Lab Technician Course After 12th in India

Lab technician course after 12th in India is an easy option to start with for making good money at a young age. This course falls under the category of paramedical course, which is a job-oriented course. As soon as you have completed your course, then you can start making money from 20,000 to 25,000 at a good scale.

A lab technician program has also been termed a course of clinical laboratory science. It is an alternative option to join medical science. Pursuing this program can make you a lab technician with a certified medical tag and you can also be known as a medical lab technologist.

This course can be pursued after Class XII, with a science stream. There are various degree and diploma programs available to help you become an expert medical lab technician. You can also find bachelor and diploma courses which are usually for a short duration, of 2-3 years.

How you can become a medical lab technician after class XII?

For becoming a lab technician after class XII, you can join various courses that can help you become a professional lab technician. These courses assist in learning about several diseases, their diagnosis, and detections. Additionally, you learn how to use different techniques like electrical and electronic lab equipment, keeping the records of patients, monitoring patient’s health, etc.

Once you have completed your lab technician course, you have to undergo a mandatory internship. If you are planning to learn more about medical lab technology after XII, then you can join courses at UG and diploma level.

However, there are some courses that you can join after class X. These courses are called certificate lab technician course which offers short-term employment. This can be pursued soon after passing X. Additionally, to enhance your skills and knowledge, you can also pursue it after completing a bachelor course as a lab technician. The duration of certificate courses is based on institutes offering it, and duration also varies from 6 months to 1 year.

List of Lab Technician Course After 12th

Course Duration Eligibility
Bachelor in science in X-ray technology 4 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor In Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology 3 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology 2 to 3 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology 3 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor in Science ECG & Cardiovascular Technology 3 Years After Class 12th
Bachelor of Science in Clinical lab Technology 3 Years After Class 12th
Diploma courses 1 to 2 Years After Class 12th
Certificate courses 6 months to 1 year After Class 12th

Eligibility to enroll in a lab technician course

Check out the qualifications necessary to join a lab technician course

The basic criteria include as follows:

You have to be a 10+2 pass from the science stream from a renowned board to get admission in the medical course as a lab technician. These criteria are set by some of the universities and institutes. If such criteria are available, then they ask for 50% marks. To pursue a bachelor course as a lab technician, you again need to be XII pass in the science stream. For a certificate course, you can be eligible after class X.

Syllabus of a lab technician course

The course of a lab technician covers some subjects which are pre-clinic based which includes

  • Biochemistry
  • Blood banking
  • Microbiology includes clinical microbiology, system bacteriology, general bacteriology
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy
  • Statistics
  • Pathology
  • Community Medicine
  • And, Physiology

After becoming a medical lab technician expert, your work can be related to analyzing the body matter which includes bacterial infection, urine infection, skin virus, tissue, fluid, blood, etc. You will be responsible for performing some work like sampling, testing, collecting, reporting, documenting, informing, researching, etc. The Lab technicians are responsible for playing a vital role in assisting the doctors, this is the reason their job is considered respectable.

Top lab technician course to choose after class XII

There are several courses available that you can join after class XII at the undergraduate, diploma, or certificate level. The popular ones are:

1. Bachelor in science in X-ray technology

With great technological advancement, the demand for a radiographer is increasing at a high rate. The Bachelor in science in X-ray technology teaches how to perform various diagnostic tests through the best help of radiations. One can learn how to perform MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray, ultrasound, etc. The radiographers are also called Sonographers because the process they use for creating the diagnostic imaging is called sonography.

Once you have completed this course, you can join as a radiographer in a diagnostic center, hospital, super-specialty hospital, etc. The average salary ranges from 4-5 Lacs per annum.

2. Bachelor in science in medical imaging technology

The Bachelor in science in medical imaging technology is also an undergraduate course in medical lab technician. Several professionals have mentioned this program as a technical course. You will be required for performing tasks with data research, handles computer operating systems, and analytic judgments. Your work performs well best help of advanced equipment and machines.

Once you have completed the lab technician course, you can turn out as certified personnel and can get a salary package as 30 to 50 thousand every month.

3. Bachelor of medical lab technology

This Bachelor of medical lab technology is a health care course full-time. For easy admission, you need to score a minimum of 50% marks in XII with subjects including biology, chemistry, and physics. It is also a job-oriented program as it offers attractive and quick placements. The medical lab technicians are highly in demand present scenario. As the adverse lifestyle and disease are increasing, the need for experts is also rising for assisting doctors by creating the reports of pre-medical.

When you are working as a Bachelor of medical lab technology fresher, you can expect a salary of Rs 2-3 Lacs, but gaining experience of 2-3 years, your payscale can move to 4-5 Lacs Per annum.

4. The Bachelor of Science in medical lab technology

The Bachelor of Science in medical lab technology is a specified health program through which you can learn about the daily operations of healthcare centers, blood banks, hospitals, nursing labs, and path labs. After the program, your job will be to help doctors, by treating the patient’s medical report. Many times, you will be asked for conducting the human fluid test and for diagnosing the health disease. This job role is highly in demand in India and as well as in the nation.

The basic salary package after medical lab technology in India is 4 Lakh-5 Lakh Per annum, which gets increased after gaining experience.

5. Bachelor in science ECG & Cardiovascular technology

The Bachelor in science ECG & Cardiovascular technology is also a full-time course. Once you enroll in this course, you can get high-paying jobs like a cardio technologist, medical sonographer, cardiologist, etc. This course can help you best in diagnosing and treating vascular and cardiac conditions. After this course, you will be given importance just like a doctor. In some of the cases, you will be responsible for managing extreme stress & also critical conditions.

The salary ranges between 3-4 Lacs per annum to a fresher.

6. The Bachelor of Science in clinical lab technology

It is a three-year undergraduate course where you will be learning about the methods for testing, detecting, and diagnosing various diseases. The skilled graduates in this program are appointed as resident medical officers, medical record technicians, associate lecturers, lab assistants, etc. After completing the course, you can fetch more options of doing master studies to get a good salary. The average salary one can make ranges between 5-6  Lacs per annum.

7. Diploma courses

If you want to join a diploma course, you must know that a medical lab technician diploma is available for technician and technology courses. Some of the popular diploma courses are:

  • Diploma in the technology of medical lab
  • Diploma in the technology of radiography
  • Diploma in Radiography Technology
  • Diploma in Technology of ECG
  • Diploma to become a CVT Technician
  • Diploma in Technology of Medical Imaging
  • Diploma in the field of Clinical Analysis
  • Diploma in the field of Medical Lab Assistants

 The standard diploma program as a lab technician is of 2 years. Some of the institutes also offer this course for 1-year duration.

What are the eligibility criteria to join a diploma course?

Most of the institutes invite applicants who are XII passed in science streams. They should be qualified from a well-known board and must have gained a minimum of 50% marks.

8. Certificate courses

The certificate courses are short-term as compared to a diploma or bachelor’s degree. They offer the candidate a level of education and training. These courses can be done by you for getting a job post as a beginner technician. The duration of this course is usually 6 months to 1 year. It depends on one institute to another. One can get admission to this college directly or on a merit basis.

What are the eligibility criteria to join a certificate course?

 As this course is of a technician level, you have to be at least X or XII passed in the science stream. You have to give your best while learning this course, as based on your practice and knowledge gained from this program, you can get a job placement as a beginner lab technician in any medical field.

Final verdict

Medical lab technicians are a vital part of any medical field. These experts are engaged in technical and practical work for helping in the correct diagnosis and help with the effective functioning of these biochemical labs. The job prospects in this medical field are based on the technical and academic skills of a technician or a technologist.

Initially, you can join any lab as a certified medical lab technician. These days with good growth in the private sector, you can find various blood banks, private hospitals, pathology labs, nursing homes, etc that hire lab technicians. This makes the need for lab technicians highly in demand.

With good experience and enough knowledge, the medical lab technicians are placed in a supervisory or advanced management position in hospitals and labs. They work as a consultant, lab manager, supervisor, hospital coordination, administrator of health care, lab information system, educational coordinator, etc. Moreover, the opportunities are also available in molecular biotechnology, a diagnostic company, and also in the labs of Vitro fertilization and research labs.

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