Skill Development Courses After 10th

Skill Development courses are gaining immense popularity among youngsters these days. These short courses have lots of benefits for a professional as these impart career-oriented skills and varieties of job opportunities. The duration of these courses is less as compared to UG and PG degree courses.

During a short-term period, candidates can learn industry-specific skills through practical activities, seminars, viva-voice and tests. In India, various institutes offer short courses or skill development courses for aspirants who are free after the 10th.

The main benefit of pursuing a skill development course is that it sharpens your ability and encourages you to learn something new.And in all this, the government has an important role. The skill development initiative courses are offered by both the Central and State government in different regions of the country.

These types of courses are specially designed to encourage unemployed youth who can do something. Skill courses are the only ones in which you are judged on your skills, not on the UG and PG degrees.

Thus, a short course is a golden chance for students with low educational qualifications. Students can get opportunities to work in their respective fields with good lucrative salary packages after completion of the course. Here is a complete list of skill development courses after the 10th that you can pursue as per your skills and ability.

List of Skill Development Courses after 10th

  • Diploma or Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma or Certificate in Photography
  • Certificate course in Spoken English
  • Certificate in Photo/Video Editing
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Certificate Programme in MS Office
  • Certificate Course in Computer Programming language

After getting a brief idea of the best skill development courses after the 10th, let us discuss them in a detail.

1. Diploma or Certificate in Digital Marketing

Diploma or Certificate in Digital Marketing is a three month to two-year-long course offering by various private and public institutes in India. Students can pursue this course either online or offline. Due to the rapid development of advanced technology and the business world, the scope of marketing experts is increasing. Digital marketing is a technical field related to Internet marketing. It includes producing a marketplace for services and products by the use of the latest technology.

Digital Marketing is a flourishing and demanded career option worldwide. Usually, courses on digital marketing are available online, which also helps you to enhance your skill in this field. Through this course, you can focus on your marketing, promotion, business skills. If you’re interested to know about digital marketing, you can also consider opting for relevant courses like Certificate in SEO, Certificate in Social Media Marketing, Online Digital Marketing Courses and Certificate in Mobile Marketing, many others.

Top Institute for Digital Marketing Courses

Various private institutes are offering digital marketing courses after the 10th:

  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration
  • Loyola Institute of Business Administration
  • Digital Vidya
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology
Employment Opportunities

By doing this course, you can work as a freelancer or entrepreneur. Aside from this, you can join social media houses or digital firms for better future growth.

2. Diploma or Certificate in Photography

The diploma or certificate in photography courses is usually for 3 months to 2 years duration. Beginners who would love to explore the world and capture beautiful scenarios in-camera can pursue entry-level courses like Certificate Courses in Photography. The main object of this course is to provide a better understanding of lenses, the art of seeing photographic subjects, technology included in photography, locating and arrangement of lenses and much more.

Through this course, students will showcase their potential and skills as a photographer. Before opting for this course, you must possess skills like patience, creativity, computer and software skills, concentration, technical knowledge, etc. The photography course will help candidates learn how to views scenarios, how to use the camera, image editing tools and computer graphics. Students are taught about different camera lenses and lighting.

Top Institutes for Photography Courses
  • Pixel Institute of Photography
  • National Institute of Photography
  • Delhi College of Photography, etc.
Employment Opportunities

By doing a certificate or diploma course in photography, you can join advertising agencies, wedding management companies, media houses, events companies, media houses, magazines etc.

3. Certificate course in Spoken English

Usually, spoken English courses take 3 months to 1-year duration of study to complete. Language English plays a vital role in the entire education system as spoken English course has become popular these days. Certificate courses in spoken English entitled to the language specialization, fundamentals of English and concepts that are aimed to improve the spoken English skills of beginners. Through this course, you can improve your frequency in English. These courses might be a good option for those students who wish to learn English concepts in-depth.

Top Institutes for Spoken English Course

Some of the popular institutes for spoken English courses are mentioned below:

  • Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Institute of Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal
  • Khalsa College, Amritsar, etc.
Employment Opportunities

After attaining a certificate in spoken English, the aspirant can work as a tutor, writer, BPO Executive, Spoken English Trainer, Editor, Content Developer, Teacher, Lecturer, etc.

4. Certificate in Photo/Video Editing

Certificate in Photo/ Video is the most popular skills development course which will help you to get a great amount of exposure regarding digital photos and videos. Today, digital videos and photos are used in every sector include artistic applications, commercial aids, TV shows, etc. Through certificate course, candidates will learn about the fundamentals of video & audio processing and their principles & techniques.

These courses are designed in such a manner to provide a general overview of the editing field to their aspirants. Generally, it takes three months to 1-year duration. An individual needs to have a certain skill set such as time management, patience, creativity and ability to work under rough situations and pressure, critical mind and attention to detail everything.

Top Institutes for Video/ Audio Editing Courses

The few topmost colleges for this course are listed below:

  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad
  • Film and Television Institute, Pune
  • Mumbai University, etc.
Employment Opportunities

Students doing audio or video editing course can seek jobs in New Channels, media houses or work as a freelancer.

5. Diploma in Computer Application

The duration of this course is 1-year, divided into two semesters. A diploma in Computer Application is a professional as well as a technical course that helps you to understand the basics of Computer Applications and Computer Science. Nowadays, computer applications are used in almost every organisation, industry, factory and firm. Thus, it is the most career-oriented course after the 10th.

In this course, you will learn about MS Office, basics of the Internet, Operating System Tools, etc. you can be enrolled for various skill development certification and training programs either online or offline in India.

Top Institutes for Computer Application Courses
  • University of Allahabad
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Madras University, etc.
Job Opportunities

On successful completion of computer application course, you can work as Application Support Specialist, Developer, Computer Programmer, etc.

6. Certificate Course in Computer Programming language

Computer Programming language has various benefits almost used for technical work in IT companies. Various learning programming language includes Python, HTML, C++, Java has their technical importance. Students may specialize in one or more programming languages as per their preference and interest. Many languages are used in large numbers of IT companies for software development, Coding, App Development and others. These can be some of the sought skill development courses after 10th for candidates fascinated by software and computers. Talking about its duration, the duration for this course is three to six months. But it may vary as per your ability and learning capability.

Top Institute for Computer Programming Language Course
  • IIT Roorkee
  • Mumbai University
  • NIIT
Job Opportunities

By doing this course, you will work as Independent Software Development or Tech Start-Ups expert.

7. Online Certificate courses in MS Office

There are lots of people who learn about Microsoft Office programs at an early age with the help of the internet, some books, and their daily usage. When it comes to getting a job, most companies require you to have a certificate of the particular course. Well, instead of pressing the complete course, there is one of the best alternatives which can provide you with a certificate of MS office within a couple of days. Below given are some of the most popular certificate courses for MS office that you can take into consideration –

  • Microsoft Office Fundamentals: Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Managing Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365
  • Advanced MS Excel Program
  • Office 365: Deploying & Updating Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

After pursuing these courses, you can easily establish A prominent careering any field which requires the use of MS office tools.

Alongside getting the certificate, you will also obtain knowledge of the fundamentals of using all the Microsoft Office tools. From working in Microsoft Word to Microsoft PowerPoint, you will learn all the basics.

Important Note- Keep in mind that all the certificate courses which we have mentioned above are approved. Choosing a reputed college or institute for a Microsoft Office course will be an adequate option to get all the amazing benefits.

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Skill Development Courses After 10th FAQs

1. What Is The Best Approach When Pursuing A Specific Skill Development Course After 10th?

When you get free time after the 10th, it is better to develop some important skills, and if it is something that attracts you and fascinates you, you should definitely give it a shot. However, you can carry on some skill development courses even after the 10th, since these courses don’t require too much time investment. But when it is about the practical implementation of the things you have learned, you shouldn’t compromise on that.

2. Why Skill Development Courses Are Beneficial For An Individual?

Many skill development courses make you self-sufficient and provide you with the financial freedom to some extent in the early stages of your academic career. There are literally dozens of examples where students were able to work on some project that helped them become self-employed later on in life. Not just that, if you develop a skill set, you automatically enable yourself to get a good-paying job, not just in the private sector, but in the government sector as well.

3. Which Are The Most Popular And In Demand Skills Right Now?

Programming, digital marketing, animation, and spoken English are some of the examples of the most highly demanding skills in the professional world right now. When enrolling in a skill development course, and sharpening your skills by practice, you can easily make a solid career in the future. And by learning these skills, you not only become self-sufficient, but it ultimately makes you a disciplined and productive person.