How to Buzz Up your Trivia Night in 4 Simple Steps

After spending hours slaving away in front of our computers at work and school, it’s no surprise that our brain needs a good old refresher before it works full speed again. And what’s a better refresher than trivia night?

Challenging but fun, head-scratch-inducing, and an overall great time when played with just about anyone, trivia night is what the overworked people of today need to take a break. And to make sure that your trivia night is the one that people are taking part in, you’ve got to enlist some serious online marketing - yes, even the trivia world has competition now.

Confused about which marketing tactics to employ? Don’t be, just read ahead!


Here’s how you can promote your trivia night online:

1. Create a Facebook Event

You might think that Facebook has been overtaken by newer social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, and the like, but the original social media site is still widely used today with its membership well over 2.5 million monthly users.

As such, not only is Facebook still a powerful marketing tool, but its features such as creating an event are perfect for creating some hype around your trivia night. Simply select the Create an Event feature, add a description of your trivia night, add a date, and finish off with customized settings. Once you’re done, your event notification will be pushed out to all users who are either connected to your profile or are following the page that is linked to the event.

And the best part is that this method will allow you to get an accurate idea of attendance as people can virtually select whether or not they will be attending the event. So, you better be ready for some booked tables!

2. Invest in Digital Flyers

Speaking of social media, it’s imperative to maintain an active online presence leading up to your event where you’re pushing out consistent and relevant content. In other words, you need to make social media posting a habit - but not just a random habit, a habit that is meaningful and with purpose so that it can drive results.

And the most effective element to use in this are flyers. Not only do flyers allow a unique combination of text and visuals, but they’re also to share, save, and boost, helping you increase your reachability at every point. And if you’re thinking about the design aspect, then PosterMyWall has got those worries sorted with their wide range of contest flyer templates.

Easy to use, free, and fully customizable, these flyer templates are perfect for churning out digital flyer after digital flyer that truly encapsulates the brand image that you’re trying to go for. A win-win in the branding department!

3. Create an Email List

Another surefire way to promote your trivia night - or just about any other event or function - is an email campaign. With hundreds of thousands of emails being sent, received, and read on the daily, email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools known to man.

Start by drafting out your email sequence - that is, how many emails you’re going to send out over how many days and what the content for each would be. Once you have that sorted, then it's onto the actual design part. Create your email, making sure to add visuals either in the form of a static image, a GIF, or even a short video clip, pair it with a good copy and a high-converting subject line, and send your email on its way to a custom-made email list.

Soon, you’ll have more people joining in on your trivia night than ever before!

4. Approach Influencers 

Once considered to not be a real profession, influencing is now a billion-dollar industry. And it’s an industry that can turn your trivia night around if employed correctly. Start by selecting influencers that are relevant to your event and that have a local following - no point targeting those with international followings unless your trivia night is virtual.

Once you have a list of influencers, then you can focus on the next step - the negotiation. For all dealings, keep a mutually beneficial agreement - you can ask influencers to promote your trivia night on their stories, in a feed post or reel, or even on their broadcast channels in exchange for cash compensation or free entry to your event. And before you know it, your event will start blowing up!

So, if you’re looking to promote your trivia night online, then these tips and tricks are your go to. Just be sure to make adjustments according to your event, and you’ll see the results roll in for yourself!