Agriculture Courses After 10th

It is found that after 10th class many students are interested in selecting agriculture as their career. It is a good thing. If you choose agriculture, you can do a lot of things. In the present time, the scopes are increasing in every subject and topic. So, it will be good to select it as your career. You can choose many diploma courses in agriculture. The best thing about these courses is that you will get a job on completion of the course. The diploma in agriculture are specialized ones that will give you a complete idea of various methods of farming.

What are the advantages of agriculture courses after 10th?

Agriculture is a great subject that can help you to know about various farming systems. You will also come across many crops that are grown in multiple seasons. The course will give you a complete idea about the farming systems and the advanced machinery used for agriculture. The demand for the course is increasing day by day. You can start studying this subject after class 10. Some short-term courses are introduced for the aspirants. This will help to know about the subject in a better way.


List of Diploma Courses in Agriculture After 10th

Course Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Agriculture 2 to 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Food Processing 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Seed Technology 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Horticulture 2 Years After Class 10th
Diploma in Organic Farming 6 Months After Class 10th
Diploma in Animal Husbandry 2 to 3 Years After Class 10th
Diploma In Agro Processing 3 Years After Class 10th

Best Agriculture Courses After 10th

In this part, you will learn about some of the best agriculture courses after the 10th. This discussion will help to select the perfect course after the 10th. In many cases, you may opt for some good courses that can give you better job prospects. Thus, agriculture can be one of such courses that can create good job opportunities. You can earn a lot and get a better position. To pursue agriculture courses, you have to be from a science background. It is mandatory, and you need to maintain it.

1. Diploma in Agriculture

It is one of the best courses you can pursue after class 10. You need to score 50% marks in the 10 levels. This is the minimum criteria for the course. An entrance examination is conducted, and based on the performance, the students are elected. You need to perform well in this examination. You have to qualify for the 10th examination from a recognized board. It is another criterion to take admission to the course. You should fill the forms for the examination in through online mode. After completing the course, you can get an excellent job in both Government and Private sectors.

2. Diploma in Food Processing

It is another course you can pursue after completing class 10. This subject is interesting and will give you good information on subjects like food science and technologies. You will come across various technologies used in this field. This course will teach you advanced ways of packaging, preservation, and distribution of foods. It is a job-oriented course that comes with ample scopes and a better future. You will get numerous colleges that offer this course to the students at a reasonable fee. Soon after passing you can get a suitable job.

3. Diploma in Seed Technology

In the present time, various techniques and modes are being applied to cultivation and farming process. Seed technology is one of the most demanding courses that will teach you how to grow the seeds and nurture them in the best possible manner. It is one of the advanced modes of cultivation. This course also includes the advanced way to process the seeds and seed testing. You can pursue this course after completing and passing Class 10. You will get ample scopes and job opportunities after completion of the course.

4. Diploma in Horticulture

Horticulture is one of the most growing professions in the present industry. You may have heard that many people are engaged in this industry, and are making a better future. If you want, you can pursue a diploma course in horticulture after completing class 10. It is a two-year course. Interested candidates are selected on a merit basis. If you score 55% of marks in class 10, you can get a chance to study this course. The course is nominal, and anyone can try it. The subject deals with the study and methodologies involved in the cultivation of plants and seeds. It also includes an advanced mode of cultivating flowering plants.

5. Diploma in Organic Farming

Due to increased pollution and other issues, many people prefer to include organic products in their diet. A short-term course on organic farming will help in producing fresh farm products. You can avail of this course after completing class 10. The course is informative and comes with huge prospects. It is for sure that you can learn a lot from this course. It can help you to get an excellent job in many agricultural companies. You can have a better future and career in this subject.

6. Diploma in Animal Husbandry

Another fantastic course you can follow after completing class 10 is this course. It is a two-year course which you can pursue through both online and offline mode. To get admission to this course, you need to be good at science subjects. This will help you to know the subject in a better manner. So, you can get admission to this course if the marks are 55% in class 10. The entry is made either through an entrance examination or on a merit basis. The course has good prospects and job opportunities. You can try it.

7. Diploma in Agro-products Processing

Yet another subject or course you can take after class 10 is Agro products processing. It comes with immense opportunities and prospects. The duration of the course is one year to two years. It would help if you scored minimum marks of 50% in class 10 to get admission to this course. This course will open new job avenues, and you will get a better future. The demand for this course is increasing day by day. Most companies look for candidates from this background. They can get sound after completing the course.

8. Diploma in Post-harvest Technology

The diploma course in post-harvest technology will achieve you in getting a better job. You can avail the course after completing class 10. You need to be from a science background with 55% of marks. You must have a clear conception of agriculture. The subject deals with the use of latest technologies in the production of cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. It is one of the advanced modes of technology involved in the cultivation process. You will also learn about the processing of foods and other related matters. It is a fantastic subject with ample scope. It would help if you tried it.

A Complete Overview of Agriculture Courses after 10th

You can experience immense exposure in this field.  A lot of jobs are created for candidates with this background. If you want to do something good at a tender age, you can pursue this course. The only thing required is you have to be from a science background. It would help if you had a clear conception and idea about agriculture. Above all, you must have a good interest in this subject. It will open new job avenues and opportunities. You will get the scope to work in many big organizations, which is a good thing. You can also get a chance to work in many Government places. It is another best thing about the course. Most Government agencies and organizations publish recruitment notices with students from an agriculture background. They rather look and prefer students with these degrees. You will get a secured job at the same time.

Apart from this, you have other job opportunities. Let us have a look at some of the job patterns.

  • Agriculture sale officer
  • Distributor
  • Horticulturist
  • Researcher
  • Agriculture consultant
  • Professionals in food production

All these types of jobs are very lucrative and good. You can try it for a better opening.

How To Apply For The Diploma Courses In Agriculture?

You need to follow some steps to apply for the course. If you have complete class 10 levels, you have to visit the respective sites of the university or institute in which you intend to pursue the course. Once you open the site and get the form, fill it up with all the detailed information. It would help if you remembered that all the information provided must be genuine. Any false information will cancel the form at the first chance.

You need to pay the amount for the form through online mode. This should be made clear before submitting the form. It is also essential to check the form before submitting it. If required, you can make the necessary changes. Now click on the submit button, and all is done. In addition to the form, you have to offer the certificates of class 10 and other relevant details. If you have fulfilled all the above-criteria the form is ready and the said authority will accept it. The mode of making the application is easy and smooth. Anyone can do it. Sometimes, you may have to submit passport size photographs along with the form. It is to be pasted on the application form.

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