possess the required skills.

The nursing care assistants are also known as work alongside, nurse aides or under the supervision of senior doctors and nurses or qualified nurses. These types of assistants work with the registered nurses and doctors; and become a part of nursing teams to serve nursing homes, clinics and hospitals.

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant is generally offered by Delhi Institute namely:

Impact Paramedical and Health Institute, Delhi – Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

The duration of this course is 6 months and the maximum fee is around INR 50,000.

Certificate in Home Based Healthcare

The main objective of this certification course is to prepare aspirants with all training and skills required to look after patients suffering from chronic progressive illness. By doing this certification course, aspirants will be able to assist patients in offering personal services like running errands, grooming, dressing and bathing. Along with this, they can follow routine visits to the doctors, helped patient's with the medicines, providing healthcare aid and assist patients. They stay with the patient for the whole day. Thus, their job roles, responsibility and duties go beyond just the medical requirements.

There is one popular institute for this certification course:

IGNOU, Delhi – Certificate in Home Based Healthcare

The duration of this course is 6 months and the maximum fee is around INR 2,000

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Courses after 10th?

Every student must fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility criteria before taking admission into nursing courses after the 10th.

  • Students should have passed their 10th board standard as an educational qualification.
  • The minimum passing percentile requirement may vary from college to college.
  • Usually, the 40 per cent is considered as an average minimum passing percentile.
  • To pursue a nursing course after the 10th, there is no minimum and maximum age limit.
  • As nursing is a professional course, therefore there is no subject preference is required right after completing class 10th.

Note: The minimum and maximum age limit and subject may vary from college to college or institute to institute. So, read all the admission guidelines carefully before going additional with the application process.

Why study Nursing after 10th?

There are various benefits of studying nursing afterthe 10th. Let's take a look:

  1. The Healthcare industry is widely popular among medical enthusiasts. Nursing is among all medical courses that provide a wide range of opportunities. At the 10th level, a student with any subjects can pursue Nursing Diploma and Certificate courses. Generally, these courses are offered online.
  2. The best thing about nursing courses after the 10th is that they are offered for 1 to 2 years. That mean, you can achieve your goals in a short duration.
  3. Nursing courses offer various opportunities to their aspirants, as they can work at institutions, hospitals, colleges, schools, old age homes, etc.
  4. Mostly nursing course in India is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council (INC).
  5. You can easily earn 50k to 60k monthly after doing the nursing course.

What is the admission procedure for Nursing after the 10th?

The admission procedure for nursing is the same as any degree course in the country. Let’s have a look:

  • The selection procedure is based on direct admission and entrance examination. Most of the colleges usually opt. for a merit-based entry. Candidates are required to secure their seats and score well in an entrance test.
  • Usually, the question from decision-making ability, the aptitude test and basic background knowledge of life science is asked in a relevant entrance test.
  • After appearing for the entrance test, candidates need to secure a seat and come into the shortlisted list.
  • Shortlisted candidates will appear for an interview round where the panel judges can check the confidence of students. Moreover, they can check how the candidates manage the difficult situation among other aspects.
  • The selection process is usually based on a written test, an interview round and in some cases group discussions.
  • Cut off list will be prepared by the examination authority based on the marks of the candidates and then offered admission into the course.
  • Those who want to apply for direct admission into the listed college and institution should perform well in their previous examination. Few students will be selected for direct admission criteria. Thus, the cut off list is based on the performance of the applicants.
  • You can take the help of experts, teacher's, tutors or can find relevant subject books, either online or offline that can help crack the entrance test.

What are the Job Opportunities for Nursing Courses after 10th?

Healthcare is a vast field where a wide range of job opportunities is being offered to their candidates. Students can find job opportunities in several different sectors/departments, after completing a certification or diploma course in nursing after class 10th. Some of the popular job opportunities are listed below:

  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Government of Private Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Government or Private Hospitals
  • Old age homes
  • Psychiatric Hospitals/ Institutions
  • Community Health Centres

A nursing job is challenging and beneficial at the same time. Young nurses can seek employment opportunities on the behalf of skills and work experience. These diploma and certification courses in nursing can give you a chance to shine and the opportunity to get jobs at an early age. This is one of the most promising and respective fields where various perks and benefits come along with decent salary packages.

Not just these, there are many international institutes and hospitals which offer employments to trained and skilled nurses from our country. Foreign countries like Dubai, America etc. have huge demands for paramedic specialists and nursing. You can achieve bigger with a good amount of work experience and perfection skills through your education and training.

Future Scope after 10th Nursing Courses

  • Choosing the right career path at such young age may be difficult for youngsters but isn't it felt proud to begin earning early. It is the best option to give a better kick start with a nursing course right after secondary education.
  • It not only gives you a well earning source but also open doorways for higher education in the field.
  • The skilled training and work experience that you will get throughout the course duration of your career is one step forward for a bright future.
  • After entering this field, job opportunities have available all the time. But the salary you receive depends upon the course you pursue.
  • According to the recent numbers, the nurses can easily earn 2 to 4 lakh per annum as per their experience and skills.

Other Options after 10th Nursing Courses

If you are interested to pursue higher studies in the field of nursing and health care can check the relevant courses list. There is subject preference given to you if you want to take up nursing after your 12th. Students from arts or science backgrounds can easily take up the entrance exam for further studies. Here is a complete list of UG and PG level degree courses after nursing 10th:

  1. Sc. Nursing ( Post Basic) – Candidates should be passed their 12th in arts or science. Also, they should have complete the Midwifery and General Nursing Course. Enrolled as a nurse with the State Nurses Registration Council.
  2. Sc. Nursing – passed 12th in science with at least 50% of marks. He or she should have 17 years.
  3. General Nursing and Midwifery Course – passed class 12th in any stream with a minimum aggregate of 50%. The age should be 17 years.
  4. Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery Courses – pass class 12th in science or arts with a minimum aggregate of 50%, age should be 17 years.

Job Profiles after Nursing 10th

There are various job roles that you can choose right after the completion of nursing. Some of the major roles include:

  • Infection Control Nurses
  • Nursing in-charge
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Nurses
  • Anganwadi Workers
  • Community Health Nurses

Salary Packages/ Average Salary after Nursing 10th

The average salary depends on the job roles that you attain. Moreover, in this fieldwork experience and knowledge matters the most.  The average salary for a different job role is mentioned below:

  1. Emergency Nurses – INR 4.2 LPA
  2. Nursing in-charge – INR 3.5 LPA
  3. Infection Control Nurses – INR 2.5 LPA
  4. Aanganwadi Workers – INR 2.8 LPA
  5. Nursing Assistant – INR 3 LPA
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